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American Music Awards & Homeland

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Tiffani Amber or no Amber Thiessen starred n the original 90210 and currently in White Collar
FIRST FIVES: Lillian Doremus, Mike O'Dea, Stephanie Baxter, Monica Caraffa & Andrea Walters
Scandal Trivia #1: The songs from Thursday's Scandal were "Endless Love" and "Don't You Worry Bout a Thing"


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.1/14.6
Scandal-ABC 3.1/10.1
How To Get Away With Murder-ABC 3.1/9.8
Mom-CBS 2.5/10.1
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.4/8.3

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Thursday Night Football-NFL Network 2.7/7.6
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.8
Pawn Stars-History .7/2.5
Family Guy-TBS .6/1.1

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Scandal-ABC 443,000 Tweets
How to Get Away With Murder-ABC 285,000 Tweets
Latin Grammy Awards-Univision 171,000 Tweets
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 92,000 Tweets
The Vampire Diaries-CW  64,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Shark Tank-ABC 2.0/7.8
20/20-ABC 1.6/6.9
Dateline-NBC 1.5/7.6
Blue Bloods-CBS 1.3/11.5
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.3/7.1

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy 33,000 Tweets
Constantine-NBC 13,000 Tweets
Shark Tank-ABC 10,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 6,000 Tweets
A Football Life-NFL Network 1,000 Tweets


