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Big Brother, Satisfaction and Extreme Parenting before VACATION!!!

I haven't been on vacation in a year. I can't tell you all how badly I need one, but trust me…I do. I have no idea if I'll post or not for the next few weeks. Knowing me, there's know way I'll get through the Emmy's or the VMA's without posting and hearing from all of you. Maybe I'll just post to Facebook or Twitter. No idea really, but award shows are my favorite so be on the look out. 

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Leo McGarry was President Bartlett's Chief of Staff on The West Wing
FIRST FIVES:  Mike O'Dea, Monica Caraffa, Melissa Heller-Seid, Aex Nagler & Justin Jones


Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.1/6.6
America's Got Talent-NBC 1.9/9.9
Modern Family-ABC 1.3/4.1
The Middle-ABC 1.1/4.2
Extant-CBS 1.0/5.6

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
A&E Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.4/3.8
Zombie Sharks-Discovery 1.2/2.6
Spawn of Jaws-Discovery 1.2/2.6
Teen Mom-MTV 1.2/1.9
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.7

Wednesday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-CBS 82,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 33,000 Tweets
Nick Cannon: Wild 'n Out 25,000 Tweets
Zombie Sharks-Discovery 19,000 Tweets
Lair of the Mega Shark-Discovery 17,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the week of 8/4/14-8/8/14
Fallon .9/3.5
Kimmel .5/2.3
Letterman .4/2.2
Meyers .4/1.4
The Daily Show .4/1.3
Colbert .4/1.1
Conan  .3/.8
Ferguson .2/.9
Carson .2/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the week of 8/4/14-8/8/14
Today Show 1.3/1.5
CBS This AM .7/.8


Still unsatisfying. Still a tease, still watching, still don't know why. Still don't care about Grace, still don't care about the daughter. Still want more Neil, still want less Simon. Still mad at myself for watching. Still think I'm going to keep watching and feel the EXACT same way next week.  

Extreme Guide to Parenting
This week, we met the Whitacre family. Three years ago, Wendy & Tyler and their two kids, sold everything but the necessities, rented out their home and hit the road. They're into this nomadic, anti-establishment parenting thing. Wendy & Tyler are photographers, so they can and do work all over the world. I guess it is kinda cool that they've been to Japan, Costa Rica and Rio, but they have no privacy and they're together in a VERY tight space ALL the time. For 3 years they've lived in their SUV. Most of the time they camp outside, pee and poop outside, and cook outside. The only time the kids get to meet other kids is at a playground, but they always have to leave their new friends behind. I wonder what happens if any of them get sick? Isaac is desperately in need of an orthodontist and Tyler is in need of a therapist. Wendy, Isaac & Isabelle finally convinced Tyler to buy a big trailer by the end of the episode which made me feel a little bit better about this family. I couldn't help thinking that these kids were definitely going to be weird adults and have space issues, hoarding issues, attachment issues. That's the next Bravo reality show. 15 years from now lets see the adult results of extreme parenting. I'd watch that one. 

Big Brother
  • Hated Julie's hair and dress. 
  • I didn't realize that Donny felt so alone and on the outer circle. 
  • Fear the beard! I see tremendous merchandising potential with this
  • What was up with Cody smacking himself in the face while he was sleeping?
  • I can't believe people STILL think that Donny's scheming? With who? WHO IS HE SCHEMING WITH? 
  • More blatant Thursday Night Football plugs. If you didn't know that CBS has Thursday Night Football…YOU DO NOW! Christine, Frankie, and Caleb went to Dallas Cowboys training camp and met Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, Jason Whitten & Dez Bryant. Jerry Jones was funny with Frankie. 
  • I had a hard time thinking Frankie even knew what Football was…did you see how he threw a football?
  • Caleb filled out his Cowboys shirt nicely
  • Victoria is such a clueless fruit loop dingus
  • #Zankieeeeeee
  • Nice banana curls Nicole
  • Donny just makes you go awwwwww
  • Loved the Zac & Caleb eviction choreography
  • Horrible hair for Cody in the diary room…who cut it? I'm assuming Frankie?
  • Frankie and Victoria's eviction choreography very good
  • Unanimous…NO MORE OUTLET SNOUT!!!!
  • BB Zombie's???
  • Loved the St. Gheesling Hospital reference. 
  • Pretty happy with Derrick and Frankie winning HOH
  • In honor of all the BB annoying voices, Julie had Rachel Reilly on to chat about the show. Newsflash, Rachel is still super annoying. I can't believe that Brendannnnnn married her.
  • Tear count: 2 (Nicole & Donny) 
-As you all know, if you've been a loyal reader, I unfortunately am a Cablevision customer which means I don't have the Pivot network. I am lucky enough to have seen all of the Joseph Gordon Levitt show HitRECord. I'm a HUGE fan. I wish I could describe the program to you. You have to see it and feel it to understand its power and what a game changer it is. I'm sure I had absolutely NOTHING to do with it, but I'm so happy, that I  just had to share. HitRECord has won the Emmy Award for Creative Achievement in Interactive Media-Social TV Experience. I know this award won't make it to the actual broadcast which sucks because if it did, more people would know about the show and more people NEED to know about this show. If any of you guys have Pivot and have the opportunity to watch HitRECord I'm begging you to do so. It's really amazing, congrats JGL and Pivot! I

-I don't know David Madden personally, but let me take this opportunity say congratulations and good luck. Mr. Madden is now the new President of FOX Entertainment. He's definitely got his work cut out for him. He did a pretty good job over at FOX TV Studios with The Shield, The Americans, Burn Notice and White Collar, so he's definitely got it in him to help FOX turn things around, let's see what happens. 

-Dear Julie Chen. Thanks SO much for nudging Les about the Survivor editors contracts. I appreciate all of your help in getting them back to work! If Les doesn't buy you a new dress, I will. Sincerely yours, Kristy Carruba 

-For all of you who are binging on something this Summer or are about to begin binging on something this Summer, Entertainment Weekly and a bunch of celebs have some great tips for us all:

Friday's Trivia Question:  Arthur Spooner/Frank Costanza-name the actor. 

Have a great couple of weeks! I'm back officially on 9/2/14

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