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Big Brother and the return of Masters of Sex and Real Housewives of NJ

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Wake Up San Francisco is where Danny Tanner on Full House worked
FIRST FIVES: Crystal Kyler, Alex Nagler, Bobby Aguilera, Heather Doyle & Mike O'Dea


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.0/6.1
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.7/7.8
Hell's Kitchen-FOX 1.5/4.6
The Millers-CBS 1.3/5.7
Rookie Blue-ABC .9/4.9

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/2.9
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.2/2.6
Pawn Stars-History 1.0/3.4
Pawnography-History .8/2.8
Ridiculousness-MTV .7/1.4

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-112,000 Tweets
Beyond Scared Straight-A&E 10,000 Tweets
Ridiculousness-MTV 8,000 Tweets
Welcome to Sweden-3,000 Tweets
Junk Gypsies-Great American Country 1,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
20/20-ABC 1.2/6.2
Dateline-NBC 1.2/6.0
Shark Tank-ABC .9/4.1
What Would You Do-ABC .9/3.7
Blue Bloods-CBS .8/6.4

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
WWE Friday Night Smackdown- USA 36,000 Tweets
Girl Meets World-Disney 13,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 8,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo 1,000 Tweets
Kurt Metzger-Comedy Central 1,000 Tweets

June 2014-Top 5 TV Shows Searched 
1. Game of Thrones
2. Orange is the New Black
3. Pretty Little Liars
4. The Bachelorette
5. Spongebob Square Pants

Big Brother
  • I don't mean to be mean but my husband mentioned that he thought that Nicole's nose looked like an outlet and now, I'm obsessed with the fact that it really does look like I could plug my charger into that nose and power up my phone.  
  • I barely recognized Jacosta without her makeup. She really needs to lose the bow tie. I hate it. She looks like a clown
  • Are there lenses in Derrick's glasses? I don't think so. 
  • Didn't you love when Christine told Nicole about the Bomb Squad and they both agreed that it's a stupid name. I don't know, I kinda like it now. I guess it grew on me.
  • Hayden and Nicole are hammock dating. This could take off all around the world. I should lock in right now. Anyone want to invest?
  •  I forgot that Derrick had a kid.
  •  Awwww, Nicoles Mom's pet name for her daughter is Coco Bear. I guess outlet snout didn't come to mind?
  • Big Brother's getting funny with their hashtags. #mantears after Zach and Cody cried while Derrick read his letter from home. 
  • Is everyone now saying JOcasta instead of JAcosta?
  • Do any of the houseguests actually know how to speak? The grammar in the house this season is brutal
  • Derrick and Nicole's strategy was actually brilliant. Perfect game play. 
  • Afish…aka offish short for official. Yeah we get it Hayden. 
  • Caleb's still calling Amber his queen even though she has no desire to sit on his "throne"
  • Wasn't Donny's advice to Christine bizarre? He wasn't on the block he should have just kept his mouth shut
  • Devin's best quote of the night: "Some times the back door is the only door"
  • CBS is editing Donny to make him look like a maniacal apple eater.  
  • I think we should start calling Devin the croweater. Don't you? 
  • Do you think that Frankie's game could be jeopardized if everyone knew his HALF sister was Ariana Grande? 
  • Team America  has asked that the 3 houseguests convince 3 people that someone in the house  is related to a former player. Frankie's plan was genius.  Zach and Amanda are cousins? LOVE IT
  • I need information on Frankie's red jewel. What makes him put it on? How does it stay on? Does it have a purpose? 
  • Nicole says Donny's name too much when she speaks. It's bugging the S out of me. 
  • So if I have it right, Nicole has 4 alliances right? Derrick, Hayden, Christine, and Donny. We all know how that will turn out. 
  • Donny thought the hedges in the Battle of the Block competition were "sick"/hedges. I got a good laugh out of that one. 
  • Caleb DID look like Harry Potter on steroids. Great observation JOcasta
  • Donny reminded me of Forest Gump when he was talking about all the puzzles he enjoys. Sudoko, the ones in the newspaper, and more. 
  • Frankie's british accent was pretty good
  • Caleb wanted that kiss that Amber gave to Donny for himself. He should've gotten one for throwing the Battle of the Block and saving her.
  • Special effects made Nicole disappear. Where' d she go ?
Real Housewives of NJ
I really thought I'd have the willpower to NOT watch this show this Summer. I hate all 3 of the new housewives with a passion. Milania is still out of her mind and out of control, did you see her twerking? Can you say INAPPROPRIATE? I don't understand how Teresa can cry poverty to Dina but she still has the mansion, the Mercedes and a hairstylist and makeup artist that come to the house for her AND  the kids? Dina has a 2 legged dog and 2 hairless cats. Good to see Mr. Wrinkles back on the show. I love Gia. She gets it. Too bad her Daddy, the almost convicted felon couldn't tell her he loved her too. Maybe it'll be easier on the phone, through the glass partition. I can't stand TerAYsa and Reno. Can't stand them but her sister Nicole is a tool too. UGH WHY AM I STILL WATCHING??? Very sad to see Joe Giudice's dad in the episode during the family portrait. For those of you that don't know, he passed away recently. Probably of shame and embarrassment. Amber looked a lot better before the nose job and without makeup. For a person that went to Columbia, she sure has a problem with speaking the English language what is with people not being able to speak proper English anymore.

