Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just the Light Fight for Me Last Night

FIRST FIVE: Mike O'Dea, Cheryl Lasak, Priscilla Paez, James Gabriele & Karen Feldman


Friday's Cable Top 5
Gold Rush-Discovery 1.5/4.3
Big Screen Movie-ABC Family 1.3/3.6
25 Days of Christmas-ABC Family .9/2.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.1
College Basketball-ESPN .9/2.1

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Sunday Night Football-NBC 6.1/18.1
Football Night in America-NBC 5.0/15.4
The Simpsons-FOX 2.8/6.4
Family Guy-FOX 2.2/4.3
 Brooklyn Nine Nine-FOX 2.1/4.2

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Eaten Alive-Discovery 101,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 65,000 Tweets
Homeland-Showtime 16,000 Tweets
The Newsroom-HBO 15,000 Tweets
Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons-E! 10,000 Tweets

Top 5 DVR'ed shows for the Week of 11/17/14-11/23/14
Modern Family-ABC From a 3.7 to a 6.0 (+62%)
Big Bang Theory-CBS From a 4.1/ to a 6.3 (+54%)
How to Get Away with Murder-ABC From a 3.1 to a 5.1 (+65%)
Gotham-FOX From a 2.3 to a 4.0 (+74%)
Scandal-ABC From a 3.1 to a 4.7 (+52%)


The Great Christmas Light Fight
Last year was the first year that Carruba's had Christmas lights and I owe it all to The Great Christmas Light Fight. It inspired us to start with just one tree and just one penguin. We LOVE this show. We talked about it all year long. Of course now we have a few more lights and still just one penguin but when you see what these families do to their homes you just can't believe it. I assume they work all year long and never watch Scandal, do homework, eat healthy meals and get their hair done, but the payoff is worth it. I wish the producers would tell us how long it takes for them to set it up. I'd have to think it takes weeks or even months. Seems like a full time job really. I didn't watch much of anything else last night just this one.

-Len Goodman is leaving DWTS after the upcoming season. I never really knew much about Len, nor did I care, but he's been commuting back and forth banking some serious frequent flyer miles to England where he's the judge of another dance show. I had no idea he was married and had a son and  that his family still lives in the UK.  Len can redeem his miles, take the family to Bali to make it up to them and then relax back at home once he's done here in the US. Soooo for all of you DWTS fans, enjoy Len while ya still got him and then bid him a fond farewell. Do you think that DWTS will do a "VERY SPECIAL" episode devoted just to Len? Is there enough Len to put a "VERY SPECIAL" episode together?  Will Bruno and Carrie be jealous? 

-Michael Strahan's  adding more and more jobs to his resume. He's the new Ryan Seacrest: Manly version. In addition to Kelly & Michael, GMA, and FOX NFL Sunday, Michael hosted (and produced) the Nick Kids Choice Sports Awards and now he'll be hosting the the Critics Choice Awards 1/15 on A&E. I bet Nicole Murphy's bummin she couldn't stick it out. I don't know who she is or where she is, but Michael's gotta be the guy to get these days, no?  

-Speaking of workaholics, Howard Stern announced yesterday that he'll be coming back to AGT for another season. Howard talks a good game and complains during shooting,  but I knew he'd be back. He loves the show too much to give it up and Radio City is only a few blocks from Sirius and not far at all from his apartment on the Upper West Side. Why NOT keep doing it? 

-I've NEVER seen an episode of The League. So many of you guys have recommended it to me. Maybe now that it's officially ending after the 7th and final Season, I'll binge it or something. 

-Congrats and GOOD LUCK to Nick Bernstein. Nick's taking over Late Night at CBS which in my opinion, won't be an easy gig. James Corden and Stephen Colbert will be the new guys in suits in a very cluttered, successful time period filled with more guys in suits. Nick used to be over at NBC Late Night before becoming show runner on The Pete Holmes show. Who? I guess the guy needed a job once Pete's show was cancelled and figured…why not? 

Tonight is the series finale of Sons of Anarchy. I am excited and dreading it all at the same time. For all of you guys that have been on this ride with me, I can't wait til tomorrow morning. For all of you that have never been...now's the time to start bingeing it.  7 Amazing seasons. 

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Ken Weatherwax passed away at the age of 59 yesterday.  Ken played Morticia and Gomez's son on The Addams Family. Name his character. 

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