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Feed the Beast, Outlander, Game of Thrones, The Tony's and more


Trivia Answer:  The theme for last week was real names of Reality TV "stars"
First Four: Karen Feldman, Mike O'Dea, Monica Caraffa & Chuck Chiocco

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
NHL Stanley Cup Finals-NBC 1.4/4.5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.2/6.5
Mom-CBS .9/4.7
Life in Pieces-CBS .9/4.6
The Odd Couple-CBS .9/4.3

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Copa America-Univision .9/1.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.6
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/1.9
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .6/1.3
Flip or Flop-HGTV .6/2.3

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
WWE Smackdown-USA 40,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 28,000 Tweets
Rachel Maddow-MSNBC 16,000 Tweets
Orphan Black-BBC America 14,000 Tweets
Hannity-FOX News 11,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 5/30/16 - 6/3/16
Fallon.7/2.6 (REPEAT)
Colbert .4/2.0
Seth .3/1.1 (REPEAT)
Carson .2/.7 (REPEAT)
Conan .2/.4 (REPEAT)
Trevor .1/.4 (REPEAT
James Corden .2/1.0 (REPEAT)
Larry .1/.2 (REPEAT)

More interesting numbers from the 2015/2016 Primetime Season: 
  • 151 Regular Primetime series aired on the big 5  Broadcast nets this season 
  • 37 won't be returning to any of those nets ( America's Next Top Model and Nashville going to cable) 
  • Highest rated show of the season Empire with a 4.4 RA18-49 live + Same Day 
  • Lowest rated shows of the season, America's Next Top Model, Reign and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend delivered a .3 RA18-49 live + Same Day  
  • The average same-day RA18-49 rating for all non sports shows on the 5 nets was a 1.3 
  • 5,446,000 was the average same day viewership for alll non-sports shows on the five broadcast nets 
  • 1.4 & 5,663,000 were the average same day rating and viewership if sports programming is included 
  • 1.7 & 6,668,0000 were the average Live +3 ratings and viewership for all non-sports shows (this is an increase of 31 and 22 % vs.  live + same-day 
  • In 15/16 6 scripted shows that delivered less than a 1.0 were renewed 
  • In 14/15 4 scripted shows that delivered less than a 1.0  rating were renewed 
  • The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Fear the Walking Dead are the top 3 Primetime cable programs this season. They rank 2nd, 7th and 14th among all series in adult 18-49 
  • No other cable programs would rank in the top 40 programs against Live + Same Day
  • The largest gap between a networks highest and lowest rated series is a 6.9. This is NBC's Sunday Night Football which delivered a 7.5 and Truth Be Told & Dateline which averaged a .6 
  • 1.1 size of The smallest gap between on a Network is the CW with The Flash's 1.4 and .3's on the CW's lowest programs, America's Next Top Model, Reign and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 
  • At the end of this season The Simpsons episode count was at 596
  • There were only 2 episodes of the show Of Kings and Prophets 
Feed the Beast
I can't remember which one of you guys suggested I check out AMC's new show, Feed the Beast, but whoever you are, THANK YOU! I watched the first 2 eps and I'm IN. It has pretty much everything I enjoy. Mobsters, family drama, FOOD, secrets, a cute guy, and a solid 2-4 season storyline. The show stars David Schwimmer, aka Ross Geller from Friends, as a recently widowed sommelier. He's still got the droopy dog Ross thing going but you can see that dude can definitely act and give this character more than just the typical Ross Geller/Debby Downer thing. This guy has a 10 year old son who saw his Mom die in a car accident and no longer speaks. Schwimmer's got Daddy issues, and his BFF, an amazing chef, just got out of prison and owes the mob 600K. The food is a central character in the show, so is The Bronx. When's the last time The Bronx was showcased in anything? Jim Sturgess is the cute, ex-con, chef. Really wish he'd bag the beard but for now he's good enough. You're only 2 eps behind. Jump in asap!

All Jamie got outta Claire before the big battle we were all waiting for was a decent kiss. No crazy, just-in-case-you-die sex which was a bummer all around. Then again, there really wasn't time. By the time Jamie and Claire would have gotten all those clothes off, done the nasty and then got dressed again, the redcoats could have taken the whole camp. We all got the battle we were waiting for and unfortunately, there were a few casualties. One reallllly big one...our beloved Angus didn't make it. We thought he was fine while he was standing watch over his buddy,  but then out of the blue, he started drowning in his own blood and that was that. Sucks...I'm gonna miss that dude.  

Game of Thrones
As usual a ton went on in Game of Thrones last night. Cersei's hair growth, The Hound's chopping up of bodies, Brienne and Jamie's reunion, Lord Varys and Tyrion's bittersweet goodbye, the unsullied's ability to tell a good joke and succumb to peer pressure and Dani and the Dragon's return, but I'm reallllllly confused by the entire Arya thing. Okay so she was stabbed and bleeding out big time last week. Lady Crane found her, bandaged her up, gave her some good drugs and then the faceless chick, who actually has a face, killed her and went after Arya. Arya rolled down a million steps, over fruit baskets, people, and animals, fell off a wall and ended up totally fine. The faceless chick with a face is now dead and up on the face wall of fame and that was apparently all it took for Arya to know who she is and split for Winterfell? Arya Out? Drop the Mic and go? Just like that? I must have missed something super deep and meaningful here but I just don't get it. YES, I was flipping back and forth between GOT and The Tony's but I'm pretty sure I did in fact pay close attention. I just didn't get it. Please feel free to explain, or I can just go read a bunch of reviews where the authors seem to know and understand WAY more than I do about this nutty show.  

