Monday, November 2, 2015

No Mets for Me...I watched Homeland and Madam Secretary allllll alone

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The Mets closer who finished out the 1986 World Series was Jesse Orosco

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Bobby Aguilera, Monica Caraffa, Brian Gould & Andrew Werts


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Thursday Night Football-CBS 4.4/13.3
Thursday Night Football Pregame-CBS 2.7/9.9
Scandal-ABC 2.3/7.7
How to Get Away with Murder-ABC 1.8/6.2
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown-ABC 1.7/6.5

Thursday's Cable Top 5
NFL Football-NFL Network 1.3/2.9
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.4
NBA-TNT .7/1.4
Project Runway-Lifetime .6/2.2
WWE-Syfy .6/2.1

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Scandal-ABC 172,000 Tweets
How to Get Away With Murder-ABC 79,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 43,000 Tweets
The Vampire Diaries-CW 34,000 Tweets
Sleepy Hollow-FOX 33,000 Tweets 

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
World Series-FOX 3.1/12.5
20/20-ABC 1.7/8.1
Shark Tank-ABC 1.4/6.0
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.2/6.8
The Amazing Race-CBS 1.2/6.1

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Exorcism Live-Destination America 29,000 Tweets
20/20-ABC 10,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 9,000 Tweets
Shark Tank-ABC 8,000 Tweets
Undateable-NBC 5,000 Tweets

I know nobody was watching Homeland except me last night.  Once you catch up on it, help me out a little, please. The show's getting very juicy again, so you do need to watch it.  There is all sorts of insanity with the red headed double agent. Curious, have Dar and Saul EVER really trusted one another? Who knows, I have other issues I'd like to address. How on earth did all the protesters make those masks so quickly? Did you think that woman in the porn place was the same girl from Orange is the New Black? Does Carrie have the biggest b@lls ever? She left the guy she's sleeping with now to take care of the guy she was sleeping with before she met him. Amazing. More amazing, Quinn. He had to have lost pretty much all of the blood in his body and was fighting a fever of like 106 degrees and yet he was able to just get up and disappear without a trace. More incredible, he was able to walk all the way to the river, find and carry a cinder block and not be able to use it Of course he can't use it. He can't die...he's QUINN!!! Still, that was a little ridiculous, no? 

Madam Secretary
If nobody watched Homeland, I can't imagine anyone watched Madam Secretary either. You're missing some good stuff really. Elizabeth blew off making her coffee for some toast instead. Not sure she's ever done that before. She really had a tough day. Her friend in Russia, Anton Gorev needed a 100 mil, her assistants pants were ridiculously tight, she had a surprise visit from another "friend" looking for some help getting in to NATO, the cyber terrorist looked a lot like Caitlyn Jenner, her husband brought home the Russian dudes daughter to stay for awhile, her daughter accused her of being a sh*tty Mom and her boss is being a total d*ck. That Craig Sterling is a troublemaker, I need the Prez to oust him soon. Where was Russell last night? How did this guy infiltrate the Oval Office so easily? Oh, did I mention, Gorev was assassinated too? I'd say a shot of scotch and bed tomorrow's another day. 

-The Q Score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a celebrity. The higher the Q Score, the more highly regarded the person is. The Q Score company ranked all the Late Night Hosts. Check out how high James Corden and Stephen Colbert are already! Look out Jimmy Fallon...
Jimmy Fallon 23
Stephen Colbert 22
James Corden 15
Jimmy Kimmel 15
Andy Cohen 13
Conan 10
Trevor Noah NA
Larry Wilmore NA
John Oliver? Totally missing from the list completely. 

-Anyone know ANYONE who's willing to pay $10 bucks a month for YouTube Red? At first I thought that YouTube Red offered different content than what regular YouTube offers so I considered subscribing for "research" purposes. After reading the pretty large fine print, it does not appear to be so. The $10 enhanced YouTube experience."  provides you with zero commercials, the ability to save videos offline (to your device) , and the ability to keep your videos playing while using another app or while your screen is off. Okay, so It does include a Google Play Music subscription but none of that is anything I'd pay another $10 bucks for. 

-The Walking Dead's been renewed for a 7th Season…OF COURSE IT HAS. From what I hear, the show's better than ever, surprised they didn't announce a multiple season renewal deal or something. Wish I wasn't such a wimp, I've tried twice to watch it and it just freaked me out.

-Anyone watching The Muppets? I gave it a try, it was fine as a "plan B" or something, but I didn't NEED to see it again. ABC just added 3 more episodes.  Do we think it'll be cancelled or renewed. My money says cancelled. Thoughts?

-Netflix renewed Longmire for a 5th Season.

-Prediction…The Keswani Family will be the next family all of us reality show junkies will become obsessed with. If they actually get a real show that is. This family has a little something for everyone.  One daughter's into beauty pageants, the son, "Big Nick" is a little person who is blind in one eye. The youngest Keswani, 5 year old Devina, is transgender. Come on, you know you want to watch it!  RIght now, the only place to find this bunch is on Check them out:,,20963232,00.html

-I would have never watched the live exorcism on TV Friday night, but I stumbled on live brain surgery Sunday morning. They didn't actually show the dudes brain, but he was awake  during the entire procedure, it was pretty amazing. 

Monday's Trivia Question: Senator Fred Thompson passed away over the weekend. I enjoyed him in The Hunt for Red October, but he was also in all of the Law & Orders over the years. What was his characters name? RIP Fred. 

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