Friday, May 9, 2014

I hope SOMEONE watched The Vampire Diaries

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Silas, Shane and Stevie's Mom was Nancy Botwin. One of my favorite TV Moms
FIRST FIVES:  Mike O'Dea, Karen Feldman, John Romeo, Jim Wall & Brett Blattman


Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Modern Family-ABC 2.8/8.1
Survivor-CBS 2.4/9.8
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.3/10.4
CSI-CBS 1.9/9.9
American Idol-FOX 1.7/7.8

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs 947p-TNT 2.6/6.1
NBA Playoffs 7p-TNT 1.5/3.9
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 1.3/2.6
Catfish-MTV 1.1/2.0
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.5

Wednesday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta-VH1 898,000 Tweets
Catfish-MTV 258,000 Tweets
American Idol-FOX 67,000 Tweets
Law & Order SVU-NBC 26,000 Tweets
Tonight Show w/ Jimmy-NBC 21,000 Tweets 

Late Night Ratings for the week of 4/28/14-5/2/14
Fallon 1.2/3.7
Kimmel .6/2.7
Meyers .6/1.6
The Daily Show .6/1.5
Letterman .5/2.8
Colbert .5/1.2
Nightline .4/1.7
Ferguson .3/1.4
Carson .3/.9
Conan .3/.6

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 4/28/14-5/2/14
GMA 1.8/2.1
Today Show 1.7/2.0
CBS This AM .9/1.0

The Vampire Diaries
I know that the NFL Draft, Nets/Heat, Jerry McGuire, Grey's and John Tucker Must Die were all on at 8pm last night, but there was some crazy sh*t going on in Mystic Falls on Thursday. The town was taken over by travellers, everyone lost their powers, the Salvatores were homeless, the witches were helpless, the other side was falling apart and I'm not positive, but I think Stefan might have actually been killed. With all the shocking deaths of main characters in primetime this season it's possible right? Stefan's heart was ripped out and Bonnie saw him cross over. WTF? I went on Twitter and Facebook and nobody's saying anything about his demise. Somebody tell me…is he dead? Anyone? Anyone?

Francis and Mary can't get it together. They love each other and then he lies then they love each other and she tries to kill his father. King Henry didn't die which was the plan, but he's the craziest dude on the show, he can't die. Now his plan is to kill his own son and marry his daughter-in-law. Lola found out that Julian isn't Julian. He's Julian's assistant Remy. Julian's DEAD, Lola accidentally killed Julian's uncle,  Remy split and now Lola's heading back to court with Francis's baby and another secret to keep. 

The Goldbergs
Finallllly got to see The Goldbergs. Forget Chuck Norris, Speak & Spell, Zagnuts, and the Iron Sheik. Those were just the fun 80's references. This episode had SO much more. Return of the Jedi was opening and back then, you actually waited on A LINE. You couldn't buy tickets in advance ONline. You camped out over night just to be the first one to see it. Sure there are still Comic-Con freaks who get decked out and wait on lines for the new iPhone, but that's a different story. While Adam and Erica were on the line (and then off the line) Barry was learning the Annie soundtrack to fake out Bev as a diversion so she wouldn't find out that he really joined the wrestling team. Scariest thing and one I'm mortified to admit…I knew every word to "I Don't Need Anything But You" from Annie. I knew every word of  every song in Annie. Yep…LOOOOOSER! Loved every one of Bev's doomsday examples and her take down moves. I live for Bev Goldberg. Great episode!


OMG how bad was this weeks episode of Glee? It was written by Chris Colfer. I guess that's what you do when you've got nothing left, you let one of the cast write a script for the show. Kurt and retired performers doing Peter Pan, Rachel doing a benefit for animals just for good press, lame all around. I can't deal with Sam and Mercedes at all. The only thing the shows got going is Darren Criss and there's not enough of him anymore. Sure Academy Award nominee June Squibb guest starred, but do we care anymore? Not really.

