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Super Early Edition Today: No Big Move on Big Brother, A Big Move on Below Deck, Some Crazy Sh*t on Sons of Anarchy and Fashion Rocks!

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Okay so technically you could say that there were 2 Dawson's Creek love triangles. Dawson, Joey and Jen was one of them, but I was looking for Dawson, Joey and Pacey. No worries, I gave everyone credit.
FIRST FIVES:  Sue McNamara, Karen Feldman, Monica Caraffa, Justin Jones & Crystal Kyler



Sunday's Cable Top 5
Boardwalk Empire-HBO .9/2.3
Strain-FX .9/1.8
Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo .8/1.8
Family Guy-Adult Swim .8/1.8
Naked & Afraid-Discovery .8/1.8

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 1.8/6.7
MasterChef-FOX 1.8/5.4
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.7/5.2
Under the Dome-CBS 1.4/6.5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.2/5.7

Monday's Cable Top 5 
NFL Football Game 1-ESPN 5.2/13.7
NFL Football Game 2-ESPN 5.1/11.5
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.9/3.7
WWE Entertainment-USA 1.5/4.1
T.I. and Tiny-VH1 1.0/2.2

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 590,000 Tweets
Teen Wolf-MTV 302,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 190,000 Tweets
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 31,000 Tweets
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 8,000 Tweets

Big Brother
  • How delusional and stupid can Victoria be? Does she REALLY believe that she is a warrior princess? Does she really think she's played an "amazing social game" and that she's actually strategized and discussed game play with Derrick? WHEN did she do that? Can you believe she referred to herself as Batman to Derrick's Robin? OMFG she's out of her mind. Is there a better word than delusional? If there is, what is it? I need to know. 
  • Cody looked annoyed at Frankie's hug in the food room, didn't he?
  • Good tie in NFL…show the BB countdown clock while the gang is talking about it while the countdown clock for Thursday night football shows up on screen …that's pretty impressive if I do say so myself
  • That clock would drive me INSANE. It's obviously making the house guests nuts too. They're talking to it, smashing it and doing JUDY CHOPS? isn't it JUDO? 
  • Nice Ninja moves Caleb! First the fly got one in the face and then you did too!
  • I liked the Freak Show POV Challenge but Caleb's commentary made it even more enjoyable. Surprised that Frankie won. 
  • If it wasn't for the rewind button, I'd think it would be soooo coooool if he back doored someone. He could take Victoria off and put up Derrick or Caleb. 
  • Sounded like Cody said "sh*tting on the block".  Didn't it? 
  • I've never commented about this, but Derrick over uses his hands in the diary room when he's talking. Have you noticed this? 
  • Clean Up, Clean Up Everybody Clean Up. It's one thing to be stinky in private but to be gross on TV is mortifying. I love good before and after shots of the BB house. Those guys are SLOBS! 
  • How funny…all the guys are freaked by a fake rat and Victoria didn't seem bothered at all. Caleb's Drakes Coffee Cake rat trap was impressive. I'd call that a Macgyver. Damn I love that guy. 
  • When do they make up their special handshakes and diary room dances? Do you guys see it on the live feeds?
  • FAKE RAT MISSION COMPLETE!  Congrats guys!
  • OF COURSE Frankie didn't use the Veto. I mean NOBODY makes a big move in this game. NOBODY.  Sure they talk about it but they NEVER do it. 
  • Dan Gheesling, The Jury House and the Rewind…tonight's going to be SUPER JUICY! 
Below Deck
If you recall, last week, Dean, the primary charter guest that looked like an older Kris Kringle from Santa Clause is Coming to Town, called Kate a b*tch. She claimed she just has a "b*tchy resting face."  Which she actually does. Anyway, she was pissed so she made a penis out of a blanket and left it on the guys bed and then claimed it was a rocket not a penis. The entire crew knew it was a penis and that she was the artist, but she denied it and then had to come clean to Captain Lee and to Dean.  I can't believe the Captain didn't fire her. The crew and I both believed their tip would be crap, but apparently Dean thought the towel "art" was funny and gave the crew an 18K tip. That's 1800 each. Not bad for a few days work. Granted it was hard work. Tons of cleaning, cooking, schlepping, setting up and taking down. The guests wanted a white party on the beach. The crew gave them one complete with a steel band. Unfortunately it rained, so back to the boat they went for an all white food dinner. Steak wrapped in white cheese with white mashed potatoes. I don't know, it looked gross to me but they ate it. Then they wanted pizza. Whatever these guys wanted, the crew delivered. They deserved their 1800 bucks.  Oh yeah, Kelley finally kissed Jennice. She turned him down, but I think they'll get together, I'm sure that'll bug the hell out of Captain Lee.

