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The Island, Botched, Married at First Sight, Deadliest Catch and oh yeah...the Rangers won!

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Olivia Benson's first partner on Law & Order SVU was Elliot Stabler 
FIRST FIVES: Bobby Aguilera, Dave DeSocio, Nicole Zittman, Andrea Walters & Karen Feldman
HONORABLE MENTION:  Stephanie Baxter 
Bonus Trivia Question: Shout out to Chuck Chiocco for remembering that Drake was the host of last years ESPYS!


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Coca Cola 600-FOX 1.4/6.0
60 Minutes-CBS .7/6.1
Dateline-NBC .7/4.3
A.D. The Bible Continues-NBC .7/4.3
Undercover Boss-CBS .7/3.3
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Game of Thrones-HBO 69,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 13,000 Tweets
Penny Dreadful-Showtime-4,000 Tweets
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills-E! 4,000 Tweets
Veep-HBO 2,000 Tweets

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.8/5.8
The Bachelorette-ABC 1.6/5.3
The Island-NBC 1.2/3.9
500 Questions-ABC 1.1/5.2
Mike & Molly-CBS 1.0/5.1

Monday's Cable Top 5 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 196,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 167,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 70,000 Tweets
Texas Rising-History 19,000 Tweets
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 13,000 Tweets

Not my thing at all, but Texas Rising, the 10 episode event series on History channel premiered on Monday night with a massive 4.1 million viewers making it the 2nd highest premiere for a new cable show in 2015. People like their westerns, huh?

The Island 
Whoa…I had forgotten that I TiVO'ed this one. My son and I checked it out before the Ranger game last night and it is crazy. It's Survivor…for real. 14 guys, no food, no shelter, no water. No teams, no voting, no immunity challenge, no reward challenge, just SURVIVE the month. Bear Grylls probably worked like one day on this one. I wonder what he's getting paid. He drove these guys out to an island on a boat. Did a couple of vignettes and that was really it. The guys are all alone on the island. Not even a camera crew, they're filming themselves the entire time. One guy is from Idaho, he's never seen the ocean…EVER. You should have seen his reaction to it. Of course there are personality clashes but honestly, these guys really have one mission SURVIVE the month. In the first episode they killed a snake and ate it, started a fire using eyeglasses and rope, screwed up their water supply, and lost a guy due to illness. It's HOT, 104 during they day and 90's at night. Nobodies sleeping well, they're all covered in bug bites, it's insane. I don't even think they win anything other than their lives. This one couldn't have cost much to produce, but honestly, it's a winner. We missed the first 10 minutes of the Ranger game because we couldn't turn it off. 

Deadliest Catch
Everyone was having a tough time with crab last night. Sig had issues with the boat and his bro's on the DL so Jake had to step it up which he was doing but then he had a tantrum because he couldn't take the wheel when he was supposed to. Not good for anyone watching who may want to hire him to run their boat. First rule for tantrums. The Cornelia Marie was also having some issues but then they decided to prank the Time Bandit which helped morale a bit. The Time Bandit ironically ran out of time. It took so long to catch their quota and then they couldn't offload because the place was too busy so they had a whole bunch of dead crab to deal with. The guys still all earned about 40 G's in less than 3 weeks which is pretty good. What I wanted to know is what did they do with all that dead crab? I can only imagine the smell of Dutch Harbor, the guys, the boats etc. It's gotta be foul. Sig has got to reek when he comes home. The cigarettes, the coffee, the fish, the B.O. it just can't be good no matter how much Drakar Noir you use. 