The First Ever...American Comedy Awards
Winners WERE notified in advance that they won which I was fine with because all the comedians had time to prepare their funniness
  • Hammerstein Ballroom's a cool spot for an awards show
  • I expected everything to be super funny
  • Craig Robinson's intro of himself. Funny
  • Within 3 minutes first award…like THAT
  • Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series-Bill Hader for SNL. His acceptance speech with an Australian Accent-Funny
  • Billy Eichner aka Billy on the Street-Best Male Comedy Performance in a Film-Will Farrell who wasn't there BUT Billy accepted for him-Funny
  • Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series-Kate McKinnon SNL-Funny
  • Aubrey Plaza presented Best Director-Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for This is the End-Funny
  • JB Smoove-Funny just typing his name, butttt-Not so funny
  • Best Club Comic-Maria Bamford-Eh, not that funny
  • Alternative Comedy Series-Key & Peele-sort of funny
  • Bill Hader was still Australian 44 minutes in
  • Best Actress in a Comedy Series-Amy Poehler for Parks & Rec-sort of funny
  • Best Comedy Screenplay-The Heat - Given Out before the show
  • Best TV Writing-Modern Family-Given Out before the show
  • Best Late Night Talk Show-Colbert & Daily Show and it was a funny, yet pre-taped acceptance speech
  • Best Viral Video-Badly Breeding. Person who made is unknown but Patrick Stewart was sort of funny
  • Adam Palli-funny
  • Best Actress in a Film-Melissa McCarthy…funny
  • Best Concert Comic-There were a million nominees and Jim Gaffigan won and was funny
  • In Memoriam: good way to remember the comedians…
  • Leslie Mann, was funny AND made a leather strapless bra work beautifully
  • Best Comedy Film-This is the End 
  • Every time I see Stephen Merchant I think of this
  • Best Comedy Series-Parks & Recreation
  • Chris Rock presented the Johnny Carson Award to Bill Cosby. Chris Rock is FUNNY!
  • Bill Cosby ended the show and was actually FUNNY!
  • Net/Net...comedians, given time to prepare are...FUNNY


-Okay, Beauty and the Beast and The 100 are being renewed by the CW. Totally get it and congratulations, but they also renewed Hart of Dixie. This is SHOCKING to me. You know I used to adore Hart of Dixie. It was cute and light and sticky sweet and I enjoyed it. It sucks now. Were there not any other solid pilots out there? No disrespect to Rachel Bilson or Scott Porter, but it's time to pack it in. It's time. I can't promise I'll be back for another season. Even if the CW promises me shirtless Wade and shirtless George fighting over Zoey…can't say I'll be back. I guess I'll take a wait and see approach at this point. I honestly can't believe it's been renewed. 

-More news from the CW. We had the good news with the renewals now the bad news Carrie Diaries, Tomorrow People & Star-Crossed were all cancelled. Sorry guys.  

-ABC renewed S.H.I.E.L.D. Resurrection, Castle, Grey's and Scandal and Once Upon a Time. No shocks there. Sort of surprised that Revenge was renewed. 

-This morning I was notified by Netflix that new members will be charged 1 dollar more than me…$8.99 a month, but to thank me for my loyal membership they won't be raising my price for 2 more years. Thanks Netflix. I'm not even sure if I'm angry about that or not. 

-Hitfix ranked the WORST TV Mom's of all time: See what you think:
Dina Lohan
Cersai Lannister-Game of Thrones
Betty Draper-Mad Men
Norma Bates-Bates Hotel
Julie Cooper-The O.C.
Nancy Botwin-Weeds
Mags Bennett-Justified
Colleen Donaghy-30 Rock
Patty Hewes-Damages
Livia Soprano-The Sopranos
Jessica Tate-Soap
Kris Jenner-Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Sherry-Hoarding: Buried Alive
Teresa Giudice-Real Housewives of NJ
Constance Langdon-American Horror Story
Eddie-Absolutely Fabulous
Brianna Barksdale-The Wire

-I'm pretty sure that THE Jason Priestly Tweeted me back yesterday which was truly amazing. The Question: Will you be releasing an Audible version of your new book, Jason Priestly: Memoir? The Answer: "I believe so" OMG JASON PRIESTLY!

Friday's Trivia Question: Last awesome Mom of the week. Whose kids were: Justin, Kitty, Sarah, Kevin & Tommy? 

Have a great weekend!

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