Sons of Anarchy
It's SO good to have Jax and the Samcro guys back isn't it? Damn I've missed this show!  The premiere episode flew by and I watched it live WITH commercials!  Kurt shoved a lot in and as usual I'm not sure I got it all. Here's what I know. Before Jax left prison, he carved some swastikas, pulled some teeth, and had a sit down with Marilyn Manson. Marilyn looked scarier without makeup than he does with it. Jax was cleared of Tara's murder and released by DA Patterson who seems to always wear the exact same clothes. Jax too. Right out of the slammer, same plaid shirt, and a bright white pair of new kicks. Jax didn't go home and shower, didn't go see his boys, didn't go eat a real meal, nope. He had some meetings, lots of meetings. He could have been working here at my office with all of the meetings he had. So many different gangs, it's hard to keep track, but pretty sure they all want to blow up each other for bullsh*t reasons. I don't remember what the dudes in the Impala did and why Jax needed to go after them, but as usual, the and guys shot first and check Id's later, so they ended up killing 3 priests who happened to be involved in a foursome. Not the right guys at all, nice! Juice was hiding out at Wendy's place, letting his hair grow over his flames, while she was in rehab. His OCD was in overdrive. He cleaned the place up, organized and stocked all the cabinets and made himself right at home. Of course Wayne figured out that Juice was there and now Juice has Wayne tied up while he figures out what to do with him.  I realllllly hope he doesn't kill him. We all love Wayne. Wendy signed herself out of rehab after only 9 days. and now she's taking care of the kids. Perfect job for a junkie. Gemma's still Gemma. Same crappy hair color, same manipulating Mom. She set up the Chinese and blamed them for Tara's murder and then got back together with Nero. He's another one who never changes clothes. Same Mr. Rogers sweater right?  Jax had to take care of business. He tortured the chinese guy just as he assumed Tara was tortured and then threw salt in the wounds. Literally.  All of that during a lovely rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, the kids version.  The gangs still all using flip phones, there was a quick Theo Huxtable moment and gotta give props for a new way to get info out of someone with no legs…pull him and his wheelchair down the street with your Harley. Works like a charm. How many episodes left? I don't want this one to ever end. 
SOA Trivia question: What's the new name of the porn studio? 

Fashion Rocks
Usher and some pretty hot, scantily clad, female musicians opened the show. There were beautiful, very tall, scantily clad models everywhere. Poor Ryan Seacrest, he looked super tiny when surrounded by them. He even joked about needing some heels to get in the same shot with the girls. Up until recently I would have never thought of Miranda Lambert as stylish, but now that she's so skinny and a bit bottoxed, she's a much better fit for this show. Nick Jonas has always been pretty fashionable and last night he looked good, but he needs to let the hair grow a bit. He doesn't have the ears for such short hair. Who prefers Pitbull with the sunglasses? I do. Pretty cool to be able to watch and shop with Macy's. I didn't buy anything but I'm betting a lot of people did. Hated Jennifer Hudsons short hair, but I dug her outfit. Naomi Cambell still looks great, but apparently has trouble reading. No worries, Tommy Hilfiger hooked her up with that part of her job. Enrique Iglesias is still pretty cute, but as a Howard Stern fan, I know he really can't sing, so I just take him for what he's worth. Nico and Vinz performed "Am I Wrong" I did love Nico or Vinz's shirt. Didn't order it but I liked it. Way too much camera time on the musicians and not the runway models. Come on CBS. So much for the Fashion part of Fashion Rocks. Nice to see Duran Duran, but did anyone other than me and a few people in the audience know who they were? Simon Lebon's no longer hot, but I still love him. JLo performed her song "Booty" I think there's a booty war going on between her and Nicki Minaj. Pretty impressive booty moves, gotta give JLo credit. I also really enjoyed her boots. I'd never be able to walk, talk or shake my booty in them, but they were pretty cool.Luke Bryan? Really? I love the guy but I don't know how fashionable he is. I really enjoyed Victor Cruz's jacket. I know the audience was cruuuuuuuzing him but it sounded a lot like booooos to me. We all love the song of the Summer "Rude." The video is better than those guys live. Justin Bieber got booed for a good 30 seconds. Justin took his clothes off and that seemed to shut everyone up. Could have also been the sound guy. Who knows. Rita Ora attempted to perform David Bowie's "Fashion" but it was horrible as was her outfit and her hair. What's a fashion show without Paris Hilton? She  looked good and only had to speak a few words. Perfect job for her. CBS didn't know what to do with Nicki Minaj. Lots of bleeping, long shots  and crazy camera angles. If you're not comfortable CBS, don't do it. JLo looked unimpressed throughout Nicki's performance. I'm telling you…it's war! Booty War! The Band Perry? Again, never thought of them as fashionable, but they gave it their best effort. Donna Summer tribute! Now that's right up my alley. Loved the plus size Donna Summer, but Jennifer Hudson came on and kicked her off the stage. Who closed the show? KISSSSSSSSSS! IN MAKEUP! They ROCKED! Enjoyable.  


-I had seen Jimmy Kimmel prank his Aunt Chippy on Monday nights show. I was going to post it and for whatever reason, I didn't. So many of you sent me the clip thinking I hadn't seen it. It's hilarious. Hope all you other guys think so too! I wish I was clever enough to pull off a good prank.

-The women at The View really have their work cut out for them now. Sara Gilbert over on The Talk is having a baby. You know what that means…RATINGS!

-I know a lot of you guys read this blog on your mobile devices, but I hope you know that if you open the blog on your desktop, I have a list of premieres and finales and a binge list available at all times. I update it daily, so if you need to know when your favorite show is coming back, check it out. If you need something to watch, check the binge list. It's filled with great info. Also, if there's anything you'd like me to include, find out etc. Let me know.

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Love Triangles Day 3: Sookie, Bill and ??? Name the 3rd member and the show.

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