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Orange is the New Black, Big Brother, Ray Donovan & Power


Trivia Answer: Morty, Newman, Susan, Frank, Estelle Uncle Leo & Mr. Peterman were all some of the best side characters on Seinfeld
First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Michelle Beck/Katz, Monica Caraffa, Chuck Chiocco & Karen Feldman
Honorable Mention: Bobby Aguilera

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 1.8/5.8
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.3/6.7
Life in Pieces-CBS 1.1/5.0
Democratic Convention-NBC .9/3.7
Battlebots-ABC .8/3.3

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Democratic Convention-CNN 1.5/6.5
Democratic Convention-MSNBC 1.0/5.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.8
Anderson Cooper 360-CNN .7/3.6
Big Bang Theory-TBS .6/1.8

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Democratic Convention-ALL Nets 2,795,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 63,000 Tweets
Greatest Hits-ABC 22,000 Tweets
At Midnight-Comedy Central 14,000 Tweets
Braxton Family Values-WE 8,000 Tweets  

Orange is the New Black
I'm so glad I pretty much obey the law. Sure, I've been known to go over the speed limit here and there, but in general, I'm a law abiding citizen and after watching OitNB, Oz, and The Night Of, I know I'd last all of one second in the slammer. I know Netflix was supposedly down on Saturday but I was able to finally finish Season 4. Wow...what can I say? If I had to describe the season in 1 word, I'd say it would be unbalanced. The season started off slow with story lines that were all over the place. Some characters I cared about and some I didn't. Piper is probably the weakest character at Litchfield. I need her out of prison and getting back to her NYC life. Red is my favorite inmate. I have no idea why once these women go behind bars they come up with such odd ways to line their eyes, but I guess prison style is prison style. This season, I felt sorry and sad and upset with Healy and Caputo. Race became a huge part of the story lines. I got more and more uncomfortable with what was going on at Litchfield as each episode progressed. Maybe because of what's going on in our country this topic is just so raw and timely and hit a nerve. MCC, corporation too over the prison and things got out of control fast really fast. So much dysfunction, so many damaged people, so many questions about prisoners rights. The last 4 episodes were so upsetting and of course I watched them all in a row (thank you rainy Saturday) One of my favorite characters was killed. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but her death is still upsetting me and it's been 2 days already. The season ended with a pretty insane cliffhanger. Can't stop thinking about it. I have NO idea how anyone can categorize this show as a comedy. There really isn't anything funny at all in any episode I've seen. 

Big Brother
  • Back to the HOH comp... 
  • How long were the housemates allowed to practice for? I would have liked to see an elapsed time producers.
  • Paulie threw the HOH competition, not sure I would have done that but I understood is strategy AT THE TIME.
  • I wish I could put a razor and note in a care package to Paul. The note would say "Please use this razor now and please NEVER wear tank tops
  • Natalie had some pretty ridiculous shots but practice made perfect. In between practicing...cheerleading. This may have thrown her off a bit.  
  • Does Paul know what the word Friendship actually means? I really believe he's over using it incorrectly.
  • Paul is the new H...O...H
  • Had we ever heard the name "Fridgette" before for Frank and Bridgette? Bummer I only heard it after Frank got evicted.
  • Snoutlette and Day's issues are bubbling up
  • Bridgette is NOT Frank in girl form! Whoever said that was way off base
  • Paulie got Paul to flip on Day pretty quick didn't he? I would have thought that Paul would have been way more into Paulie. Who'd have thought it would be Paulie who would be so obsessed with Paul.
  • Mom's advice to Paul after sending sushi undies...NO HUMPING? I think I'd like his Mom
  • Paul's beard is all glittery and oily and just grosses me out
  • Z tears...awwwww she misses her Mommy
  • Snoutlet finally agreed to be the pawn and then just like that, got coldddddd feet! Not a cool move at all.
  • Cory's crazy cat eyes and the shelter sound effects were bizarre. The guy is a weird dude.
  • #bbtwinsies
  • Paulie looks like Ragnar Lothbrook, the Vikings dude
  • Care package aka Hunger Games came down for Natalie? Really? I guess Americans really do have a thing for Minnie Mouse.
  • James's hair looked greasy. When did he shower last?
  • Natalie got Socks, Floss and a Never Not Pass from America.
  • Paulie stepped up to the plate knowing his BF would NEVER vote him out. Watch out Paulie. If you get too obsessed with your boy, you may end up on the outside looking in.
  • Day knows something's up with this nomination. She was IN the room when Snoutlet volunteered to go up on the block.

