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NBCU Upfront, Scandal and Lip Sync Battle

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: William Petersen plays Gil Grissom on CSI aka Crime Scene Investigators.
FIRST FIVES:Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Alex Nagler, Karen Hadley & Larry Price


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
Modern Family-ABC 2.7/8.1
Survivor-CBS 2.3/9.6
The Goldbergs-ABC 2.0/6.7
Black-ish-ABC 2.0/6.1
The Middle-ABC 1.8/7.0

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs-TNT 2.1/4.7
NBA Playoffs-TNT 1.5/3.8
NHL Semi Finals-NBC Sports Net 1.1/2.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.1

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
American Idol-FOX 182,000 Tweets
Arrow-CW 91,000 Tweets
Supernatural-CW 75,000 Tweets
Survivor-CBS 17,000 Tweets
Top 100 Players of 2015 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 5/4/15-5/8/15
Fallon .9/3.0
Letterman .6/3.8
Kimmel .5/2.2
Seth Meyers .4/1.2
Jon Stewart .4/1.2
Nightline .3/1.5
James Corden .3/1.4
Carson Daly .2/.8
Nightly Show .2/.6
Conan .2/.6

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 5/4/15-5/8/15
GMA 1.5/1.8
Today Show 1.5/1.7
CBS This Morning .9/1.0


I didn't go to the CW Thursday morning, but of course I went to the Javitz Center for NBCU. Couldn't miss that one. NO WAY!  There are things I LOVE about the NBCU Upfront  and things I HATE. My Mom never liked us using that word, so let's go with a list of what I didn't like first that way we can finish on a high note with all the good stuff. 
The Javitz Center
People send their "people" to save not just A seat but a row of seats. 
Having to save seats for MY people
That after alllll that work saving seats…I couldn't see! 
How loooooong the preso was
The chaos and not knowing where to go after the preso
The massive crowd
The lines for drinks
The lines for food (I didn't have a morsel)
That you have to hunt down the celebs
That the celebs don't stay all night
 Giuliana Rancic's black dress with leg wings
Note to NBCU party people...find the people that did CBS and use them next year! 

Okay…now the GOOD STUFF!
Linda Yacarrino's dress and shoes. (I thought she did a great job.)
Meeting Francis Berwick, who's in charge of E! Esquire, Bravo & Oxygen 
Andy Cohen's drinking game based on the WWHL word of the day…DATA…drink!
Esquire's new shows
Seeing all my favorite NBCU friends
The celebs that did hang around, who were really nice and more than happy to take photos. 
Allison Tarrant's relentless pursuit of the Suits cast for me. THANK YOU ALLISON! 
The Botched Docs
Steve Sanders
My driver home…I'm exhausted. 

I don't have a ton of pics because it took a REALLY long time to get all my Suits people. Unfortunately Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Spector left the party before I could find him but I did get Louis, Donna, Rachel and Mike. 

Of course as one of the hugest 90210 (and Sharknado) fans I couldn't miss an opportunity to put my arms around Steve Sanders, aka Ian Ziering

And my latest obsession...the doctors from Botched. Dr. Paul, Dr. Dubrow and his lovely wife Heather from Real Housewives of Orange County


Lip Sync Battle
This week's battle was a family affair. Julianne Hough vs. Derek Hough. Of course they're both Dancing with the Stars champs but neither one of them performed anything remotely close to the Posidoble or Tango. Derek looks like a blond Frankenstein to me. The camera couldn't keep up with Derek and all his moves and as usual it was VERY difficult to actually see if his lips sank/sunk well. They really need to force the performers to wear the headset microphone. It's a LIP SYNC BATTLE! What part don't they get? Julianne brought out the REAL Meghan Trainor for "All About That Bass" but Derek had the Sia wig and dancers for his performance. It was pretty good across the board. Check um out here

WHOA...Now THAT was a Season Finale. Can you imagine those poor jury members? Thinking hey...out of work for a few days...just going to hear a case and then LIGHTS OUT! Huck via Command...BOOM! OMG Command is completely out of his mind, but Olivia Pope is smarter, better and even a bit faster. Sure, there was no evidence left of Command or B613. Travis from Cougar Town got rid of everything and then Rowan got rid of him. Now...he's just Mr. Pope. Olivia's Pops and he's also an embezzler thanks to Huck and Quinn. They took care of that before Quinn took care of Huck. Is Huck dead? We don't know! Fitz got so pissed off at Mellie and Cyrus for going behind his back to handle the Remington/Rowan/Command/Damascus Bainbridge issue that he kicked them both out of THE HOUSE. Jake gave up and said his goodbye's to Olivia. I'm sure my friend Dana had a huge smile before going to bed last night. (She's team Fitz.) Some chick named Charlotte apparently had authorization to sneak the Presidents mistress into the residence and let her help herself to a bottle of red. What a nice surprise, huh Fitz?  Awwwww they'reee back! 
Anyone catch Olivia's middle name during that episode? It was on the documents she signed...bonus points if you did. Anyone catch the song? More bonus points! I wouldn't say Season 4 was a winner, but the second half was pretty good. Season 5 should be interesting.  


-I've been DVR'ing Letterman's final shows. I was never a Letterman person. I think when he first became popular, in the 80's, I was first dating my husband and wasn't into Late Night TV at all. Now that he's leaving, of course, I'm watching. On Wednesday night, Julia Roberts was on. I'm pretty sure Dave's secretly in love with her. Last night was Clooney. Next week Dave will have Tom Hanks and Bill Murray to help him say goodbye.  I'll be watching, I love a good goodbye.

- The CW released their Fall Schedule yesterday. I haven't seen the trailers yet, check everything out here if you're interested:  
MONDAY Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/Jane the Virgin
TUESDAY The Flash/iZombie
THURSDAYThe Vampire Diaries/The Originals

WEDNESDAY Arrow/Supernatural
FRIDAY Reign/America’s Next Top Model

-James Corden had One Direction on last night. Call me crazy, but somethings missing. Oh...yeah 20% of the band. I'm sorry, they just aren't the same without Zayn. This Dodge Ball sketch was pretty funny though. Check it out:

Friday's Trivia Question: Can you name the remaining four members of One Direction? 

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