Friday, November 21, 2014

Scandal, Mean Tweets, One D and Comedians in Cars and I didn't get home til 11:30pm last night.

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION:Molly Ringwald was on the first season of Facts of Life and starred in the Breakfast Club.
FIRST FIVES: Chuck Chiocco, Mike O'Dea, Bill McLaughlin, Vincent Dunleavy & Karen Feldman
Goldberg Trivia Question #1- Bev lost her Mom when she was 17
Goldberg Trivia Question #2-The song was St. Elmos Fire (Man in Motion)


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
Modern Family-ABC 3.7/10.9
Black-ish-ABC 2.6/7.9
Survivor-CBS 2.4/9.8
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.3/10.6
The Middle-ABC 2.2/8.3

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
American Horror Story-FX 2.0/3.9
NBA-ESPN 1.1/2.4
Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.0/2.6
South Park-Comedy Central .9/1.6
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/1.9

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings
American Horror Story: Freak Show-FX 203,000 Tweets
Arrow-CW 39,000 Tweets
Law & Order SVU-NBC 36,000 Tweets
Nashville-ABC 16,000 Tweets
South Park-Comedy Central 16,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 10/13/14-10/17/14
Fallon 1.0/3.6
Kimmel .6/2.5
Letterman .5/2.6
Daily Show .5/1.2
Seth Meyers .4/1.5
Colbert .3/.9
Conan .3/.8
Nightline .3/1.5
Ferguson .3/1.2
Carson Daly .3/.8

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 10/13/14-10/17/14
GMA 1.8/2.1
Today Show 1.6/1.9
CBS This Morning .9/1.0

-On Tuesday night, the premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, delivered its hits highest ratings in 3 years with 2 million viewers. 1.1 Million of um were A18-49. 


2 Things I need to tell you guys before we get to the shows: 1) My son got an 86 on his Science test. I know you were all dying to know how he did. Thanks for all the support and well wishes. Unfortunately there are 2 tests today but we are feeling much better about those. 2) Was out late last night with some very special and fun friends and who sat down for dinner as we were getting our dessert at 10pm?  Sonia Morgan, Countess LuAnn and their friends. I didn't actually see any of New York's Real Housewives put food in their mouths but they were out to dinner, decked out in full regalia and celebrating Sonia's birthday. Only in NYC!  

Of course we knew the Winter Finale was coming. ABC knows that we'll all be too busy eating, shopping, wrapping, laughing, traveling and celebrating to concentrate on our Scandal pals, but really, I think we could get it together before January 29th! Olivia Pope was about to have sex with super hot shirtless Jake on top of the piano (which I'm guessing wasn't going to be that comfortable) and then she was gone. Talk about a buzz kill! The VP and Ellen's wife were plotting and planning all along. If they couldn't get what they wanted by blackmailing Cyrus and his bad hair, they'd take Olivia as insurance. Not bad but also…not good! Cyrus's photos came out, he quit, got the best pep talk from Olivia ever before she disappeared and then came back and got fake engaged to Michael all for nothing. They took Olivia anyway. Olivia had a pretty tough day when ya think about it. Visited crazy Mom in a hole, had crazy Dad pointing a gun in her face, worked up an appetite, got some food and wine and Jake and made the Kelly Taylor decision to chose herself and then the red wine spilled on the white couch and she was gone. With days like that, no wonder she's still listening to records. No time to set up her Ipod or get started on Spotify. Not sure where Huck got all the files but now his ex has um and she's got some pretty heavy reading to do. Pretty glad that Charlie didn't kill Quinn. Sad to hear the news about Granny Fran. January 29th? THIS SUCKS 
Scandal Trivia Question #1 - I recognized the Ambassador of West Angola from my All My Children days…anyone else remember who she was back then?
Scandal Trivia Question #2 - Give me the 2 songs

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
I've never heard or seen Bill Burr before but loved the Jerry/Bill banter. It was like one long bit being worked on. It was pretty entertaining. Loved the boat thing, the meeting thing, the Prius thing, the Boston thing, the Hitler stuff,  and the product placement. I hate that Jerry smokes cigars. I just hate cigars in general.


-Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, another edition of one of my favorite segments: Celebrity Mean Tweets. Hilarious. Check it out : Jimmy also had on my One D guys and put together the craziest selfie ever. Check that out too! 

- TBS cancelled Sullivan & Sons cancelled after 3 seasons

-Jeff Fager's leaving his CBS News Chairman gig and heading back to 60 Minutes . That's what the deal was apparently and it seems Les is a man of his word. 

-Speaking of Les, I wonder if he's going to come to NYC with Julie and the girls when The Talk hits NYC? The shows coming the first week of December. I wonder if they're up for some dinner?

-My prediction for 2015 is that Better Call Saul will be big. The premiere is now going to be 2 nights starting on February 8th. I can't wait! 

-January 9th is the really official beginning of the end of Glee. We all know the show should have ended 3 seasons ago but the first of the last 13 episodes airs on Friday 1/9. Yes, it's been moved to Friday, the dead zone, but lets face it, the show died already. I'll finish what I started cause that's what I do, but I can't wait to check this one off my list and file it all away. 

Friday's Trivia Question: White Collar & the original 90210. Name the actress. 

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