Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Went With The Voice because it's just SO Hard To Be A Jet Fan!

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Corey Stoll, who currently stars in This is Where I Leave You, was in the Netflix political drama, House of Cards and currently stars in The Strain on FX. He's also going to be in Homeland. Thank you House of Cards! If he didn't get killed he wouldn't have gotten all of these great roles!
FIRST FIVE: Bob Kaplan, Elke Raskob, Allison Shapiro, Mike O'Dea & Crystal Kyler


Friday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.6
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy .8/2.6
Girls Meets World-Disney  .7/2.4
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .7/1.5
Bering Sea Gold-Discovery .5/1.3

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Sunday Night Football-NBC 7.2/18.0
Football Night in America-NBC 5.0/13.0
60 Minutes-CBS 3./18.2
Madam Secretary-CBS 1.9/14.2
Family Guy-FOX 1.4/3.0

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
WWE Night of Champions-PPV 258,000 Tweets
The Good Wife-CBS 14,000 Tweets
Madam Secretary-CBS 12,000 Tweets
Boardwalk Empire-6,000 Tweets
American Dad-FOX 2,000 Tweets

The Voice
I'm not sure if I'm really committing to The Voice this season, but I had to check it out last night, especially since my Jets were…well…being my Jets. I had to see what it was like with Pharrell and Gwen in the chairs. They're awesome, I sort of knew they would be. I actually think that Gwen, Pharrell, Adam and Blake are the best bunch yet. I love their chemistry, their camaraderie and their love of music. I'm intrigued by Pharrell and all those beads. Forget Gwen's style, which I'm not sure I actually get, lets talk Pharrell. Hats, beads, and all that stuff on his jacket. Of course, there are still all of the contestants sob stories to deal with, I could live without all of that. The 4 judges, and those chairs. Now Adam and Gwen are standing up on top of um, on the backs of um. All sorts of antics and I enjoyed it all. 4 hours is probably way too much for me to commit, but I think I'll try to check it out when I can. 

Masters of Sex
Last episode before the finale. I've really run the gamut this season on my feelings about each cast member. I didn't like Bill, then I did and now I pity him. God, he's just SO damaged. Then there's Virginia. I was wondering when those annoying kids would make an appearance. They were back big time the other night, but thankfully headed to Europe, with their Dad. I originally LOVED Virginia and admired her strength and drive but now, I sort of pity her too. Then there's Libby. I originally pitied her and now, she's finding her strength and going after what she wants. How interesting is Austin and his bosses relationship? Pretty sure hasn't been a faithful character in this show, what does that say about the times? Funny how censorship is still an issue even 60+ years later. CBS being featured was sort of ironic as I'd say they're probably still the most rigid when it comes to network guidelines. The layers and intricacies of Masters of Sex are truly remarkable. All of the episodes are easy to take in at face value but they leave you thinking and realizing how much deeper and richer the characters and their issues really are and how much things are different and yet still the same in so many ways.

Thursday night, when I'm saying goodbye to Derek Jeter, you guys who are home and watching the premieres of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, & How to Get Away With Murder on ABC can be a part of the first LIVE Tweepstakes ever. Fans that are live-tweeting along with the cast members of all the shows, will be entered to win a TGIT Survival Kit filled with exclusive content. Use #TGIT (Thank God/Goodness it's Thursday) or #Tweepstakes while you're tweeting to enter. Not sure what the first 25 winners actually get in the Survival kit, but it could be fun anyway. Who doesn't live prizes and free stuff?

-This week is the 10 year anniversary of LOST. Can you believe that was 10 years ago? Remember how awesome we all thought that show was when we first saw it? The first season of Lost was amazing. I'm trying to remember when I bagged Lost. Once I found it there was time travel involved I think I deleted my season pass. I also got sick of having more questions than answers. Ya gotta give out some answers once in a while and that's when they LOST, lost me. 

-Speaking of premieres, I read an interesting fact about shows that premiered on 9/22. MuIf the logic is true, than Gotham will be a huge hit. These are the shows that also premiered on 9/22:
Family Ties (1982)

Alf (1986)
Full House (1987)
Friends (1994)
ER (1994)
Chicago Hope (1994)
The West Wing (1999)
Two and a Half Men (2003)
Lost (2004)
The Good Wife (2009)
Persons of Interest (2011)

-I'm sure you've all seen those bizarre Matthew McConaghey commercials right? Well, Ellen improved them quite a bit. Now they make sense to me! Check it out. http://www.hitfix.com/comedy/ellen-explains-matthew-mcconaughey-car-ad-with-pot-brownies

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Adam Driver also stars in This is Where I Leave You. What show is he from? 

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