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The Women of Sunday Night: Madam Secretary, Homeland and The Good Wife AKA Anxiety TV.


FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Elke Raskob, Chuck Chiocco, Ed Ziskind & Bill McLaughlin
Bonus Scandal Question: The two songs from Scandal were: "Bad Girls" and "Day and Night"


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.5/16.9
Scandal-ABC 3.2/10.0
How to Get Away With Murder-ABC 2.9/9.2
Mom-CBS 2.6/11.0
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.4/8.3

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Thursday Night Friday-NFL 2.8/7.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.6
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/1.7
Family Guy-TBS .7/1.3
Pawn Stars-History .7/2.6

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Scandal-ABC 306,000 Tweets
How to Get Away With Murder-ABC 122,000 Tweets
You Oughta Know Live in Concert-VH1 85,000 Tweets
The Vampire Diaries-CW 83,000 Tweets
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 53,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Shark Tank-ABC 1.7/7.5
Dateline-NBC 1.5/7.9
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.5/7.0
Grimm-NBC 1.2/4.9
20/20-ABC 1.2/5.7

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Twitter Ratings
Hollywood Film Awards-CBS 105,000 Tweets
WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syy 27,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 14,000 Tweets
Real Time With Bill Maher-HBO 4,000 Tweets
Letterman-CBS 2,000 Tweets

Hollywood Film Awards was a total bomb! Only a .5 with 4 million viewers and the show itself was HORRIBLE


Apparently, once Halloween is over,  marketers forget about Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas. I'm already sick of Christmas/Holiday commercials and we are still a week and a half away from Thanksgiving. This is insanity.

Madam Secretary 
Last night's episode of Madam Secretary wasn't a winter finale or anything, it was just episode 9, but it sure felt like a finale. I thought we'd all learn who killed the former Secretary of State as a season finale or a "very special episode" but nope, it was just episode 9. In between analyzing the former SOS's planes black box, canceling a meeting with one country and, having a different meeting with a different country, confronting the airport dude that screwed with the former SOS's plane, and finding out that the Chief of Staff had Matt spy on  Marsh and now on her, Elizabeth was able, with the help of Fred, her secret service agent, to go to her daughter's soccer game because even though she's the SOS, she's also a Mom. SLEEVE UPDATE: There has to be some THING with Tea Leoni and sleeves. Every outfit she wore last night had either short 3/4 sleeves, rolled sleeves or no sleeves in the form of  a tank dress. I thought I had blown the lid off of Sleevegate but then, a twist. A cashmere sweater with super long sleeves that went over Tea's hands and fingers. What gives with this woman and her sleeves? Someone needs to get to the bottom of this. 

Did you have a HEART ATTACK during Homeland last night? I did! Man, what a difference from when I have to step out of a big meeting to take a call and when Carrie does. That Saul scene was INTENSE, I needed extra deodorant. Khan's actually a good guy, he helped Carrie when she was f'ed up from the meds and he helped her by telling her about the Ambassadors husband. I hope that guy gets his ass kicked big time. 2 things. Where did Carrie renew her prescription? I didn't see a CVS anywhere in Islamabad. Also, what company supplies the awesome Islamabad satellite network? I know Verizon's good, but in the middle of nowhere Pakistan to be able to take any phone, know the number and have Carrie pick up and hear Saul super clear was truly miraculous, no? Lastly…Carrie put in her mouth guard and earplugs to help her sleep and yet she heard the phone ring when Khan called. I don't even know how Carrie could sleep after the 2 days she just had, I couldn't and I was just watching it. 

The Good Wife
I was on the edge of my seat during both Madam Secretary and Homeland. I figured The Good Wife (not Newsroom) would be a good way to end my night. Not so much. Between Alicia's crazy campaign, and thinking Cary's going to get killed at any moment the deodorant was working overtime. I totally thought the Finn/Alicia moment was coming and then DENIED. Totally believed that Peter wasn't sleeping with Ramona, but HE IS. I don't know what to think about Alicia's opponent. He he telling the truth or not and how do Kalinda and Lana both have so much time to fool around when both of them are REALLY busy at work right now? Loved the "Who wore it better?" US Magazine moment. I say Alicia. She def looked better than Frank's Mom in that red dress. Nice to see a little comic relief in the midst of such a pressure cooker. 


-  6 more Mindy's, 3 more McCarthy's and no more Millers. A good news bad news day.

-Glen A. Larson passed away yesterday. Glen created Knight Rider, Magnum P.I. Battlestar Galactica and a bunch more fun iconic TV programs over the years. Thanks and RIP GAL. 

Monday's Trivia Question: The Good Wife, Raising Hope & The Goonies: Name the actress.

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