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Real Housewives, Madam Secretary & Homeland. Sunday's are all about Strong Women…yeah, even Theresa Giudice!

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Okay, so I pretty much stumped most of you with Friday's Saturday morning show. It was a tough one! Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl! Only 5 people knew that one!

FIRST FIVES: Dan Realson, Crystal Kyler, Monica Caraffa, Karen Feldman & Jim Carter
Bonus Scandal Question: The two songs from Thursday's episode were: "Controversy" by Prince and "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Thursday Night Football-CBS 3.9/12.4
Scandal-ABC 2.9/9.8
How to Get Away with Murder-ABC 2.7/9.6
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.4/8.4
Bones-FOX 1.6/6.4

Thursday's Cable Top 5
NFL Football-NFL Network 1.2/2.9
MLB Baseball-FS1 1.2/4.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.1
Project Runway-Lifetime .7/2.3
Return to Halloweentown-Disney .7/2.7

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Scandal-ABC 377,000 Tweets
How to Get Away with Murder-ABC 137,000 Tweets
The Vampire Diaries-CW 56,000 Tweets
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 56,000 Tweets
The O'Reilly Factor-FOX News 3,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Shark Tank-ABC 1.9/7.2
The Amazing Race-CBS 1.4/6.6
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.3/6.7
Hawaii Five-O- CBS 1.2/9.1
Cristela-ABC 1.2/5.9

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy 39,000 Tweets
Foo Fighters Sonic Highways-HBO 8,000 Tweets
Dane Cook: Troublemaker-Showtime 6,000 Tweets
The Knick-Cinemax 2,000 Tweets
A Football Life-NFL Network 1,000 Tweets


Foo Fighters: Sonic Highway
If you love music as much as I do, then you NEED to watch this show. The music business is tough these days. Nobody actually BUYS music anymore. So what do you do if you're a musician and want people to listen to your entire album? (When's the last time ANYONE listened to an album in its entirety anyway?) You come up with Dave Grohl's brilliant idea. Dave's theory is that the music you are creating is influenced by the environment you are creating it in. So for The Foo Fighters latest album, they are creating songs in 8 different cities and documenting the entire process. First song from Sonic Highway was written and recorded in Chicago. We got a great history lesson on the Chicago music scene and while I would have liked a bit more of the actual song writing and recording process, it was still a cool peek into it all. Before the credits rolled, the new song was done and premiered with the lyrics on screen. If you were watching live (which I wasn't) then you could have gone on to Facebook and watched Dave and the band perform the song live in Chicago right after the show ended. Brilliant idea and even though I'm not the HUGEST Foo Fighters fan, I'm in big time. Can't wait for next weeks show, city and song.

Survivors Remorse
I don't know the last time I felt this way about a show. I like Survivors Remorse as a whole, but so far, I don't like anyone in it. None of the characters are likable, not really. I guess what I do like, is the inside look at the other side of an athletes life. We all just assume that having fame and fortune is all good, but it obviously gets complicated. Cam's and his family are from the Hood. Now they've got a meal ticket in Cam and are literally on the payroll. I'm sure it's a pretty common thing in sports, but it doesn't paint a pretty picture at all. I haven't deleted my Season Pass. I'm hoping Cam and the Fam grow on me.

