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Okay guys...there's a brand new Trivia winner this month. First time winner too, which is nice to see. The competition is tough out there and  sure it was an easy month, but this person's on the rise, I'd watch out for her big time...Congratulations to:  

It's a brand new month...get your answers in! All correct answers count towards the monthly prize! 

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: ASSMAN was on the vanity license plates that Kramer received from the DMV
FIRST FIVES: Brett Blattman, Crystal Kyler, Mike O'Dea, John Romeo & Bob Kaplan



Sunday's Cable Top 5
BET Awards-BET 3.1/7.5
True Blood-HBO 1.6/3.0
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 1.1/2.0
The Last Ship-TNT 1.1/4.6
Naked & Afraid-Discovery 1.0/2.3

Monday's Broadcast Top 
Under the Dome-CBS 2.2/9.3
MasterChef-FOX 1.9/5.2
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.7/6.8
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.6/6.3
24-FOX 1.5/5.7

Monday's Cable Top 5
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 1.9/3.7
WWE-USA 1.5/4.3
Hit the Floor-VH1 1.1/2.3
Swamp People-History .9/3.0
Street Outlaws-Discovery .8/1.6 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta-VH1 376,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 297,000 Tweets
Teen Wolf-MTV 232,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 90,000 Tweets
24-FOX 27,000 Tweets


Deadliest Catch
Finally, the episode I was waiting for...Mandy Hansen on the deck of the Northwestern. Who knows the real deal? The guys def didn't think the deck was any place for an 18 year old girl but nobody disrespected the captain's daughter. They did make her keep with Hansen tradition and bite the head off a fish before her first string, but other than that, she seemed to do a decent job cutting up fish, throwing bait in the pots and not succumbing to seasickness. Super duper bonus question if you know the name of Mandy's first string. She did better than Dave Fischer, the new guy on the Saga. He was getting yelled at left and right and then for some reason, felt it was okay to go into the wheelhouse and move the boom. I don't know how it broke, but it did and Elliot and the crew freaked out and fired Dave immediately. That whole part of the episode seemed a tiny bit set up, but why would producers destroy an important part of a boat on purpose? Anyone watch it? Let me know if that part seemed weird to you.  Also some trouble over on the Wizard. One of the guys got crushed between the loading table and an 800lb pot and had to get in bed. I was surprised he could even walk. It looked a lot worse than it was. Problem was that they were 60 miles from the Russian border...VERY far from home, bed was the only option. 

I'm LOVING this show. We left off with Jamal alive but perhaps not as manly as he once was which is probably a good thing since he's a rapist who deflowered his sons new wife right on her wedding day. Dr. Cohen, his white, female, Jewish doctor (ironic right?) said that in time, "it" should all work again, but who knows. Barry aka Bassam, negotiated with teenage terrorists who were holding Nusraht, the recently deflowered bride, hostage.  Of course he saved her but not the young terrorists. His army shot them dead in the street the second Nuraht was safe. Molly, Barry/Bassam's wife, was still super annoying and seemed to only have one line that she used over and over..."are you okay?" We learned that Layla and Barry were once in love and she tried to get him to stay in the unnamed country by taking off all her clothes in a cave. He left anyway, but you can tell there's still something between them big time. We also learned that Justin Kirk's name in this show is John Tucker. Bonus points if you know who played the other John Tucker from one of my fave movies, John Tucker Must Die. Of course we knew that Barry/Bassam and his family would end up staying in the country with no name. If they didn't, the show would be over, so after Jamal got out of bed to deliver his Dad's eulogy where family was the theme, Barry called his bro and told him the news...he's staying around for a while. A while means until the ratings disappear. 


-NBC's sort of hit Summer show, The Night Shift has been renewed for a second season. Good news for all of you Night Shift fans.

-If you still haven't gotten on The Breaking Bad bandwagon you need too and there's still hope for you yet. Starting on 8/10, AMC is going to air 7 hours of the show, in order every Sunday night until 10/5. If there's still any reader of this blog out there that hasn't watched this show or Friday Night Lights, you really are disappointing me big time. Get on them both asap. Set your DVR's for Breaking Bad, this is a great opportunity. 

Wednesday's Seinfeld 25th Anniversary Trivia Question: "These pretzels are making me thirsty" was Kramer's ONE line in who's film? 

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