Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I hate you Cablevision!

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S EASY TRIVIA QUESTION: Carmella Soprano's kids were Anthony Junior (AJ) and Meadow
FIRST FIVE: Megan Quirk, Dan Realson, Phyllis DiCesare, Crystal Kyler & Alex Nagler


Friday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy .8/2.7
College World Series-ESPN .6/1.6
Family Guy-TBS .5/1.0
Law & Order SVU-USA .5/1.6

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.1/8.0
Rising Star-ABC 1.5/5.0
The Simpsons-FOX 1.2/2.4
Family Guy-FOX 1.1/2.2
American Dad-FOX 1.1/2.2

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Rising Star-ABC 129,000 Tweets
True Blood-HBO 106,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent-NBC 33,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-29,000 Tweets
The Last Ship-TNT 12,000 Tweets 

-I don't have the official cable numbers yet, because you know the deal with Nielsen, but The Last Ship did pretty well Sunday night. 7.4 million viewers tuned in between the 9pm and 11pm airings. Falling Skies returned to solid numbers with 4.7 million viewers too.  A good night for TNT all around. 


Lots of shockers in the 7-8pm hour. Still no bathroom breaks, no beverages, no power bars nada. BUT…POTUS is still alive, and Jack was able to find Margo and her son, kill them both while hanging from a bungee and re-route the missile all with one hand! Then after everyone's brains were spattered all over the sidewalk, Jack kept going and delivered the override device back to the super safe CTU. NOT! We all know that CTU is actually never safe, always has a bad guy on the inside, and doesn't really check employee references before sending out the offer letters. Sooooo Benjamin Bratt stole the override device and with the help from Chloe's dude is on the lam. Thing is, something's definitely up with Chloe and her boss/guy whatever. We just aren't sure at all what it is.  Audrey is still TOTALLY into Jack, who knows what'll happen with them in the next few hours. All I know is that all we cared about was killing Margo, but now that she and her crew are dead, no time for celebration, no time for a cigarette or a beer, now it's all about finding Steve Navarro and figuring out why he's on the run.

The Howard Stern Birthday Bash
  • All I wanted to do all day was go home and watch Howard's Birthday Bash online. I got home, got comfy and settled in to watch. Cablevision sucks. My streaming experience stinks. It wasn't Sirius's fault it was Cablevision's. I love Howard so much though that I didn't care, I sat there and watched as much as my Cablevision connection would allow which was 3 of the 4 hours. 
  • Jimmy Kimmel rules but he was VERY sweaty, midway through the show and nobody gave him a towel. Very disturbing.
  • I know Robin's been sick, but I was a bit surprise at how heavy she was, so much for the Vegan thing. 
  • Beth looked great and had multiple dress changes.
  • I skipped through the Black Keys
  • Joan Rivers and Jeff Ross were awesome. Joan is hilarious. Note to self I need to see her act next time she's in town.
  • John Mayer was amazing BUT he had on some bizarre shoes and a nutty necklace that I'm pretty sure you can only buy in Montana. 
  • Heidi Klum's a tool
  • Jeff Probst can do no wrong
  • JD is sooooo awkward. SO incredibly awkward 
  • Adam Levine is SO much more talented than he's given credited for. He and Pat Monahan from Train performed Prince's "Purple Rain". I gotta post it to Facebook when my Cablevision feed is working again…I'm obsessed. 
  • Steven Tyler is out of his mind
  • I may not get Louis C.K.'s FX TV show, but he was amazing at Howard's Birthday Show. I love the guy. 
  • I didn't realize that everyone in the audience had to wear earpieces to hear the show. You'd think they could make them less stupid looking.
  • Barbara Walters has a weird way of clapping
  • Wonder what Barbara thought about Whoopi's shoes and the fact that she has a vapor-pen and smokes it after the show every night
  • Bryan Cranston got a standing ovation from the crowd and was brilliant
  • Jimmy Fallon was there. Totally forgot about that! Loved Kimmel serving Fallon a shot of Ketel One. Classic. The impressions my FBFF did were amazinggggg
  • Hard to tell if Seth Meyers killed or bombed, the audience got out of control at a certain point and nobody was paying attention
  • Fred Armisen's rendition of "Blackbird" was funnier watching it than listening to it.
  • The reverse was true for Lena Dunham. Easier to listen than see her. 
  • Jimmy Kimmel def looked awkward when Sarah Silverman came out to perform. 
  • Highlight…Natalie Maines and Sarah's song "Stop the Clock" ruled! 
  • No way Natalie Maines isn't gay (Not that there's anything wrong with that)
  • I had forgotten how interesting Howard's Letterman interview during  the party was.  Watching Jimmy Kimmel watch Howard interview Letterman was even more interesting
  • Katie Couric and her now husband were tooooo cute
  • "Silver Nickels & Golden Dimes" ahhhhh Jewel
  • George Clooney's just the cooolest
  • I totally forgot that Rosie O'Donnell was at the Birthday Bash and I forgot how awful her song was. Didn't realize Howard laughed his head off during it. Sort of changed things for me. 
  • I skipped John Fogerty
  • Maria Menounos looked INSANE especially when she laughed.  She did have good questions for Howard though.
  • Psych, Little Mikey and Eli Braden…finally got to see what they look like. Not as weird as I expected. 
  • As I started to watch the last hour, the buffering and streaming became brutal and I gave up…sorry…couldn't get that last hour in…time for Jack Bauer!  He can save the world, wonder if he can solve my Internet connection problems too.

-I had every intention to watch Turn on AMC and I didn't. I'll have to decide if I should before it comes back next year since it just got renewed. Nobodies really talking about that one, that one or Halt and Catch Fire. What do you think? Tune in or not? 

-Gordon Ramsay is done with Kitchen Nightmares, he's just not going to do it anymore. He's done.

-I cannot believe it is 25 years, but it is. Next week TBS will celebrate the 25th anniversary of my favorite comedy of all time, Seinfeld. They'll be running the 25 most popular and acclaimed episodes of the series. 4 episodes a night starting Monday 6/30 from 6pm to 10pm. The last day of the tribute, 7/5, they will run the first telecast ever. I've seen um all a million times, they never get old and I don't think they ever will for me.  So next week will be a Seinfeld Trivia week. Get ready.

-I know I'm probably the ONLY person who could care less about the World Cup. You guys are all into it, talking about it, streaming the games, yelling, screaming. Yeah…that's not me. I'm the opposite. Not only do I not care, all of you guys annoy me with the World Cup thing. I don't know what it is about the World Cup that annoys me SO much but I don't want to piss you all off so here are some World Cup facts: 
  • The USA/Portugal game was the most viewed soccer match in the US EVER with an average of 18.2 million viewers. At one point, 22.9 million viewers tuned in.
  • WatchESPN had 1.3 million viewers with 61.6 million minutes viewed
  • Washington DC was the top market for the USA/Portugal game with a 13.3 rating then Columbus OH, NY, Boston and Hartford. 
Tuesday's EASY Trivia Question: What is the name of Howard Stern's movie?

PS. I've seen the pilot episode of Tyrant on FX. It premieres tonight. It's awesome! Check it out!

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