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Love a Good Night of Country Music. All My Faves in One Place

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION:  Kristy Swanson and Sarah Michelle Gellar both starred as Buffy the Vampire Slayer
FIRST FIVES: Ed Ziskind, Mitch Klein, Crystal Kyler, Mike O'Dea and Brett Blattman

HONORABLE MENTION: Francesca Sullivan


Sunday's Cable Top 5
True Blood-HBO 1.7/3.3
Strain-FX 1.2/2.2
Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! 1.2/2.3
The Last Ship-TNT 1.0/4.1
Naked and Afraid-Discovery 1.0/2.4

Monday's Broadcast Top
MasterChef-FOX 2.0/5.1
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.9/5.5
Under the Dome-CBS 1.6/6.7
Hotel Hell-FOX 1.4/3.9
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 1.3/5.0

Monday's Cable Top 5 
WWE-USA 1.3/3.9
Street Outlaws-Discovery 1.2/2.5
Love & Hip HOp-VH1 1.2/2.3
Real Housewives of the OC-Bravo .9/1.9
Hit the Floor-VH1 .8/1.8

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Teen Wolf-MTV 224,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 198,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta- VH1 143,000 Tweets
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 38,000 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel-ABC 4,000 Tweets

So far, Sharknado 1 and 2 have aired 8 times over the past week.18.2 million people have tuned in! People love their Sharknado! It's cheesy good! 

CMA Music Festival

  • Opened with Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood who both looked and sounded amazing. Every time I see Miranda, I can't believe how great she looks. She gives me hope that it is possible to still pull off leather shorts and a bustier. 
  • Little Big Town hosted the event and sang "Day Drinkin" They were all a bit over the top and of course, Kim is still sporting that super flat shelf head look. Some how she makes it work 
  • Florida Georgia Line performed. I never get tired of "This is How We Roll". Doesn't Tyler Hubbard remind you of Judge Reinhold? 
  • The Band Perry was sweaty before they even started singing "Chainsaw" 
  • Justin Moore, Thomas Rhett and Brantley Gilbert, performed. Their drummer had an epic Mohawk
  • I love the Blake Shelton/Gwen Sebastian Song song "My Eyes" but there was zero chemistry between the two of them. Blake barely looked at Gwen during their performance.  
  • Rascal Flatts did an awesome acapella version of Pharrell's "Happy" and then the new one "Payback" I need to look on Itunes to see if "Happy" is available for purchase. It was that good.
  • Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sang "Meanwhile back at Mama's" Tim's like zero percent body fat and the crowd went wild when he kissed his wife. Tim's aging much better than Faith. Can't be easy for her. 
  • I love Hunter Hays but I'm never happy with his live performances 
  • Luke Bryan has THE whitest teeth. I know he's Country's Sexiest Man Alive, but I'm not sure I agree
  • Jason Aldean scares me  
  • I love Jake Owen's song "Beachin" and whenever I see him, all I see is Tom Cruise 
  • Every time I think Hillary from Lady Antebellum, can't wear a worse outfit, she proves me wrong. Last nights thing was the worst one yet. 
  • Keith Urban really needs a new do, but I still love him 
  • First time I've seen Cole Swindell. He's gonna be big don't you think? 
  • Zac Brown Band is one of favorites. Cap and all, I find Zac Brown hot. Add some Richie Sambora, some "Dead or Alive" and I've got a huge smile on my face. Nice to see AND HEAR Richie. I wonder if he needed Jon's permission to appear with Zac and to sing a Bon Jovi tune. 
  • Have I ever seen Eric Church without his sunglasses? I don't think so. 
  • Miranda and her silver cowboy boots came back out and sang one of my current faves, "Automatic" 
  • Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood played against each other for CMA Awards Trivia
  • Who has won the most CMA Awards of all time? 
  • Carrie kicked Brad's ass and one a bobble head set of her and brad and then Brad sang "Riverbank."  I wasn't feeling Brad's sparkly belt, but I still love him. 
  • Dierks Bentley looks like Bradley Cooper. He performed "Drunk on a Plane." Have you ever noticed how many country songs mention drinking? It's my new obsession. 
  • Justin Moore, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue sang "Home Sweet Home" Vince Neil sounded good but looked a little bloated. No Tommy Lee on drums.
  • Darius Rucker, damn I love that guy.   
Deadliest Catch Season FInale
Well, the season is OVER, but before it ended, before the offloads and the payouts, there was still plenty of drama. On the Time Bandit, one of the deckhands got his finger caught  between a steel door. On the Seabrooke, a circulation pipe burst, the Cornelia Marie was ALL done and then had to be moved in the middle of a crazy storm. On a nameless boat, a deckhand had something wrong with his eye and had to be helicoptered for medical treatment. The Northwestern had to replace their block and an arctic storm hit most of the fleet. That being said…here's why they all do it:
Time Bandit Crew earned $45,000 each
Wizard Crew earned $88,000 each
Cape Caution Crew earned $45,000 each
Northwestern Crew earned $59,000 each
Saga Crew earned $64,000 each
It's physically brutal, and the men (and women) who choose this way of life are away from their friends and families for months at a time, but they do it because in a short season like Opilio, they can earn 88K in a month. Rest up guys. This season was one of the toughest I've ever watched. Hit the beach, relax and we'll see ya next year! 

Good episode last night. I had a feeling the Sheik wasn't dead. Jamal didn't get the job done, but after some new news, some prayer and some confession, Barry/Bassam finished what his brother started. While BB was learning the truth about his Dad and his Uncle and taking care of the Sheik, Jamal was killing his mistress and plotting his escape to the Maldives. Aunt Angela just showed up at the palace and Molly's now on staff at the hospital. No paperwork, no licenses, nada. I guess if you're bro-in-law's the President, you can do whatever you want. BB went out drinking, walking around alone with a bottle in a bag and then made the call. Will he overthrow his brother? Now THAT could be good! 


-No idea who James Corden is. I had to Google him and that didn't help much. He's a Brit who'll be taking Craig Ferguson's job over at the Late Late Show. Yep…ANOTHER white guy. WHY???? Can't someone find a woman or an African American or a little person? I mean late night is FILLLLLLED with white guys in suits. Somebody take a risk, have guest hosts and let us vote, something different. Anything but the same old same old. I never watched Craig Ferguson and I won't watch this new guy either. 

-Dish customers can all relax. All of the awesome A&E networks will continue on without interruption as a multi year agreement between the two was signed yesterday. Vikings…you got it! Devious Maids…you got it. Pawn Stars…no worries, you got it.

-While I wasn't at all surprised about Botched on E! being renewed for a 2nd season, I was when NBC announced that  Welcome to Sweden was renewed. People love freak shows, so Botched makes sense. I watched Welcome to Sweden and didn't see any reason why NBC would keep it on the air unless they truly haven't seen anything better OR they just don't want to piss Amy Poehler off.  
Wednesday's Trivia Question:Coach Gary Gaines and Coach Eric Taylor. What do they have in common?

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  1. James Cordon wrote & performed in a British comedy called Gavin & Stacy which I thought was hilarious. His humor is a little similar to your BFF Fallon.