The Tony's 
I normally NEVER watch The Tony's. I'm not a huge Broadway person, but between James Corden and Hamilton, of course I tuned in. James's opening number was great. It wasn't NPH great, but it was still great. The Oscar peeps really need to take some notes from the Tony peeps. All the awards we don't really care about happened during the commerical breaks or earlier in the evening and were featured as a quick clip. Perfect way to do it if you ask me. Some additional commentary:
  • Orlando was on everyone's minds but handled with class and grace.
  • The only presenters were CBS Primetime stars or Broadway people
  • Almost every broadway person has guest starred on Law & Order at some point in their career-funny bit, James!
  • I think Jake Gyllenhall was sporting a ponytail can anyone confirm?
  • NPH's crew cut is for his role in Lemony Snickett. Do Not Panic. He's not sick and he's not losing his hair or making a bad style choice
  • If you live near the Beacon Theatre you were actually really psyched for all the free performances right outside your door or you were really aggravated by all the free  performances right outside your door. 
  • Featured Actress in a Play-Jayne Houdyshell for The Humans   
  • Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber looks like a live muppet these days, no?
  • Featured Actress in a Musical: Renee Elise Goldsberry for HAMILTON   (1 out of 1) 
  • Costume Design of a Play-Clint Ramos for Eclipse
  • Costume Design of a Musical-Paul Tazewell - Hamilton (2 out of 2)
  • Featured Actor in a Musical-Daveed Diggs - Hamilton (3 out of 3)  very cool jacket
  • Best Original Score-Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda (4 out of 4)  
  • The fabric on Meg Ryan's dress made her arms look really weird. Meg's not as cute as she used to be. 
  • Best Direction of a Play-Ivo Van Hova for A View From the Bridge
  • Best Direction of a Musical Thomas Kail for Hamilton (5 out of 5)
  • Do we think Josh Groban was really surprised by the clip of his high school performance of  Fiddler on the Roof?
  • Scenic Design of a Play-David Zinn for The Humans
  • Scenic Design of a Musical-She Loves Me (NOT HAMILTON)
  • Best Performance Featured Actor in a Play-Reed Birney in The Humans
  • Lighting Design of a Play-Natasha Katz for Long Day's Journey Into Night
  • Lighting Design of a Musical-Howell Binkley for Hamilton (6 out 7)
  • Not sure it was a good idea for Oprah to let her stylists all go. The dress and glasses weren't working. Where was Gayle? She's a CBS employee. I'm sure she would have offered some honest advice on the entire ensemble.
  • Best Revival of a Musical-The Color Purple
  • Pretty sure I counted 4 members of Orange is the New Black at The Tony's
  • Leading Actress in a Play-Jessica Lange for Long Days Journey into Night
  • Didn't it look like Jessica Lange was missing a section of her hair?
  • Gloria Estefan's husband's accent should be better by now, no?
  • Didn't everyone see the Broadway Carpool Karaoke skit on YouTube last week? As of last night there were 7.7 million views which means that way more people will have seen that video than will have seen The Tony's
  • Leading Actor in a Play-Frank Langella for The Father (He's also in The Americans)
  • Best Orchestration - Alex Lacamoire for Hamilton  (7 out of 8)
  • Best Book of a Musical-Lin Manuel Miranda for Hamilton (8 out of 9)    
  • Best Revival of a Play-A View From the Bridge
  • The Obama's introduced Hamilton
  • Claire Danes is reallllly skinny
  • Best Play-The Humans
  • James Corden's parents were in the house. They need their own show, their hilarious
  • WHOA...Kerri Russell literally JUST had her 3rd kid. She looked INSANE. The boobs were OUT and she looked gorgeous. 
  • Best Choreography-Andy Blankenbuehler for Hamilton (9 out of 10)
  • Best Revival of a Musical - The Color Purple
  • Best Performance as a Leading Actor in a Musical-Leslie Odom Jr. BEATING Lin Manuel Miranda for Hamilton (10 out of 11)
  • Best Performance for an Actress in a Leading Role-Cynthia Erivo for The Color Purple (NOT HAMILTON)
  • Barbara Streisand sporting a very Hamiltony outfit
  • Best Musical-HAMILTON            

-It's OFFICIAL...Nashville, Season 5 will air on CMT and Hulu. Now, the finale we all were so pissed off about was actually not so terrible. Now we can find out if Juliette Barnes survives the plane crash which I'm totally betting she does. Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz have signed on as showrunners which I'm psyched about. These are the guys responsible for thirtysomething, My So Called Life, Relativity, Once and Again, the ORIGINAL About Last Night, Glory, Legends of the Fall and sooooo many more. 

-We already knew that the super whiney, super annoying Meredith Gray was on board for the 13 Season of Gray's Anatomy and now, more good news for you guys who still watch and don't find her unbearable. Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson,  James Pickens Jr. and Kevin McKidd will all be back for Season 13 also. All of them except Kevin McKidd have been on the show since Day 1. Bonus points if you know what Season Kevin McKidd joined the show.

-If you've got the Dish Network, you no longer have the Tribune channels in 33 markets. These companies are really going at it lately haven't they? Pretty sure Comcast customers still can't get Yankee games, right

Monday's Trivia Question: Blue Lagoon and Suddenly Susan have which actress in common? 
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