Sunday, August 24, 2014



  • My beach house only has one TV so I couldn't watch the VMA PreShow AND Big Brother. I did the remote control flip flop thing for the hour but had to focus on Big Brother (Cody has zero b@lls!)
  • Nice gold Lamborghini entrance for Katy Perry. Were you reminded of Justin and Britney  by Katy and Riff Raff's custom Versace outfits? (I had to be reminded) Riff Raff is no JT. I have no idea who he is, but he freaked me out. How long does one have to sit to get ones hair like that and get that grill in place? 
  • Ariana Grande opened with "Break Free" I think I had a see-through raincoat back in the day just like her dancers wore (well maybe not EXACTLY like theirs, but similar)
  • Nicki Minaj's butt is somethin isn't it? Its performance was hypnotic and inappropriate all at the same time
  • Kim Kardashian's lookin at Nicki goin "damn, her butt kicks my butt's butt!"
  • Jesse J looked pretty cool I think she had the magic tape holding that dress in place.
  • Super quick changes for Ariana and Nicki but Nicki obviously had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, but that didn't stop her one bit. She held it all together…literally. 
  • Snoop Dogg in da house! Gwen Stefani looked like she was tipping backwards or something, didn't she?
  • BEST FEMALE VIDEO: Katy Perry & Juicy J for "Dark Horse" (Riff Raff didn't want to let go of her did you see that?) 
  • Jay Pharaoh from SNL…OMG I def have vacation brain…had to Google him
  • Did Lorde come to the VMA's directly from Clown College? Her outfit lead me to believe she's a graduate
  • Taylor Swift's new song sounds NOTHING like her normal sound…can't decide if I love it or hate it. Was Taylor supposed to jump off the high section or did she really change her mind? 
  • When Gwen Stefani finger clapped was that a diss to Taylor Swift or did she just not want to put down her drink?
  • I hate Chelse Handler
  • BEST MALE VIDEO: Ed Sheerhan "Sing" Ed's hair is a wreck. Taylor Swift is BFF's with him, she really should help the guy out
  • Jay Pharaoh's Jay-Z was SPOT on
  • Who the bleep is Schoolboy Q? 
  • Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels - - can't wait for Dumb and Dumber 2
  • BEST POP VIDEO: Ariana Grande (Who's gonna tell Frankie?)
  • Kim Kardashian West is starting to look Mom-ish
  • Sam Smith does nothing for me
  • Common's moment of peace was a cool move right before the Hip Hop Video Award
  • BEST HIP HOP VIDEO: Drake for "Hold On We're Going Home" Drake was a no show
  • Jay Pharaoh as Kanye…I think Kim was looking for him later to get a ride home
  • Orange is the New Black girls in the houseeeeeeee YEAH! 
  • Usher's dancers were extremely ahemmm…flexible. Nicki Minaj in super tighty whitey's…I need some word other than hypnotic but that's all that keeps popping out of my fingers
  • Did Usher get to shower after that performance or did he go out and party stinking the place up 
  • Nina Dobrev looked very different and very shiny, but she sure had some crazy good cleavage 
  • BEST ROCK VIDEO: Lorde "Royals" who was looking at the wrong camera during her thank you's. Riff Raff was looking at his Iphone during Lorde's thank you's 
  • Dylan O'Brian and Chloe Moretz were cute together
  • 5SOS sounded a LOT like 1D. I like those guys but I'm loyal to 1D forever and no, I'm obviously not 16. 
  • The men in my family were out cold by 10:15pm. Thought the 12 year old would stay awake for cleavage/butt opportunities…guess not 
  • ARTIST TO WATCH AWARD: Fifth Harmony  Simon Cowell's probably happy
  • Robin Williams tribute was unexpected but I'm glad they did it
  • JLo was gorgeous and continued the cleavage/butt theme of the evening 
  • Iggy Izalea and Rita Ora were okay but Taylor Swift seemed a little TO into them 
  • What was that guy doing on his computer in the Kia Soul? 
  • Is it still cleavage when the boobs go the opposite direction? If so, Demi Lovato rocked the cleavage or maybe it's anti-cleavage
  • Adam Levine's wedding received many close-ups during Maroon 5's  performance. I know that he had to sing the new song, but I don't know think it had enough energy. Kids didn't care, phones were in the air and they seemed stoked regardless
  • Jimmy Fallon, my FBFF, gave the white sports jacket a try. Didn't it, he looked like Don Johnson from Miami Vice
  • VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Miley Cyrus won, but some kid named Jessie, a homeless youth, accepted the award  for her. Riff Raff was like WTF is going on here? 
  • Back to Adam and his wedding band in his Laker's jersey
  • How can Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce???  She was insane last night
  • Jay and Blue Ivy presented the MICHAEL JACKSON ICON AWARD to Bey…nice family moment. I don't know, they seemed happy and together to me. I'm a sucker though.  
  • I thought that Miley and Robin Thicke were going to get together last night and do something. Guess not, oh well...
Back to vacation! 

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  1. It was fun reading your vacation post while we're both on vacation. :) Didn't watch the awards but still loved the write up. Have fun girl.