American Music Awards 
  • Taylor Swift opened the show with "Blank Space" she had a dress that had 2 mic pockets built into it. Her set was massive. Loved the fire trick and loved her. No judging please
  • Did you see J-Lo's bling? HOLY COW!
  • Immigration joke from Pitbull…sorta liked it
  • Patrick Dempsey looked SMOKING HOT
  • Best Pop/Rock Duo or Group: ONE DIRECTION Yes, I love them. Harry went with an Amish/Indian sort of look. Keep in mind, the fans vote for the AMA's so teenage girls are in charge! 
  • Charlie XCX sang "Boom Clap" surrounded by a prom-like set including a gagillion balloons. She changed outfits, grabbed her boobs, brought out some crazy dancing dominatrixes (is that the right plural form?) and performed "Break the Rules" and then smashed everything up and her boobs almost exploded out of her dress. My 13 year old was very disappointed.
  • Wyclef Jean and Magic performed "Rude" I bet that Wyclef can go anywhere he wants and never get recognized. He looks different to me all the time. My son thought I should let you know that the lead singer was wearing a pair of Todd's
  • No idea who she was but camera went to some woman wearing what looked like a fisherman's net with only black nipple covers underneath 
  • J-Lo looked amazing in her Mummy dress
  • The Frozen/Kohls promotion thing kept me entertained, so did the Sonos Lego commercials
  • Guess it was Jamie Foxx's weekend and he couldn't get a sitter, so Anna Elise Estelle Foxx presented  the Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album to Iggy Azalea. 
  • Gavin Degraw and Becky G introduced 5 Seconds of Summer and they performed "What I Like About You" which was not even close to the original. Name the original band who sang that song for some AMA bonus points. Is it me or is 5 Seconds of Summer the most unattractive boy band ever? 
  • Another music discovery service…Milk. Now I have to go find out about that one, too? I just can't. 
  • Good sign that Barry from The Goldbergs was rapping the ABC Wednesday night promo. Could that be a sure sign of renewal? I have my fingers crossed.
  • I had no idea who the 2 Walking Dead chicks were,  but they introduced Imagine Dragons who performed "I Bet My Life" Great song. 
  • Uzo and Taylor from Orange is the New Black presented Favorite Pop/Rock Male to: Sam Smith 
  • Hey Big Brother fans, Frankie Grande made it to the front row! Did you see him? 
  • Dianna Agron looked horrible
  • Sam Smith performed " I'm Not The Only One" Sam looked high or like he could cry at any minute. A$AP Rocky was rapping along side. Thank god I'm watching with my son or I wouldn't have known who A$AP was or that he uses a $ for the letter "S". Was A$AP going skiing after the show? What was with that scarf?
  • I'm just not a huge Iggy Azalea fan
  • Lourde was pretty amazing. Out of the box…got it. 
  • Arianna Grande looks like Hello Kitty to me. A very talented Hello Kitty. The Weekend's hair do was cause for some pause and analysis. Sleeping on that can't be comfortable.
  • Jenny McCarthy and Donny Wahlberg came out together this year. What are the odds they are still together next year? I find her so annoying I can't believe a guy doesn't. 
  • Best Pop/Rock Album went to: One Direction. Of course I was happy to see my guys back on stage, but I really thought that Lorde would (and maybe should) win. The fans vote though on the AMA's, so you know how teenage girls are…they love their boys! 
  • Miss America introduced Pitbull and Neo they performed "Fireball" and "Time of Our Lives" I think Pitbull moves like that even when he goes to the kitchen to get a snack. Just sort of popping and gliding down the hallway, grabs some chips and then heads back to the family room. 
  • Kardashians…ugh…they presented Pop/Rock Female to Katy Perry who was Down Under and wearing what looked like live orchids in her hair. 
  • Not sure what Danica McKellar was doing at the AMA's but always nice to see Winnie Cooper. 
  • Imagine Dragons won Favorite Alternative Artist Taylor Swift looked angry that Lorde didn't win.  
  • Not a good look for Mary Lambert
  • Selena Gomez performed "The Heart Wants What it Wants" Which was obviously about Bieber. She seemed like she was in pain and then she sprouted some wings,  thanked Jesus for helping her remember get through the song and then it looked like Bieber behind the glass.
  • Hated Julianne Hough's looked slicked back hair
  • Favorite New Artist went to: 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Olivia Mun and Pat Monahan presented Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist to Iggy Azalea who seems like she's trying hard to lose her Australian accent. 
  • How beautiful was Kate Beckinsale?
  • How beautiful was Zayn from One Direction? He looks like John Stamos (the Blacky Parrish years) 
  • Our buddies from Black-ish, Traci Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson introduced Lil Wayne, and  Christina Milian who performed in her undies. The bleep button was used a bunch with Lil Wayne. 
  • Nicki Minaj and Skylar Gray performed "Bed of Lies." Both women were pretty well covered up 
  • Diana Ross and her very large hair was a nice surprise. Diana looked pretty good right? She's 70 years old and presented the Dick Clark Award of Excellence to Taylor Swift. Taylor is a class act
  • Josh Duhmel, introduced his wife, Fergie, who looked amazing. A bit of a wardrobe malfunction but nothing too bad. She just had a baby relatively recently. I hate her. My son's 13 and I'm still working on it. 
  • I sort of forgot that Pitbull was the host at some point and then…there he was again, introducing Luke Bryan, who introduced Garth Brooks who wasn't even there live, he was in Greensboro, North Carolina performing "People Loving People" I'm a HUGE Garth fan, but he's gained a lot of weight, hasn't he? I think the costume person needs to get him a few XL's He looked like he was going to explode out of his shirt. 
  • Mary J. Blige performed "Therapy" Do you think she really goes 2 times a day? 
  • Brantley Gilbert beat out Garth Brooks for Favorite Country Album 
  • Pentatonix is an awesome a capella group, they introduced Jessie Jessie J. Arianna/Hello Kitty and Nicki Minaj who did grab herself and woke that bleep button guy back up.  DId you see Frankie Grande going insane in the audience. The women Sang "Bang Bang" 
  • Heidi Klum presented Favorite Artist of the Year to: One Direction 
  • Final performance was J-Lo and Iggy and was a booty extravaganza. J-Lo's pretty flexible and gorgeous. She's 45 years old guys! 
I can't watch Homeland before bed. It keeps me up. I watched it at the crack of dawn this AM. HOLY SH*T. The prisoner exchange was intense. I didn't see the kid with the bomb coming and then didn't we all breathe a huge sigh of relief once Carrie got Saul to stand up. Then another when Saul was in the car. I had no idea how many minutes were left but thought okay we're good, we're good. We weren't. The convoy was ambushed and now no sign of Carrie and Saul. Martha and Dennis have to put their marriage counseling appointment on hold, the bad guys are IN the building and Homeland isn't back for 2 weeks. Will I sleep at all til then? Turkey should help.


-Turner and Dish have hugged it out. Rejoice Dish people, CNN is back, TBS is back and TNT is back.

-I don't wanna be Howard Stern when he tells his Mom that the Queen Latifah Show has been cancelled. Rae Stern's a HUGE QL fan. She's not going be happy.

-Coming Soon to Spike TV a show we're all going to love: Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battle! The show's gonna tape in NYC and it'll be exactly like the bit on his show. Jimmy, Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski, who are all amazing lip sync'ers will be producing and I'm hoping, making special guest appearances. It premieres in April. Can't wait. If I could set my TiVO now, I would. Here are a few of my faces for those of you that have never seen them.

Monday's Trivia Question:  Only a 3 day week but a theme week anyway. Jane, Alex, Dave, Max, Brad and PennyName the TV show
Jane, Alex, Dave, Max, Brad and Penny

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