Real Housewives of NJ Finale
I'm glad they included Joe and Theresa's sentencing day in the final episode of the season. Seeing that everyone on the show heard the news the exact same way I did, on their cell phones, with very little make up on, made me feel good for some reason. Stars…they're just like us. Before we all got the news there was a very bizarre Ladybug Fundraiser at some woman named Abbey's massive, massive house. Abbey was tough on the eyes and had these massive dogs. Not sure how she came into the picture, there was no explanation at all on that one. I wonder if that house was going on the market or something. It was insane. Did you see the twins Dad in the car on the way to the fundraiser? He didn't have that blinking problem the last time we saw him. Maybe he had eyelash extensions put on like the rest of his family. Amber couldn't break her streak, she made sure Cancer was showcased in every episode of the show. Last night, she cut her hair at home with a hairstylist. Who does that? Amber's Mom had a beautiful head of hair herself. Wonder if it was real? Joe and Melissa finally broke ground on their new house. Was it my imagination or was it on a very busy street with the neighbors house very close to their property line? That whole scene of Joe working the bulldozer and Melissa dancing in her heels was ridiculous. So was the camera angle with the branch in Joe's face. Was intern filming that day? Three reunion episodes coming our way starting next Sunday. I'm sure there will be lots of tears and lots of drama. It wouldn't be a Real Housewives reunion without it. 

Madam Secretary
Week after week this show gets better and better.  I really thought that Henry, Elizabeth's husband,  was a spy or something. I thought we'd find out some juicy secret about him. He couldn't possibly be too good to be true, but I think he might be. We learned about his military record this week and that he's 3rd on a governmental "arm candy" list. While Jason was writing his report on his Dad, Mom was VERY busy at work. First she had some issues with the Canadian Ambassador and a fake pipeline report. Give her a lot of credit on her speed reading ability. 450 pages in just a few hours. Then she had the Middle East Peace talks to handle during a party the same Canadians she had issues with were throwing in her honor. I'd never want to get in an argument with her, she's great at compromise. Everyone wins right? Interesting style choices. Suit with 3/4 sleeves and long sleeve blouse underneath plus that awesome blue dress with the pockets. I don't know when she had time to get her hair done for the party, obviously she didn't look long and hard for a good hairdresser, but with everything going on, I guess I can give her a pass. She did get the Iranians back to the table and made the Canadians happy without jeopardizing the hockey season. Can't argue with that right? Interesting development with the secret investigation of Nadine. She had been sleeping with Elizabeth's predecessor and now she's questioning her loyalties a bit. Anyone not into this one yet? You should be.

The Quinn/Carrie thing is intense. I'm not even sure I get it. He's going to freak out when he finds out she's using sex to recruity Ayon. I'm freaking out too. Is that in the manual? Look at Farah who's a bit of a rockstar in training, too. She tailed Ayon and got the video of Hagani. We all thought he was killed, but, he's alive and in need of some meds, but not sure why. New bad guy to keep track of too, Farhad Ghazi. He's the guy who orchestrated Sandy's murder, but we're not even sure why just yet. Oh and, there's more. There always is. The Ambassador's husband's been selling secrets from his wife's desk. There's ALWAYS someone on the inside. Remember 24? All these shows have someone on the inside who's a bad guy. Saul's not on anyone's payroll but still taking meetings and helping Carrie. The guy he met with looked so familiar to me. His guys sure know how to get a SIM card out easily enough. I guess they've trained for that. I could use that training too. I can never get the SIM card out of my phone. Big improvement over last season. Carrie's finally got her meds under control I guess. Only side effect I can see is her insomnia. 


-There's always been this bad luck myth associated with winning the lottery. (Remember Hurley on Lost?)  Not sure if the bad luck includes shows about winning the lottery as well, but it might. Lifetime cancelled Lottery after just one season. Didn't ABC have a show last year or the year before about people who won the lottery? Lucky Seven or something? Both gone. Betting there aren't anymore shows about people winning the lottery. If you're an actor and you get cast in one, don't spend that paycheck on a fancy new car or house in Malibu. Save it because chances are, you're gonna need it just to pay your bills.

-Mulaney hasn't been cancelled…yet. FOX did cut the order for original eps to 13 which isn't a great sign for the cast and crew. I didn't write it anywhere but I didn't think this one would last long. I've got a good track record. 

Monday's Trivia Question: It's a theme week. If you think you know the theme today it's worth 25 points, tomorrow, 20, and so on.  Jeff Daniels currently stars in this HBO Show. Name the show and his character. 

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