So, I'm watching Botched, on E! and I realize somethings missing. I met our 3 freaks and this week they were the oddest yet. One guy had had 198 procedures with his goal to look like a perfect male doll. The other was a heavyset woman from somewhere in the UK who wanted to look like her caricature. You know the kind you get at a Bar Mitzvah and you say "do I really look like that?" She wanted to. The third was a transgender person who wanted to look like J-Lo. I'm watching this and saying "what doctors would do this for them?" Then I realize this wasn't the REAL BOTCHED. It was called "Botched: Perfect" and Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Paul were no where to be seen. Of course not, there's no way my guys would condone this sort of thing, but I was 44 minutes in before I realized that I was watching a freak show and nothing else. I really need to know where these freaks get their money. They don't seem to have jobs. They spend all their time on procedures, tanning, nails, lip tattoos and hair. Who's paying their bills and how? Nice scam, E! Ya got me. 

Married at First Sight
Pretty sure we only have a week or two left before our couples have to make their decision. Somethings so off between Sean and Davina and it's Sean. He's just an odd guy. He has an odd way of talking, I think he's got some serious issues and baggage and needs some big time therapy if he isn't getting it already. If Davina doesn't divorce him, I'll be shocked. She wore this jumper that made her boobs look MASSIVE. Sean didn't even blink. Somethings not right with this guy, I'm telling you. I don't think Ryan and Jacklyn are going to make it either, but they could go 50/50. I think they both have issues with leaving their homes and didn't realize what a sacrifice they'd have to make. Jacklyn made Ryan a lovely dinner of Hot Pockets and BBQ chips...really? That's the best you could do? Surprisingly, the other Ryan and Jessica seem to be doing much better and may have the best chance at sticking it out. They went mattress shopping, they held hands, their home seems homey. Dr. Pepper visited everyone and gave them all homework. We'll see how it goes. 


-I love Orange is the New Black and if I had nothing better to do I'd head over to the Skylight Clarkson in Soho on 6/11 to meet everyone and talk about the show. I have all sorts of questions like, why not get rid of Taylor Schilling? You know Jenji, shake things up a bit.  She IS the weakest link in this actual chain gang. Netflix is putting together ORANGECON to get us all pumped for the upcoming season of OitNB. I don't think we need it, but it's sort of a fun idea and nice to see Netflix out there like the rest of the nets working hard for the money. I do think Piper should get killed though, everyone of the other inmates are far more interesting than she is. Shocking twist in Season 3, we need one and I'm serving it up right here, right now...Piper dies and it's an actual pipe that kills her.  

-Critics Choice TV Awards are coming up on the 31st and they added another cool category to keep things interesting. The Most Exciting New Series. I guess these guys went to all the up fronts, checked out the pilots and have decided that American Crime Story, Aquarius, Blindspot, Minority Report, The Muppets, Scream Queens, Supergirl and UnREAL are the ones to watch. Wonder what that says about the John Stamos show "Grandfathered" and the Rob Lowe show. I'm excited for those, but I haven't watched any of the pilots yet. Ehhhh what do the critics know. Hot older child stars are ratings gold, especially if they don't wear much. 

-Verizon is the sponsor of this years Kids Choice Sports Awards's, but I just found out yesterday the awesome news.  Derek Jeter's going to be the big honoree with the Legend award. Did you see him on Sunday at Bernie Williams Day? He's looking good, nice and relaxed and smiley. Pretty good win for the KCSA's on this one, they need to do something to get ratings and if the Yankee captain doesn't do the trick, I don't know what will. 

-Cookie & Lucious Lyon will not only be hosting the Spike Guys Choice Awards they'll also be going  head to head in the Lip Sync Battle finale. I keep saying that Lip Sync Battle needs something. I wasn't sure what it was. I know Chrissy Teigen isn't it, but I have a great idea. Why don't they show the celebs in rehearsals? Show them learning the words to the songs. There's no way they go in cold and just perform. Let's see the prep. You know I'm right, this is a great idea. Jimmy, John & Stephen, I've now told you everything the show needs to make it the best it can microphones, no crazy camera angles, no more quick edits, and now this idea. I think my work here is done. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: We're still talking partners, pairs and duos in honor of Anne Meara. Today's duo had their own cable access show, wore wigs, and said "schwing" a lot. who are they? 

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