Total hat count has decreased YOY. Only 2 this episode. Melissa and Joe each wore 1.
Masters of Sex
I forgot how awesome this show is. So happy that Lizzie Caplan was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Virginia but it's even more apparent after being reminded of his brilliance, that Michael Sheen was totally screwed by not being nominated. He blows Jon Hamm away big time. Anyway the sex study is back on again. In a different hospital but who cares where it takes place.  Bummed that Ethan's just a voice on the phone. I knew he was leaving the show, but I already miss him big time. Beau Bridges and Allison Janney's storyline is so interesting and raw and amazing. The electroshock therapy was brutal to watch and of course nobody enjoys seeing a grown man vomit on another grown man, but what about the scene where Beau tried to be with his wife. BRUTAL. Any scene with Bill and his Mom is brutal but when he wouldn't pick up his crying child, I couldn't take it.  So happy my Sunday nights are full again.

American Muscle
No idea why I DVR'ed American Muscle on Discovery. They kept showing previews of it during Deadliest Catch and I felt compelled to check it out. Guess what? I love it! Mike Barwis owns a training center in Detroit. He's a pretty well respected guy in the Football world and athletes from all over train with him. He's NUTS. He has this raspy scary voice and screams at his clients. He pushes the biggest, scariest guys to their limits. It's insane. It's also pretty cool. Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawk, was in the first episode and seemed like a pretty decent guy. I have to think that gym stinks though. The biggest guys ever are sweating and spitting and vomiting from these training sessions, it's gotta be gross. Shockingly, I loved the show, I loved Mike and I loved Richard Sherman. Season Pass! 


-Okay, so we have no idea who will be playing Peter Pan in NBC's next big live event, but now we know who will be playing Captain Hook. Christopher Walken. Very interesting choice. I didn't know he could sing, but I guess he can. Now we just need to know who Peter will be. Any suggestions? 

-At the Television Critics Association press tour this weekend, NBC announced renewals for America's Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior and Last Comic Standing. Nothing on Celebrity Apprentice yet. Do we think it will ever come back? Supposedly there is one in the can already but no word on when it will air. That has to be making Donald Trump CRAZY! 

-Also coming out of the TCA's, Alan Wurtzel, the President of Research & Media Development at NBC revealed some pretty interesting info about how many people are actually watching TV. Way more than Nielsen is reporting. No sh*t? Really? You guys know how I feel about Nielsen. Anyway here are the highlights from his report:

  • 5 years ago 80% of TV programs were viewed live. Today only 61% are.
  • DVR playback averages a 1.4 RA18-49 during primetime. So you could kind of think of DVR playback as another network in primetime.
  • VOD is increasing as the technology is improving. It grew 23% from 2012 to 2013
  • 3/4 of US Households watch VOD at least once a week ( think this is a huge number)
  • 87% of viewers reported finding new shows by watching them on VOD
  • Mobile viewing is rapidly increasing
  • 20% of viewers 18-64 viewed a program on a smartphone within the previous week. 
  • 54% of households with tablets had viewed a TV show or movie on their tablet within the previous week. 
  • All that aside, streaming is still a small piece of the viewing pie. as it only accounts for an average of 8 hours a month of viewing.
  • Mobile viewing spikes after 10:30pm Must mean people are snuggling up with their tablets. (Porn maybe or Orange is the New Black?)
  • NBC commissioned a special study that revealed that once all forms of viewing are counted, over a 7 day period, a shows ratings increase significantly. Problem with this is that nobody's watching the commercials
  • 11% of 18-24 year olds viewers of The Blacklist watch digitally through methods not currently measured by Nielsen.
  • 45% of 18-24 year olds watch Parks and Rec digitally. That's a HUGE number! . 
  • Parks averaged a 1.2 RA18-49 but when you add in the digital viewing it rises to a1.7. 
  • When the 37% of RA18-49 viewers who watch the show digitally in currently unmeasured areas, the rating increases to a 2.7
  • Nielsen's claim that young viewers are watching less TV isn't true when you add in all forms of digital viewing, in fact, viewership increased 30 minutes a month.
Okay, got it, but what do we do about it? How do clients, planners and buyers navigate these everchanging uncharted waters? How do we keep up? Again, I'm begging some genius out there to figure this one out. Problem is, the second there is a solution available, things will change again. All cool stuff, but a crazy time to be in this biz. 

-If you're a South Park fan, take note. Hulu has cut a deal and will be the exclusive home for South Park. The entire South Park series will be available for free on Hulu from now until September 24th which is the premiere of the 18th season. Once the season starts, fans will have next day access to the new episodes

- I didn't fall for it, but on Friday there were rumors online that Orange is the New Black  was cancelled. RELAX everyone, it wasn't. They're actually filming the 3rd Season right now. DO NOT WORRY! It'll be back next Spring! I promise

-Has zero to do with TV but I since I love music and I love lists
Top 10 first dance wedding songs according to Spotify are: 
1. At Last - Etta James
2. I Won't Give Up-Jason Mraz
3. You Are the Best Thing-Ray LaMontagne
4. All of Me-John Legend
5. Better Together-Jack Johnson
6. A Thousand Years-Christina Perri
7. Everything-Michael Buble
8. First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes
9. Then-Brad Paisley
10. Make You Feel My Love-Adele

Monday's Trivia Question: Got a lot of great feedback that you guys liked the celebrity matchup game. Not all of these are pure TV ones, but lets see if you get them anyway. The example is ex husband of JLo's and the guy that likes fava beans with a nice chianti...answer:
Mark Anthony Hopkins. Get it?  Okay so here's today's:  Former America's Got Talent Judge and he played Red in Shawshank Redemption.  These are tough...good luck this week. 

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