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Derek Jeter, Deadliest Catch and Barry/Bassam on Tuesday Night

FIRST FIVES: Karen Feldman, Mike O'Dea, Alex Nagler, Megan Quirk & He Who Shall Not Be Named

Bonus Trivia Question: The other Gary Newman sang the song "Cars"


Sunday's Cable Top 5
True Blood-HBO 1.7/3.2
Strain-FX 1.2/2.9
Sunday Movie-ABC Family 1.1/2.7
The Last Ship-TNT 1.0/4.5
Naked and Afraid-Discovery .9/2.3

Monday's Broadcast Top 
Under the Dome-CBS 1.9/7.6
MasterChef-FOX 1.8/5.6
24-FOX 1.7/6.4
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.7/5.4
The Bachelorette-ABC 1.7/6.9

Monday's Cable Top 5 
Home Run Derby-ESPN 2.1/5.4
Love & Hip Hop-Vh1 1.9/3.8
WWE-USA 1.3/4.2
Hit the Floor-VH1 1.0/2.1
Major Crimes-TNT .9/5.2

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 671,000 Tweets
Teen Wolf-MTV 287,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 214,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 121,000 Tweets
24-FOX 71,000 Tweets

All Star Game
I usually enjoy the Home Run Derby more than the actual All Star Game, but as a Yankee fan, it really was all about #2 for me. You can say whatever you want about Jeter, but I really do think he's been a class act, a great Captain, great player and role model. I appreciated and felt that he deserved all of the attention and accolades that he received during last night's game. I'm sure you've seen it already, but if you haven't, grab a Kleenex and check out Nike's R2SPECT spot: Whether you're a baseball fan or not…Well done, Nike. Oh and congratulations American League and Mike Trout. I love baseball. 

Deadliest Catch
I can't imagine listening to a Superbowl on the radio, especially not one where my home team is playing, but most of our fisherman were right smack in the middle of Opilio season when their beloved Seattle Seahawks were pummeling the Denver Broncos in this years big game. All of the crews made the best of it with some high seas fun during the game. Unfortunately for most of them, not much drinking or eating, but they didn't seemed that upset. I guess they're usually out at sea during the big game and celebrating with their own traditions. Good news for most of our Captains and their crews…lots of crab! Josh Harris made his dad Phil and all of us so proud. He delivered his first load of Opilio's on time and when the crew was running behind schedule, Josh got back on deck and helped them out rather than sit in the wheelhouse and risk missing his delivery date. Nice to see him getting his act together. I don't know about you, but I am repulsed by Elliot Neese. I can't stand him. Now he has his disgusting girlfriend on the boat who knowingly used milk in the chicken pot pie when one of the crew was allergic to it and then "forgot" to tell him. Can you imagine being lactose intolerant out at sea with huge waves,  horrible smells and an idiot in the wheelhouse? OMG I wanted to kill her. The guy was a lot nicer about it than I would have been. The Time Bandit's propeller died just as they were on the crab. Gotta admit, every time Captain Andy talked about his broken shaft,  I chuckled a bit. I know…sick mind. At least I'm honest. I felt bad for his nephew Scott. All Scott wanted to do was make as much money as possible when the Time Bandit's season was over, but Andy was furious. Would have been great to see what Jonathan would have done if he was on the boat. Seemed like he and his son were on the same page. The Cape Caution always has crew issues. First with greenhorns and last night with Nick, the deck boss, who apparently has a drinking problem. I get the feeling this is a huge problem among these fisherman. Not much Mandy this week, but she's still on the Northwestern which made me happy. 

I do love this show, but now that it's in my head, it does bother me that Bassam/Barry is looking less and less middle eastern. He seemed to lose his middle eastern look sometime during high school at the Ridgefair Academy. I'd love to know why the producers went in that direction. Molly, BB's wife is still super annoying and now Emma, BB's daughter is starting to bug me. I just know something's going to happen to one or maybe both of them. Jamal's still unable to "perform" if ya know what I mean and it's REALLY pissing him off. Poor rapist. I don't know if I missed it in the previous episodes, but I'm pretty sure the name of the country is Abudin, but that could be the city. I'm not positive. Doesn't the palace look fake in all the long shots?  Sammy hasn't been able to hook up with Abdul again. Abdul doesn't want to jeopardize his status with the family so he cut Sammy loose. I felt bad for both of them, but they're young boys, so I'm betting temptation will get the best of them soon. Jamal's son, Aman still hasn't slept with his wife since his wedding (and still doesn't know that his Dad did). He's getting meaner and meaner. Like father, like son right? BB's going to go and meet with Ihab Rashad in hopes of coming to some sort of an agreement  or compromise for peace, but I'm betting this "meeting" doesn't go well. We'll have to wait until next week to find out. 


-On July 30th, Hot in Cleveland will be airing, what sounds like, a pretty cool episode. Normally I hate anything animated (I don't know why, I used to love cartoons as a kid) but I am setting the DVR for this one. Steven Tyler's guest starring as the girls guide through an animated "magical pop culture adventure" that includes what life in Cleveland would have been like if LeBron James had never left. It has me interested. I'm in. 

-Now THIS I'm psyched about…Lisa Rinna is joining the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin had their own show a while back and it was really cute. Anyone remember its name? Bonus points if you do. I think adding her to the cast is a great idea, especially if they get rid of that lunatic Carlton and that drip Joyce. 

-3 more cast members of SNL weren't asked back…Noel Wells, John Milhiser and Nasim Pedrad. Good thing all of the stories about their firings included photos or I wouldn't have known who any of them were which is whyyyyyy they got fired right? 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Curb Your Enthusiasm + Rules of Engagement =?

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