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WWTM Wednesday: Survivor, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, Black-Ish and Nashville.

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: I was pretty lenient with everyone's very creative submissions TV shows with the word FALL in it.
FIRST FIVES: Ed Ziskind, Mike O'Dea, Phyllis DiCesare, Dan Realson & Maryellen Papanacolau
Submission List: The Fall Guy, FALLing Skies, The Fall, Fallen, Gravity Falls, Fall Preview Special and FALLon. I gave everyone credit. 


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
The World Series-FOX 3.1/11.9
The Voice-NBC 2.8/10.8
NCIS-CBS 2.5/17.2
NCIS: New Orleans-CBS 2.3/15.7
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.7/7.2

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.0/3.9
19 Kids and Counting-TLC 1.5/4.4
NBA Basketball-TNT 1.2/2.3
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.4
ESPN 30/30-.8/1.5

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Supernatural-CW 71,000 Tweets
Sons of Anarchy-FX 61,000 Tweets
S.H.I.E.L.D.-ABC 48,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 44,000 Tweets
30 for 30-ESPN 16,000 Tweets
We knew that Jeff was going to take something big from Hunaphu in return for rice replenishment. I also thought he'd bust their b@lls way worse than he did. He did remind them (and us) that only one other time in Survivor history, back in Australia, did a tribe need rice and that wasn't because the players were irresponsible idiots, but for the life of me I don't remember what happened there. That was a looooong time ago. Jeff gave the tribe the rice and took EVERYTHING except the machete, the flint, the pot and the rice. Basically a complete do-over. Jeremy was PISSED. He's pissed off at everything though. He didn't see a reason to trade for rice at all. He figured the tribe could win a reward and some food and they'd be good. As much as he was wrong in general, wouldn't ya know it, they won the reward challenge, won a feast and had no tarp during the torrential rain storm that almost sent Julie packing. Jeremy was b*tching about everything especially about Reed and Josh hugging and kissing and walking around like they owned the place. I saw his point. Josh and Reed seem a little too affectionate for stinky dudes who haven't brushed their teeth in a few weeks. Who cares really, they helped win the reward and they helped win immunity. Coyopa was sent back to tribal where the monkeys trying to weigh. Dale's fake idol idea backfired and he went home. Good attempt, it was actually his only option really. Buh Bye Dale. 

The Goldbergs
Family takes care of family. That's what Beverly Goldberg drilled into my head last night. Really what she meant was, don't put me in a home when I'm old. When she and Adam had it out in a very funny exchange of what could happen in the future, she was blaming a wife he hasn't even thought about meeting yet, for not letting her move in with him. I wish I had the clip to share, but ABC doesn't have it up yet. I don't think any of us have ever forgotten the RUMOR that Mikey from the Life commercial died from a Pop Rocks/Coca Cola deadly combo. Apparently those rumors made it's way to Philly and to Adam Goldberg and his family back in 1980 whatever, too. Rest easy everyone, I personally know the real Mikey from the Life commercial. He's alive and well and last I saw him he was working in sales at MSG. Other 80's mentions: Voltron, Flava Flav, Simon, Joannie loving Chachi, Tango and Cash and this classic song. Name it for bonus points and here are 2 more Goldberg Trivia Questions: 2) Name the retirement community Pops moved into. 3) What was the name of the code Barry was living by in this episode? 

Modern Family 
I got nervous when Phil wanted to move Halloween to Awesomeland instead of the tradition we've all come to love with the Dunphy's…a super scary Halloween. Luckily the neighbors challenge got everyone back on track. I love that the Dunphy's now have neighbor issues. I love Steve Zahn too! He's the perfect white trash, pot dealing neighbor. Ed O'Neil with Prince Charming hair…classic. The entire storyline with Mitch in court with the spider stenographer had me and the jury rolling, I don't know why I thought it was so funny, but I did. 

Loved the Jackson Five costumes and all the pranks, there were some good ones, really good ones, but again,  Tracy Ellis Ross was over acting and super distracting. When she becomes so over animated, it magnifies her eye issues and really makes her seem like a cartoon character which is a shame because the rest of the cast and the entire show is SO good. She's becoming the Lily of Black-ish for me. 

Good job on the CMA integration. Worked perfectly to promote the show on ABC next week! There's been no word yet on Nashville's fate. I'm really hoping it does get renewed and then I'm really hoping the writers get rid of some dead weight. Lila, Scarlett, and Zoey all need to leave. He's not dead weight, I just can't stand him so I wouldn't mind if Luke left too. He's really such a jerk and only Deacon and Maddie see him for what he really is. Maybe he'll get so jealous of Rayna beating his ass at the award show that he'll break up with her and leave on his plane. Speaking of planes, I'm not familiar with the private jet world, but can you really get from Cincinnati to Nashville in a commercial break? Can't believe I'm feeling bad for Teddy, but I am. You know the Mayor's going to continue to see the prostitute and get caught right? I mean it's a given. Still love this show, renew it ABC! 


-Sweeps is almost here guys, first big stunt...Jimmy Kimmel! He'll be using some crazy hologram technology to help celebrate the CMA Awards. Jimmy's going to broadcast live from Los Angeles and his hologram will be beamed to a live audience in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. His first guest will be in the studio in LA but his second guest will be a CMA Award winner from the evenings event who will be interviewed by Jimmy's hologram in Nashville. How crazy is that? 

-I'm not a huge Metallica fan, but for anyone who is into them, more sweeps late night insanity when they perform every night during the week of 11/17 on Craig Ferguson's show. Wait, don't they know Craig's on his way out? Who cares about his numbers at this point? 

-Okay, first time I won't watch something Neil Patrick Harris is in. He and his husband David are going to be in the last 2 episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show this season. Not a CHANCE I will be tuning in. I feel a bit guilty, but no WAY Jose! 

-I wonder if this happened last night:
Brrrrinnnngg, Brrrringggg
"Lessssss, it's for youuuuuu"
"Who is it, Jules? I'm busy prepping a Halloween surprise for the kids in the neighborhood."
"It's Nancy Tellem!!!"
"Not now, Jules, tell Tellem I'm busy!"
"Les, talk to her…she just lost her job at Xbox Studios"
"She shoulda stayed with me, easiest job ever, just pick a city and put NCIS in front of it and go to lunch, but noooooo, she had to go to Microsoft"
"Les, talk to her" 
"No WAY, let it go to voicemail"
"Lessss, UGH"

Thursday's Trivia Question: For the 7th year in a row, these two will be hosting the CMA's awards next week. 

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