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Congratulations to  Jim Carter!  Jim is WWTM's Triva Contest winner!  Slates wiped clean, get your answers in every day in order to qualify for the monthly prize! 

Monday May 2, 2016

Trivia Answer:  Gene Rayburn was the original host of Match Game. 
First Five: Ed Ziskind, Mike O'Dea, Leo MacCourtney, Karen Hadley & Phyllis DiCesare
Honorable Mention: Janet Cerrato

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 3.3/13.8
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 1.9/7.8
The Odd Couple-CBS 1.8/8.4
Mom-CBS 1.8/8.4
2 Broke Girls-CBS 1.6/6.6

Thursday's Cable Top 5

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
NFL Draft-ESPN/NFL Net 2,510,000 Tweets
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 57,000 Tweets
Scandal-ABC 53,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-USA 47,000 Tweets
Premios Billboard 2016-Telemundo 35,000 Tweets 

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 4/18/16-4/22/16
Colbert .4/2.5
Seth .4/1.3
James Corden .3/1.2
Trevor .3/.8
Carson .2/.8
Larry .2/.5
Conan .2/.4

This week, we were back on track! Before we get to the good part, lets just recap some of the rest of the episodeClaire was poisoned, but she and the baby were fine of course. Jamie swooped Claire up and brought her to bed to rest.  Couldn't possibly have been easy with all that fabric and the additional fake baby weight. The good news, she got some bling out of the ordeal. A necklace with a magic stone that changes color when there is poison nearby. Claire's galpal, Louise told Claire she was preggers with another mans baby. Turns out the other man is Prince Charles of England. Jamie and Claire decided to have a dinner party and use this news to bring the Prince down. Of course the dinner party was a disaster. Claire worked late at the hospital, the carriage had a broken wheel, and she and her posse were attacked on the way home. Claire's other galpal, Mary, lost her virginity to the rapist and blacked out. The attackers stopped raping Mary after seeing the mark on Claire's hand. They went off screaming "La Dame Blanche." No idea what that means but guessing we'll find out at some point. Okay now for the good part.  Claire told Jamie that Blackjack Randall is alive. We all thought he'd freak out and never be able to do the deed with his wife again, but he was actually pretty psyched.  Now, he would have a shot at seeing him die. He was so psyched at the possibility of killing Blackjack one day that he got horny and got his mojo back big time. He and Claire got busy and we all got a nice butt shot. There was also a nice topless shot of Claire for any guys who were watching.  

Madam Secretary
I wish I'd have kept count of how many times Elizabeth, Henry or even the kids were missing or in danger over the course of this series so far. Henry and "Murphy Station" were still in Islamabad as all hell broke loose but luckily with good cell service and all the secret spy communication stuff everyone was able to keep track of them and of course they were rescued and returned home. In between Islamabad blowing up with her husband and his crew on the ground, lack of sleep, Russia, China, and the constant putting on and taking off of that raincoat all episode, you'd think Elizabeth would just pass out at some point, but noooooo she was still able to save the world and get everything done. She really is quite amazing, isn't she? She was EVEN able to find the super mean Dean of her daughters school at a DC Soul Cycle to give her sh*t about the need for a hard copy of a permission slip to go see Hamilton. Pretty shocking that an entire class can get tickets when nobody else can. She really should have stopped for a second to notice and perhaps suggest to Nadine that her new scarf look isn't working. Huge shocker and spoiler alert not mentioned in the headline. Demetri Petrov is apparently NOT DEAD! Now Henry can chill out, bag therapy and go rescue the dude

