Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hindsight and Empire and The Short Game

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Eddie Cibrian played Jimmy Doherty on Third Watch and only 7 people knew the answer. Guess nobody (including me, watched that show!)
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Rachel Snyder, Justin Jones, Denise Verzi & Karen Feldman


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
MasterChef Junior-FOX 1.7/5.4
State of the Union-NBC 1.5/5.2
Parks and Rec-NBC 1.5/4.0
NCIS-CBS 1.4/11.8
Parks and Rec-NBC 1.4/3.6

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
State of the Union-Various-2,598,000 Tweets
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 146,000 Tweets
Supernatural-CW 85,000 Tweets
Parks and Rec-NBC 38,000 Tweets
The Flash-37,000 Tweets


Some good cameos this week, Gladys Knight (sans Pips) Cuba Gooding Jr. and Naomi Campbell. Gladys just came to sing at Bunky's funeral. Sort of ironic that Lucious, the guy who killed him, wore all white to his funeral, no? Cuba Gooding Jr. was a song writer who had a thing for Cookie back in the day. He still has a thing for her and gave her a song he wrote about her for Jamal. Jamal didn't know the history and sang it a lovely family dinner at Lucious and Anika's place. That just set the ball in motion for Lucious and Jamal to go at it. Jamal left but for some reason, his Daddy followed him home and reminded him, yet again, that he pays for all of it. So Jamal packed up his and Michael's stuff in 10 seconds and tried unsuccessfully to get a cab swearing he was going to go after Lucious's entire empire and take him down. Some crazy homeless dude identified Lucious as Bunky's killer so things could get sticky for him. He's already starting to feel some ALS symptoms, but nobody except Gabourey Sidibe knows about it.  Andre did 2 women from behind in the same night. One was his wife and one wasn't. One was the deputy mayor and I got the feeling that Andre knocks on her back door often. Andre's not the only one with "issues," Hakeem was sleeping with Naomi Campbell and calling her his "Mama." Luckily she was into it and didn't beat him with her cell phone. 

The Notebook, Matthew Sweet, The Russian Team Room, Sheryl Crow, Zima, Monica & Rachel hair, Sleepless in Seattle, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, OPP (Baby you know me!) The I Never game, Enron, The Spin Doctors, cordless phones with the super long antenna and Collective Soul were this weeks awesome 90's throwbacks. Do we believe in fate? IS everything pre-destined? Fate is a major theme here. Becca knew that nobody showed up to Lois's birthday and since she didn't want history to repeat itself, she, Lolly and Phoebe ended up getting Lois drunk and partying all night long. Phoebe missed the blind date where she was supposed to meet her husband, but as fate would have it she ended up bumping into him anyway. Becca had never had a one night stand until Lois's birthday, where she hooked up with "Hot Todd." Lolly (and I) desperately want to know what happened to end her friendship with Becca, but Becca doesn't want to tell her and doesn't want to go through it again. Lolly makes Becca promise to do everything she can so that it doesn't happen. The thing is…if it's left up to fate, they will end up apart. Was anyone able to figure out Lolly's movie list other than Jamie? I thought I had it, but I was totally wrong. Lets see if any of you guys can figure this one out: What do these movies have in common? Always, Singles, Ben Hur, The Sure Thing, & Manhunter If you get it WITHOUT CHEATING super deluxe bonus points for you! 

The Short Game
 I had seen The Short Game documentary a while ago and really enjoyed it. This show is pretty much exactly like the documentary. It follows the 8 best kid golfers in the world and their families, to the championship tournament. It's the perfect compliment to Friday Night Tykes with one exception. The Short Game needs to be shorter. We need zippy editing and snappier narration or something. The show is too long and sort of boring. Sort of like the game of golf itself. The kids seem stressed and the parents are irritating. The documentary was much more interesting. This could be a winner if it was cut down to 30 minutes and edited a lot better. Bummed, I was hoping for more from this one. 


-LL Cool J's coming back to once again host The Grammy's on 2/8. How many times has he he hosted them? Give the correct answer for some additional bonus points. 

-I didn't mind when NBC Universal did one giant upfront presentation last year. That was actually fine. What I hated was the giant after party. It was just TOO big, TOO loud, TOO hard to find anyone and TOO difficult to get pics with the celebs. Sounds like Donna Speciale (my former boss) is learning from NBC's mistakes and keeping the parties separate. She's going to have one big Turner presentation, but keep the Adult Swim party separate. I've always heard that's a good one.

Thursday's Trivia Question: Since finishing White Collar, my son and I have been secretly bingeing on Suits and loving it. Sooooo how about a Suits question. Name the law firm that Harvey, Jessica, Louis and Mike all work at.

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