Ray Donovan
Lets see if I can capture what I think was about 48 hours in the life of Ray Donovan:
Sex with the wife who has breast cancer
Bizarro sex with the Russian chick who has breast cancer
Tried to tell Abby he had sex with the Russian chick she didn't care
Went to an art auction/breast cancer fundraiser where Stu and Ashley just so happened to be.
Played cats-cradle with a russian chick who learned how to speak English watching 2 1/2 Men
Spoke to his Daddy in prison and actually showed some emotion
Got drunk
Drove drunk
Killed Belikoff for killing the cats-cradle girl and put him in a shipping container headed for Mother Russia
Dropped the dead cats-cradle girl and the cross his molester gave him off at a local morgue
Took a shower and got Belikoff's blood off his face (where'd he throw that white dress shirt?)
Went to church for his nieces baptism and renounced satan.
No time to check in on the sports scores, BBQ a burger or even take a nap.
Other notable moments this week: Jon Voight must have a no nudity clause in his contract because he was the only inmate who didn't have to get naked at check in. SHRINKAGE alert on that other poor dude!  I'm sure he's not happy with the editor this morning.
Bunchy figured out Abby has cancer (he's not as dumb as we think)
Connor shot up his neighbors bouncy house. I'd watch it, that dude's packing a pretty big gun across the street. Foreshadowing at its finest        
I know this may be a bit controversial, but I think someone has to kill Angela. We really need Ghost to get back to being Ghost. No more jogging, no more meetings about opening clubs. I think Kane's going to come back from DC with his crazy lesbian cop friend and take Angela out. It's either him or Tommy but someone's gotta get rid of her. It's the only way the show stays on track, right? So Tasha, Tommy and Holly are going into the hair weave biz with Carmelo Anthony's wife, La La. Weave Got the Funk. One of the best names ever. Can't believe the Korean hooker was from my hometown of Fort Lee. Don't think we've gotten that kind of recognition since Roseanne, Rosannadanna gave us props on Weekend Update. How funny was the "Sunglasses at Night" karaoke scene? Even Tommy appreciated it. I knew Tarik wasn't texting Tommy. Had a feeling it was Ghost the second I read it. Can you imagine Tommy as someone's father? Hate to say this but I really hope that Holly either gets killed or has a miscarriage rather than bring a child filled with her and Tommy's DNA. I can only imagine that train wreck of a human being walking the streets. In addition to all the jogging drama, tons of crazy sex, a Korean drug dude now has 9 1/2 fingers and Tarik got caught with Angela's gun at school. I think Ghost and Ray Donovan really need to hook up. They'd make a really good team.   

-John Cena's manager's really doing a great job transitioning his client from the WWE to anything and everything else. Movies, TV, role model, Patriotism spokesperson (if you haven't seen the video, let me know, I'll send it to you) and Cena just got another season on FOX with American Grit. Everyone loves the guy, including me and I've never watched him in the WWE.

-HBO loves Bill Maher  so much, they locked him up for another 2 years, through 2018. I used to LOVE Bill Maher, but then I saw his stand-up routine and it was SO filthy that I couldn't believe it. I thought I was going to get the Bill Maher from Politically Incorrect and I got a VERY, VERY dirty dude. I don't get offended easily but this was the raunchiest stand-up I'd ever seen. Sort of ruined him for me. Oh well. 

-What's next for Joe Biden? I think he's looking towards Hollywood. First Parks & Rec and now Joe's heading over to Law & Order SVU for a guest appearance. I wonder if he already has an agent? Maybe he should call John Cena's guy. Whoever that guy is could work wonders with Biden, no?

-Teen Choice Awards were live last night. I just couldn't fit them in. You know how Sunday's are. I didn't even get to Sharknado 4 yet either. If you are some of the winners:
Action Movie: Deadpool
Action Actor: Dylan O'Brien
Action Actress: Shaileen Woodley
Movie Drama: Miracles from Heaven
Movie Actor Drama: Leonardo DiCaprio
Movie Actress Drama: Jennifer Lawrence
Movie Comedy: Ride Along 2
Movie Actor Comedy: Zac Efron
Movie Actress Comedy: Chloe Grace Moretz
Movie Villain: Adam Driver
Liplock: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson
Hissy Fit: Ryan Reynolds
TV Show Drama: Pretty Little Liars
TV Show Comedy: Fuller House
TV Show Reality: Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Male Artist: Bieber
Female Artist: Selena Gomez 
Group: One D
Hip Hop: Beyonce
Country: Carrie Underwood   

-It's official...Game of Thrones ends after its 8th season. I'm in denial. Not going there until I have to.   

Monday's Trivia Question: The Olympic Games start on Friday night so OF COURSE we must do some Olympic trivia this week, right? 
Olympic Trivia Question #1- What do the 5 Olympic rings symbolize?

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