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Big Brother, NJ Housewives and Masters of Sex - a Decent Sunday Night

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Breaking Bad + My Favorite Beatle = Aaron Paul McCartney
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Megan Quirk, Alex Nagler, Vanessa Benfield & Phyllis DiCesare 


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.1/6.0
Hell's Kitchen-FOX 1.7/4.8
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.5/7.2
The Millers-CBS 1.2/5.2
Hollywood Game Night-NBC 1.1/3.8

Thursday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.1/2.4
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.6
Pawn Stars-History .8/3.5
Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .8/1.8
Married-FX .6/1.1

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Premios Juventud 2014-Univision 986,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 101,000 Tweets
Kids Choice Sports Awards-Nick 21,000 Tweets
Dating Naked-VH1 11,000 Tweets
Conan-TBS 3,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
20/20-ABC 1.4/5.7
Dateline-NBC 1.3/6.4
What Would You Do?- ABC .9/3.5
Shark Tank-ABC .8/4.2
Blue Bloods-CBS .7/6.0

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings

-Remember when I told you guys that just the commercials for American Horror Story freaked me out and scared the crap out of me? The print ads for The Strain did the same thing. No way would I EVER watch something like that. What I'm constantly amazed by is how many people love the freaky stuff.  Sure, Corey Stoll from, House of Cards is it and sure you have Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse involved but still, 8 million viewers tuned in to see this one last week. The premiere was seen by 4.7 million viewers and with all of the encores, the show delivered 8 million viewers.  Guess it doesn't matter at all that I'm not watching. I wonder if any of those 8 million people could sleep last week. I know I wouldn't be able to. 

Big Brother
  • The egg challenge was still on and Victoria sucked at it so bad that she actually got some screen time. 
  • Couldn't be happier for Cody and Frankie to be HOH
  • Tears count…Brittany 2 Victoria 1 
  • I was SO hoping that the BIG secret about Frankie's sister would be blown in the HOH room. Kudos to the Grande family for not blowing it even though I still don't think the houseguests would care that much.  Now they'd just be pissed at him for lying about it.
  • Hammock dating is still going strong for Hayden and Nicole 
  • What does 8 bombsquaders-3=? #Detanators
  • Jiggly Jokers  Yagerbombs? Were ridiculous options. 
  • Christine truly has been in the right place at the right time. She's really done NOTHING and yet, she's pretty much IN if the Detanators don't blow themselves up. 
  • What do Cody and Kristy Carruba have in common? The both LOVE Zac Efron and romantic movies.
  • I completely respect Hayden's #mancrush on Leondardo DiCaprio. Actually they'd probably make a good couple 
  • Donny didn't look too bad with his shirt off.  He just needs to SHAVE THAT beard or trim it or something. I bet he's like those Duck Dynasty guys...cute without the beard
  • I'm liking Cody even more now that I know that he not only loves Zac Efron but he can braid hair too! 
  • Apparently Brittany sleeps with full makeup on. 
  • The entire thing with nobody wanting to sleep with Victoria seemed like a ridiculous mini storyline that came out of nowhere, BUT it did give Victoria more screen time so I'm sure she'll consider it a win.
  • Cody put up Victoria and Brittany (Team America accomplishes mission #2 although I don't really think that Amber should be considered a physical threat-next time BB, let America choose the actual person to put up, not leave it up to the gang to decide. That was sort of bogus.)
  • Frankie put up JOcasta & Amber but Frankie will STILL cuddle with Amber. How nice of him
  • Pretty sure the Battle of the Block chessboard challenge was stolen or copied from Survivor. Maybe CBS swapped game people
  • Okay, WTF was with that crazy gobbly sound JOCASTA was making when Amber won the Battle of the Block? WTF WAS THAT? Can someone please explain this? Was she trying to channel someone from the other side? Is she really a witch? What was that?
  • Was tarring and feathering Frankie necessary? 
  • I feel a backdoor coming…I feel it.    

