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Big Brother, The ESPY Cry Fest & Suits

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Wet Hot American Summer is a GREAT movie. You can watch it right now on Netflix and you should because the prequel is going to be released tomorrow and all of the same cast will be back recreating their roles. I'm not going to give you EVERY single one, but here are a few TV shows the cast members have been a part of: 

Amy Poehler: SNL, Welcome to Sweden and of course...Parks & Rec
Bradley Cooper: Alias, Nip/Tuck 
Janeane Garofalo: Girlfriends Guide to Divorce & SNL
David Hyde Pierce: Frasier
Paul Rudd: Parks & Rec, Reno 911, Friends
Christopher Meloni: Law & Order SVU & Oz
Michael Ian Black: Ed, Stella, Reno 911 & Reaper 

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Justin Jones, Caryn Vitolo & Ali Accarino
HONORABLE MENTION: Karen Feldman (with 82!!!)


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
MLB All Star Game-FOX 3.1/10.9 (down 5% vs. last year)
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.4/10.8
All Star Game Pre-Show-FOX 1.4/5.4
Hollywood Game Night-NBC 1.4/4.8
Zoo-CBS 1.0/6.5

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Haves and Have Nots-OWN 1.0/3.1
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.1
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .8/2.4
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family .8/1.7
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/2.1

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 149,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent-NBC 34,000 Tweets
WWE Tough Enough-USA 30,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of NYC-Bravo 18,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 12,000 Tweets 


Big Brother
  • John the Dentist's screaming in the diary room is out of control. We've had other screamers before, but he is the champion. How does everyone NOT hear him in there?
  • Visor alert, visor alert
  • The Twin Twist music reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it.  Anyone?
  • The Twin's voices are now annoying the sh@t out of me, they whinnnne every word. 
  • You've got NOTHING to worry in Big Brother really means YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. 
  • Did Austin have a droopy eye for a second?
  • Austin now looks like George Harrison during the Hare Krishna days
  • James's Hello Kitty hat…MUCH BETTER
  • There seems to be a surplus of headbands, hats and visors in this years BB house. Did everyone bring them or is everyone wearing just one persons collection?
  • STOP YELLING JOHN! Do you yell into everyone's molars when you're filling them? How do you have ANY patients?  
  • It looked like James was wearing a dress when the orange pillow was in front of him didn't it? 
  • Haven't we seen the giant dice before?  
  • Again Gronk parties with NO Gronk (He's at the ESPYS) That's no party at all! 
  • Is it true that dentists have to take a test about moving shapes around? That cannot possibly be true? Does my dentist move my teeth around when I'm under anesthesia? 
  • Austin did look like an animal in a cage when he was inside the dice. 
  • John won the POV again which he thought was great but Vanessa was freaking out. 
  • Sometimes you have to get blood on your hands and Vanessa just didn't want that so she screwed over Jeff. Granted, Jeff is a moron, and Vanessa played it brilliantly but I felt bad for him. 
  • Gronk parties all the time without Gronk are lame. 
  • I saw James & Clay kiss on the lips at the New Years Eve party
  • Jason's got super powers. The power to know when someone lies in the BB house. Now if they could work for the remainder of the game...he wins. 
  • Vanessa replaced screaming Dr. Dentist John with Jeff and kept Audrey. She just might have gotten away with it all which could be the move of the Summer. 

