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2 More days til Big Brother! I can't wait!

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S EASY TRIVIA QUESTION: Guess it wasn't as easy as I thought! Saul Goodman's (not Saul from Homeland...gotta read the blog guys...caught some of you going right to the trivia question!) best customers were Jessie Pinkman and Walter White from the 2nd Best Drama ever...Breaking Bad. 

FIRST FIVES:  Ed Ziskind, Mike O'Dea, Phyllis DiCesare, Jeff Pellegrini & Andrea Walters
Bonus Trivia Question: Suzanne is Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black's real name.


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.8/7.5
Hell's Kitchen-FOX 1.8/4.9
Last Comic Standing-NBC 1.4/4.0
Two and a Half Men-CBS 1.3/5.3
Rookie Blue-ABC 1.0/5.7

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Pawn Stars-History 1.1/3.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.3
Kate Plus 8-TLC .8/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
American Restoration-History .7/2.6

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Critics Choice Television Awards-CW 47,000 Tweets
Loiter Squad-Adult Swim 18,000 Tweets
Kate Plus 8: The Septuplets Turn 10-14,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 14,000 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel-ABC 4,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.1/6.1
20/20-ABC 1.0/4.8
Shark Tank-ABC 1.0/4.2
What Would You Do-ABC 1.0/3.7
Hawaii Five-0-CBS .7/5.2

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy 38,000 Tweets
Funniest Wins-TBS 3,000 Tweets
Real Time with Bill Maher-HBO 3,000 Tweets
Fashion Police-E! 2,000 Tweets
Unguarded with Rachel Nichols-CNN 200 Tweets

Google TV Show Search Data for the month of May-Found this interesting:
10. 24
9. Once Upon a Time
8. Mad Men
7. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
6. SpongeBob SquarePants
5. The Voice
4. SNL
3. Dancing with the Stars
2. American Idol
1. Game of Thrones

Rising Star
The last thing America needs is another competitive singing show, especially one that requires a 2 hour commitment, but sometimes timing is everything. There really wasn't much for me or anyone else to watch last night unless you're a True Blood fan. I had already watched Nurse Jackie (it was available early on the Watch App-thanks JK)  I was curious about ABC's Rising Star, so I downloaded the App and tuned in and checked it out. Gotta admit, it was fun. The show's live, the audience, via the App, votes in real time and there's even a shot that your photo appears on the giant wall. Josh Groban's a great host. Brad Paisley and Ludacris were honest and interesting. I didn't LOVE Keshia, and the show really needs to move a bit faster. I don't know if I'll be back after this week, it will depend on what's on, but if there's nothing better to watch,  I'd tune in again. 

Nurse Jackie
How in the world does Jackie have the time to think of  all these crazy ideas? I guess desperation and addiction make you do crazy things, but she's really out of control. I cannot believe how many people she has screwed over this season alone. Let's see...Grace, Kevin, Akilidis, Eddie, Zoey, Sister Helen, Antoinette, Gabe, Dr. Roman and of course FRANK! I thought the Antoinette thing was bad, but the Nun thing this week was just nuts and what about the plastic surgeon thing? I mean that takes thought, planning, etc. I sorta doubt a doctor would give a patient a prescription PRIOR to surgery, but who knows? Zoey finally put two and two together, and figured out that Jackie is Nancy Wood. Lets see what she and Akilidis do with the info now that they know the deal. I am so torn. I can't decide how to feel about Jackie anymore. I was rooting for her, but man she's going to hit rock bottom at some point. When she does, will there be anyone left who cares?

Orphan Black Season Finale
Things are getting crazy for everyone and I'm not even sure who's running things anymore. With Leeky gone and Rachel now dead by way of #2 pencil no idea who the big boss is. Before she was written off (get it?), Rachel sent Delphine away, but now that Rachel's out of the picture, maybe she'll come back to help solve Duncan's secret code and cure Cosima. I have no idea if Siobhan is good or bad, if Marion is good or bad or if Mark the clone is going to go mental on Grace. So much up in the air and so much confusion. I was freaked out that Mark is a clone. Sort of wish the clone guys were cuter than Mark. Why couldn't Paul or Kal be the guy clones? Either way it was an interesting season. I'd still recommend this one if you haven't seen it.

I think I told you guys about this show recently. Season 1 was only 6 episodes so catching up shouldn't be a problem. There's only 6 episodes of Season 2 also. This show's oddly compelling. Daniel Holden was in solitary, on death row for 20 years when he was freed due to new evidence. The flashbacks of what happened to him in prison are brutal. Talk about damaged, Daniel may be broken beyond repair. Season 1 took place during his first week of freedom. I don't want to tell you what happened in case you ever decide to watch this one, but lets just say that Daniel's not doing too well in Season 2. More prison flashbacks and more focus on his family and how his incarceration has damaged them all in some way. I like this one. I always enjoy anything about prison. Remember Oz? 

The Daytime Emmy Awards
I'm really curious to know if ANYONE live streamed the Daytime Emmy's last night on Yahoo.
I didn't see the Red Carpet Coverage, but from what I read it was offensive and horrible and got slammed by everyone.
I did watch the first hour of it. There were some pros and some cons.
The pros: Kathy Griffin's uncensored monologue, no commercials, it kept moving along pretty quickly & the winners seemed to have no time limit for their acceptance speeches.
The cons:most winners were no shows,  the quality was poor. Lots of pixeling, buffering and disconnection. Presenters were never sure if the winner was in the room or not, the show seemed a bit unorganized.
Outstanding Talk Show Host: TIE Dr. Oz & Katie Couric (The women of The View and The Talk all lost)
Outstanding Talk Show (Informative)-Steve Harvey
Outstanding Morning Talk Show-Good Morning America
Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment-Ellen
Outstanding Entertainment News Program-ET


-Just a reminder for all Howard Stern fans out there, the Birthday Show is available to stream TODAY! I can't wait to watch it. Who's in? 

-Here's more Big Brother info for all of you guys who can't wait for Wednesday!  

  • The house is going to be divided into 2 teams. 8 on each of them.
  • One person from each team will win HOH each week and nominate 2 people from the opposing team to go on the block.
  • The two teams compete in Battle of the Block but only one team wins.
  • The winning teams nominees are removed from the block and the whole team including the HOH is safe.
  • The losing HOH loses their power and the losing teams nominees stay on the block. 
  • The winning HOH, the 2 nominees on the block and 3 others play for POV. The winner of the POV can leave noms the same or replace one.
Monday's EASY Trivia Question: Name Carmella Sopranos 2 kids.

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