Real Housewives of NJ
Yeah…of course I watched. I'm weak, what can I say? So it's Christmas time and all of these freaks are decorating and cooking and exchanging gifts. I'm betting The Giudice's have never had a dog before. Anyone that has one will tell you that getting a puppy is a stressful thing to do, especially when you're under indictment, have 4 insane daughters and 2 feet of snow outside.  The Gorga's sold their Montville mansion and are in a pretty nice rental, but all Melissa could do was complain about having to put her Louboutin's in kitchen cabinets because she has SO many pairs there's just not enough room for them all. Wahhhhhhh!!! Joe Gorga felt the need to stick his tongue on a cold street sign to see if it would get stuck there and guess what did! I hope Melissa made him wash that mouth before it came anywhere near her. Gotta say, the cousins have all come a long way. Who'd have thought a year ago they'd ever be able to all sit down to dinner and enjoy each other's company? Not me! I like Dina, I do, but she's annoying me and I'm not sure why. It's funny how all the Manzo sister's look so much alike and yet they're all so different. All of Amber's kids are going to need some serious therapy when they get older. Can you scare your kids any more? What was with that fire drill? What was with that crazy cleavage she was sporting? I cannot stand the twins. I can't stand Rino. I can't stand Sal and Santa and I'm pretty sure that Giovanni's a mute. How does anyone know he really wants to go into the restaurant business if he never speaks? He did walk through the doors of success so I guess he'll be fine no matter what. Hate to admit it, but I've had the same kale conversation with a ton of people.I mean kale went from worst to first didn't  it? We used to throw it in the garbage. Eat it? NEVER! Look at kale now?  Sorry…I digressed. Teresa (the other one) says "rock my world" a bit too much for my liking. As much as I hate Santa (the Mom not the bearded guy) how hilarious was it when she totally busted Bobby about seeing those shoe/wine holders at the Colts Neck Pharmacy? Melissa and I have the same exact tea kettle. That was a fun discovery. I know the producers wanted us to feel bad for Teresa and Joe. I have no sympathy for either one of them. Teresa HATES being all over the news and HATES being in the newspapers? I'm sure if it was Fabolini or one of her cookbooks in the news it would be allllll good, right? Can't have your cake and eat too TG. I know she was annoyed by the dictionary gag gift but if she looked up the word "you's" in it, she discover that her husband can't speak the language very well. She'll have plenty of time to study in the big house. 

Masters of Sex 
Not the juiciest of episodes, but still riveting. Did Lizzie Caplan lose 20lbs since last season? She really seems super skinny to me. Gotta say, I miss Ethan terribly and when Barton and Allison Janney aren't in the episode there's definitely something missing. I don't really care too much about Lillian. I have a feeling this won't be the last we see of Rose. What about the scene that went back and forth between Dr. Greathouse and Dr. Ditmers. Two different types of pervs. I'm glad Austin's still around, maybe he'll hook up with Vivian? Libby hired some help. She probably should have just gotten a therapist since that's what her "helper" has become, sort of. More to come I'm sure. 


-The Last Ship, Falling Skies, Major Crimes and Whose Line Is It?  have all been renewed for another season for those that are interested.

-FX isn't going to promote any of their Live+Same Day ratings anymore as they feel that they don't accurately represent the true audiences of some of their shows. So they're going to use Live + 3 from now on. You can do whatever you want FX, but advertisers can't count on those numbers. They only pay on commercial ratings as they should. If you wanted to be fair and completely on the up and up, you'd report and promote both. Just sayin.

-TCA's gave out their program of the year to Breaking Bad but thankfully they have the good sense to bestow the Outstanding Drama award to The Good Wife that show deserved some accolades this year . Veep and Louie tied for Comedy, I just don't find either one of them funny. What is the funniest show on TV? Hmmmm tough one. Let me know your thoughts.

-Tell your teen…Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards on 8/10 and Magic and Rixton will be performing. If you know the name of Magic and Rixton's current hits, let me know and I'll throw some bonus points your way. 

Monday's Trivia Question: Allison Janney currently stars in 2 primetime programs. One comedy and one drama. Name the shows and the characters names for extra bonus points.

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