Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sons of Anarchy, Chrisley Knows Best, True Tori & Below Deck. Quite a night.

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Yesterday's trivia challenge was to name as many TV shows with one word titles as possible. I'm thoroughly impressed by so many of you guys. Your lists were amazing.
FIRST FIVES: Crystal Kyler had 156!!! Jim Carter 104, Caryn Vitolo 101, Mike O'Dea 81 & Dan Realson 60


Sunday's Cable Top 5
Walking Dead-AMC 7.0/13.8
Talking Dead-AMC 2.6/5.3
Boardwalk Empire-HBO .9/2.3
Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo .7/1.7
Sunday Night Movie-ABC Family .7/1.7

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 3.6/12.1
The Blacklist-NB 2.6/9.8
2 Broke Girls-CBS 2.4/8.6
Scorpion-CBS 2.2/10.0
Gotham-FOX 2.2/5.8

Monday's Cable Top 5
NFL Football-ESPN 6.9/18.8
WWE-USA 2.1/4.6
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.3/2.3
Drumline-VH1 1.1/2.3
Fast N Loud-Discovery .7/1.7 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Drumline-VH1 362,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-Syfy 152,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood-VH1 136,000 Tweets
Dancing With the Stars-ABC 71,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 70,000 Tweets


Halloween Fright Fight
Same judges as the Great Christmas Light Fight, but since I don't like being scared, this competition freaked me out. These people are INSANE. They spent months building sets and putting together these crazy haunts that were super scary. It's not just the decorations but it's an event. They put the judges in coffins, they had the judges alone in the woods and then scared the cr@p out of them. I hate that stuff. I hate being scared. I'm a total wimp. Give me Christmas lights, Santa, Reindeer and toys any day of the week.

Below Deck
Again, Bravo prolonging the reunion and giving us a "secrets revealed" episode. Not cool guys. The only secrets really revealed were Logan's manscaping, Amy's crush on Eddie and the big one...Captain Lee's first name. (Harold) Next week's the real deal.

Chrisley Knows Best
Chase's 18th birthday and he wanted one thing, no curfew. Of course Todd would NEVER go for that so what did Chase do? He moved to his grandmothers. It only lasted a few hours since Faye had him cleaning bathrooms, making beds and buying adult diapers and laxatives at the drug store. Sent Chase running for home big time. Doesn't it look like Chase's teeth are one giant white tooth? I'm a little distracted by it.

True Tori
The dysfunction just keeps unfolding. Dr. Wexler's been Tori's therapist a long time and as much as I love her, I'm starting to question her abilities. Tori's a hoarder who can't let go of anything. Her friends attempted to help her downsize her storage units. She has 127 vaults filled with crap! 127!!! Apparently it's a mortgage payment worth of storage units and I'm sure her idea of a mortgage payment is not even remotely close to mine. I'm no shrink, but seems to me Tori was buying stuff for a life she dreamed of having and not the one she's living. In addition to that issue, Dr. Wexler urged Tori to meet with her ex-husband to get some closure but on the day that was supposed to happen, Tori got so sick she had to cancel. Another thing that seems to always happen. Any sign of confrontation, she gets sick. Also a big revelation as to why Tori lives her life on's all she knows and as she put it, what would happen if it all went away? Last thing that the Dr. needs to discuss. The vasectomy that didn't happen. WHAT? Tori's physically unable to have any kids at this point, money's obviously an issue and she and Dean both couldn't pull the trigger. These two are F'ed up big time. Dr. Wexler needs to cancel all other patients and just move in with Tori and Dean. They're a hot mess.

Sons of Anarchy
There was a lot to obsess over in this episode. Gemma's bird murders, Bobby's fingers being cut off, Juice's cockroach crushing, Jax killing Jury and actually getting blood on his hands/sneakers, Carmelo Anthony's cameo and Abel smashing a kid with his lunchbox. All that and guess what had me? The trophies in Abel's room. Did you see them? There were quite a few up on his bookcase. I'm guessing they weren't his, I mean the kid doesn't do anything but color crazy pictures of the insanity in his head. So they must be Jax's trophies. What could Jax possibly have won trophies for? Football? Wrestling? The Charming Spelling Bee? Yep, totally distracted and totally obsessed. This show is nuts. I don't know how Katey Sagal sleeps in a bed next to Kurt Sutter every night knowing the sh*t that's in that mans head. 


-Shocker of all shockers, Debra Messing's show,  The Mysteries of Laura was been given a full season order. I bet nobody saw that one coming! 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Fall's officially here. Lots of leaves, it's supposed to snow on Saturday (on the east coast that is) and we're getting ready to turn the clocks back. How many shows can you name with the word FALL in the title? I can only think of 2. Let's see what you guys come up with. 

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