The Espys-aka…CRY FEST 2015
I started out with bullet points to cover The ESPY's but I blew them off. They didn't do the show justice. From the second the ESPY's started I had tears and chills. Whoever produced the show did an AMAZING job. Whoever edited all the footage and chose the perfect music deserves their own award. There were some funny bits, some awards but mainly the ESPY's were a cry fest. Pat Tillman, Danielle Green, Lauren Hill, Robyn Roberts, Stuart Scott, Derek Jeter and the award for most tears ever…Devon and Leah Steele. I didn't get weepy for Caitlyn Jenner, but she and so many of the other athletes were incredibly inspiring. Caitlyn's speech was amazing and it was nice to see all of her kids and her Mom there to support her. All that being said, I do have a couple of comments. 
1. Are Jake Gyllenhal and Rachel McAdam together?
2. Is Hannah Davis pissed off that Derek Jeter didn't give her a shout out? 
3. Alex Rodriguez could have ALMOST pulled off that bit but it might have been just a bit too soon. Thoughts?
4. Did Jeter & A Rod hook up later on for a beer/truce? 
5. Did Victor Espinosa wear his jockey outfit all night? 
6. Who was Caitlyn wearing? 
7. Did you catch that Ben Affleck was still wearing his wedding band? 
8. Note to Gronk: 3rd comes after 2nd and it's an operating room, not a surgery room. 
9. Note to any of you that really want to party with Gronk. Here's the link
10. Congratulations to Stephen Curry for Male Athlete of the Year and Rhonda Rhousey for Best Female Athlete of the Year
11. Congratulations to the US Women Soccer Team - Best Team of the Year

Here's Devon Steele's speech. Get a box of Kleenex. 
Here's Caitlyn's speech. 

I knew the second I saw her in the lobby that Esther was Louis's sister. I just knew it. Well, I knew it the second Harvey flirted with her. Man that guy is smooth. Guess his Xanax is kicking in. No more panic attacks. Just like that he's cured. Esther hired Harvey to settle her divorce. The case put everything into perspective for Harvey as Esther's ex and Harvey's ex aka Donna, had a lot more in common than you'd think. They both put their partner first and suffered the consequences. Okay nice lesson. Mike's totally annoying me and I'm not the only one, Jessica's totally irritated by the guy too. Did you ever notice that ever single folder has only one piece of paper in it? Also, when the lawyers look at the folder for a second, they seem to just know everything about the case. I guess that's why they're the best. LOL. Rachel tried a different top with her pencil skirt this week. Didn't work for me. It also didn't work for me that Harvey's not even a divorce attorney and settled Esther's case in 24 hours with only one folder, but I'm hangin in there because I still really love this show. 


-Ya know…it used to be that I'd see the honorees for the Kennedy Center Honors and say "Who are all these old geezers?" "Who's going to watch THAT show?" Well, I'm pretty sure I am that old geezer now. The past couple years I've enjoyed the honors and this year, more musicians I love, Carole King and The Eagles, and George Lucas will be recognized along with Rita Moreno, Seiji Ozawa (a concert pianist-thanks Google) & Cicely Tyson. I have become that old geezer. How depressing. 

-Amazon has chosen its very first original movie. Spike Lee's Chi-Raq. I had to use Google yet again. Chi-Raq is a nickname for inner city Chicago which is apparently a pretty violent place. Spike filmed the entire movie on location and lived to tell about it. Not sure when it will be available. I'll add it to the Premieres list as soon as I have a date. 

-Lifetime's getting in on the Late Night wars. Interesting choice but perfect for their audience.  "Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe" will premiere at the end of September. I'm not a huge Rachel Zoe fan but she could actually do a great job and it's nice to finally see a woman in late night. 

-Another one bites the dust. The View dumped Nicole Wallace. Sooooo now they need another host. Hey ABC…I'm TOTALLY available! If Michelle Collins can do it, I can do it too. Nobody knows who I am, I'm an early riser, I know a lot about pop culture, I'm very opinionated and I can totally wing it when it comes to news and stuff. I'm not great with politics but maybe that's refreshing???

-I'm out of witty banter for renewals, especially when I could care less about the show being renewed, so I'm just going to start posting them like this: 
Renewals: Turn (Season 3/AMC)
You guys okay with it? 

-Emmy Nominations come out later today. I'll post them on the Watching Way Too Much Facebook page as soon as I can and here tomorrow AM. 

Thursday's Trivia Question:This "Where are they Now" trivia week isn't going as well as I'd hoped, but I'll finish the week out and start a new theme next week. Let's hope this is a relatively easy one that gets a response. GHOST. You remember that one, right. Whoopi and Tony Goldwyn. WHAT TV SHOWS ARE THEY ON NOW?

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