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Happy Birthday Tooooooo MEEEEEE!!!!!
All I want for my birthday is more readers! Share my blog with as many people as you can today! Let's see if I can get 1000 page views! 

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Mr. Will Schuster taught all of the kids from Glee to sing! 


Sunday's Cable Top 5
Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! 1.5/2.8
Nascar Sprint Cup-ESPN 1.3/5.2
Strain-FX .9/1.9
Simpsons Marathon-FXX .8/1.6
Family Guy-Adult Swim .7/1.3

Monday's Cable Top 5
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-VH1 2.1/4.0
WWE-USA 1.3/3.9
College Football-ESPN 1.2/3.6
Fast N Loud-Discovery 1.1/2.8
Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! 1.1/2.1

Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 1.8/8.8
NCIS-CBS 1.5/10.5
NCIS-CBS 1.3/10.3
NCIS LA-CBS 1.1/7.3
The Story of Frozen-ABC 1.1/4.7

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Finding Carter-MTV 119,000 Tweets
Bad Girls Club: Chicago-Oxygen 115,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent-NBC 32,000 Tweets
The Story of Frozen-ABC 24,000 Tweets
Hard Knocks-HBO 5,000 Tweets


Big Brother

  • What was with Christine talking to herself? I guess she needed to talk to the only person she could trust. 
  • Teary McTearster was back in action, but Nicole, aka, Outlet Snout only had one  meltdown.
  • We need a female version of Man-Up. Please submit your ideas. Thanks. 
  • Derrick's a masterful player. He may be as good if not better than Dan Gheesling
  • Christine went from reading the bible to flirting with Cody. That bible…
  • CVS Cold pack…product placement?
  • Derrick is a masterful player…did I mention that? It's just amazing too watch him in action. 
  • Bombanators??? That's a new one. 
  • Didn't Victoria look lost when she was called to play the Veto? Veto…what Veto? 
  • I would have SUCKED at that POV competition. My short term memory is HORRIBLE!!! 
  • Derrick's an amazing player AND has a photographic memory. He's unbeatable. 
  • Those explosions were out of control. Paint, smoke and stuff right up every ones noses.  BB shows no mercy. 
  • Cody's dinosaur costume was awesome. He looked really cute in it. I hope he gets to take the hat off when he sleeps. 
  • How cute and funny was Beast Mode re-enacting a "fire in the hole" I LOVE YOU BEAST MODE!
  • I guess glitter is appropriate for any and all challenges. Frankie wears it so it is SO. 
  • CHRISTINE WON THE VETO???? OYYYYYY Why did Derrick throw it? I get it but WHY????
  • What is wrong with Frankie running right up to Christine when she won…BAD MOVE.
  • According to Caleb's bio, his favorite movie is The Notebook…REALLY?
  • Nicole knows how awesome Derrick's playing the game and we even got Dan Gheesling flashback. WE NEED AN ALL STAR SEASON with Dan AND Derrick AND Dr. Will and Janelle! 
  • Calzone a new Caleb nickname…LOVE it. 
  • I love Caleb, but just like Cody, all talk about a big move and NO BIG MOVE. Victoria's the pawn AGAIN.
  • Nobody has a clue as to how much of a master Derrick is at Big Brother 

-Things continue to change so fast when it comes to content distribution. I'm going to need an assistant some day to keep up! The upcoming FOX show Gotham will now be streamed via Netflix to the rest of the world. In a pretty interesting agreement, Netflix picked up the exclusive subscription video on demand rights. Each season of the series (I guess they're feeling optimistic that it'll get renewed) will be available to Netflix members following the linear broadcast, beginning in 2015. The show premieres in the US on 9/22. I wasn't planning on watching it. I'm not a big superhero person, but my husband and my son are into it, so I'll have to hear from them if this show is any good. For Netflix and FOX's sake I hope so. 

-Do you think that Rosie Perez and Nicole Wallace (Who?) are better than Jenny McCarthy and Sheri Shephard? Who's running things over there  at The View? I'm pretty sure that Rosie Perez's voice is one of the MOST annoying voices ever. I have no clue at all who Nicole Wallace is but I'm really feeling for Whoopi right now. Good Luck to her.  I'm thinking Les and Julie are going to have a huge party when The View goes down in flames and The Talk takes the number one yenta talk show title. OY VEY

-I sent you guys the Friends reunion clip from Jimmy Kimmel's show the other day and I guess I wasn't the only one sharing that thing. In its first 24 hours, the video had 6 million views on Jimmy Kimmel's You Tube Channel and in its first five days the clip had been seen 13 million times making it Jimmy's 3rd most watched clip this season to date. 
I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy was number one with 19.4 million views and Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets was number two with 13.4 million views. 

-Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel, I've started to write a post a few times about the Jimmy's but  felt too guilty too post it. I need to come clean about something with you guys, so here goes. I still love Jimmy Fallon and I still believe that if he met me and I didn't act like an idiot, we'd be best friends, spend the holidays together and he'd even let me dog sit Gary. Jimmy's  talented, funny and likes a lot of the same stuff I like,  but when it comes to his show, I have some issues. I've kept them bottled up inside, but I just can't hold it in any longer. Jimmy's WAY tooooo nice. He's too politically correct and gushes over EVERY guest. He tells EVERYONE how awesome they are and how much he loves them and how their movie, show, book or album is the BEST. He plays it really, really safe. I get it and obviously America does too and they love him, but, here goes…Jimmy Kimmel is better. There…I said it. He's funnier, he's edgier and he calls his guests out without making them squirm. No, Kimmel doesn't sing, do impressions or play an instrument. But he does have Guillermo, Celebrity Mean Tweets, Matt Damon &  Ben Affleck. Fallon can sing, dance, do crazy impressions, play every instrument and is in a bromance with Justin Timberlake. I don't think Kimmel and I could be BFF's, but we do have a few things in common like our love of gourmet pizza, Scandal and Howard Stern. Jimmy Kimmel's interviews are WAY more authentic than Jimmy Fallon's. THERE…I said it. I got it all off my chest. I hope Jimmy Fallon doesn't get offended, I'm not turning my back on him, I'm still watching every show, I still want him to sleepover, have snacks and play Catchphrase. I've been feeling a bit dishonest with you guys, but the truth has now set me free! 

Thursday's Trivia Question:  After West Beverly High School, where did EVERYONE from 90210 go to college?

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