Game of Thrones
If you haven't watched last nights Game of Thrones yet, then stop reading right now. As usual, a lot of juicy stuff went on last night. I have to recap it before getting to the big news but I can't hold back. I want to, but I can't. Jon Snow is NOT DEAD! Kit Harrington gets the award of the year for lying to us on every talk show, and sticking to the talking points. Jon Snow is alive. It's a good thing that he isn't Jewish. My people would have had him buried and been sitting Shiva for a few episodes but the Nights Watch dudes kept him laid out naked for a while so the Red Witch could bring him back to life. Weird that he'd be naked when it's so cold at The Wall but whatever. This of course changes everything. Okay so now that I've given you the dessert first. Let's just go over the other stuff that happened. Bran's all grown up, Sansa and Brienne are all caught up. Theon's heading home wherever that may be, King Tomen begged for his Mommy's forgiveness and didn't mention her hair, no matter how cold it is, nobody where's gloves, Hodor's real name is Willis and he apparently was able to speak when he was a kid. Tyrion freed the dragons, Arya took a smaller beating and proved herself so hopefully she'll get her sight back next week, Ramsey killed his Daddy and then fed his stepmom and brand new baby stepbrother to wild dogs. Oh and don't talk smack about Cersei or you'll get your head smashed in. Yep I'd say that was about it. CRAZY SH*T! 

The Good Wife
Big night for spoilers. Okay, so to recap, we had Demetri Petrov alive on Mad Sec, we had Jon Snow alive on Game of Thrones but the biggest shocker of the night...Peter Florick never liked red wine! Can you believe it? He only drank it because Alicia liked it. Apparently, he's a scotch guy. Peter's trial was in full swing and the writers expected us to believe that at the same exact time as a huge trial was going on, Diane was able to interview a bunch of candidates for her all female firm AND get an architect into the office to design the new floor she just decided to take over because of a demolition screw up? Also hard to believe that any building inspector was able to get there on the same day and pretty much warn us that the office could crumble at any minute. Wasn't Luca working on stupid cases a minute ago? Now she's second chair for Peter and able to call the insurance company in 10 seconds to make sure the firm is covered for damages? Wouldn't a highly paid admin do that sort of thing? Sloppy guys, very sloppy. Diane put Kurt in a very bad position making him get on the stand and skew his testimony. One other issue...Alicia said that the jury had been done for the day. Peter decided to take the deal and THEN they got word the jury was back? How can that happen?  Next week is the series finale. Bittersweet.        


-Daytime Emmy's were apparently given out, somewhere last night where none of us could watch. Not that we would with all the options we had last night but just in case you're interested...General Hospital won best Drama, The Talk beat out Ellen and won best Entertainment Talk Show, CBS News Sunday Morning beat out GMA & Today Show for Best Morning Program-News, The Price is Right won for Best Game Show and ironically enough, Kelly & Michael won for Best Entertainment Talk Show Hosts. 

-If you remember when MTV was MUSIC television, then you will remember THIS Styx video. Watch this one first: Jimmy Fallon was obsessed with the video and the song all last week. Friday night he and Paul Rudd took a crack at a remake. Not only did they nail it, but that is actually Paul Rudd singing lead. Check it out!

-Netflix renewed Ashton Kutscher's show, The Ranch, for a 2nd Season. Didn't love this one at all. Anyone actually stick with it? I don't know anyone who did. Pretty surprised it got another season. It looked so cheesy and Debra Winger forget how to act. I gave up after 3 or 4 eps.

-John Krasinski's gonna be the next Jack Ryan. Not on the big screen though, on our little ones. Amazon greenlit a John Ryan series which could be cool especially with Carlton Cuse, the Lost dude, as showrunner. My favorite Jack Ryan is still Alec Baldwin. Who's yours?

-The Rovi people bought my beloved Tivo for 1.1 billion dollars! They're still going to call the company Tivo which was a huge relief. I love my little Tivo logo. He's super cute. So they'll keep the name and the logo but the Rovi dude will be in charge.

-Thursday's Lip Sync Battle was pretty damn good.After watching, I'm betting Jim Rash gets dressed up and performs Lip Sync's at home or for random strangers, he's obviously had practice. Joel McHale kicked ass too. Love it when I'm surprised. 

Monday's Trivia Question: Mother's Day is Sunday, so for anyone who hasn't don't their shopping yet, consider this your helpful friendly reminder. This entire week I will honor all the Mom's out there with Mother's Day Trivia. Here we go: Who is Grace and Julie's Mom? 

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