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Cougar Town, Real Housewives, and Parks & Recreation

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club
FIRST FIVES:  Bobby Aguilera, Karen Heniger, Phyllis DiCesare, Elke Raskob & Mike O'Dea

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Golden Globes-NBC 5.0/16.1
60 Minutes-CBS 3.6/17.3
Golden Globes Pre-Show-NBC 2.2/9.5
The Simpsons-FOX 2.0/4.3
Family Guy-FOX 2.0/4.0

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Golden Globes-NBC 1,885,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 117,000 Tweets
Shameless-Showtime 22,000 Tweets
Downton Abbey-PBS 18,000 Tweets
Family Guy-FOX 5,000 Tweets

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
Mike & Molly-CBS 2.1/9.1
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.9/10.0
The Bachelor-ABC 1.7/6.4
Celebrity Apprentice-NBC 1.7/5.8
Castle-ABC 1.4/6.7

Monday's Cable Top 5 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
WWE Monday Night Raw-Syfy 213,000 Tweets
The Bachelor-ABC 131,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop-ABC 116,000 Tweets
Eye Candy-MTV 57,000 Tweets
Celebrity Apprentice-NBC 35,000 Tweets


Parks & Recreation
I can't believe we are here. The beginning of the end of Parks & Recreation. Now that its back it reminded me of how awesome it is. These SNL alums are really doing quite well for themselves (and NBC) aren't they? Last night, for our viewing pleasure, 2 back to back episodes. Fast forward to Pawnee, 2017. Leslie Knope was sporting some new bangs but only on TV can they grow out in 30 minutes and never go through that awkward stage where you need a barrette or some really good hairspray, but I digress. In 2017, Leslie and Ron are no longer friends, we're not sure why, only that it had something to with Morningstar. Ron's left the Parks department to start a Very Good building company. (That's the name of it) April's still working with Leslie and upset that she and Andy have become boring and responsible. After seeing Joan Calamezzo speak from her new book "Game of Joans" she set out to find her passion and she didn't think it was at the Parks department, she thought it was at the Lerpiss Mortuary. Jon Hamm was back for a quick cameo. Phones are transparent, 3D, and can change shape in 2017. (Take note Apple) Andy has a TV show called Johnny Karate, Jerry's name is now Terry, Tom's a restaurant mogul, Ben's the Man of the Year, Donna's engaged and in need of a Shia LeBeuf wedding gown, Kevin James is the new Jason Bourne, Tammy's back and dating Councilman Jam (they're known as Jammy) but it's killing him. Ron and Leslie put aside Morningstar to save Jam from Tam which worked and left a naked Tammy alone in the library. Dying to know if Megan Mullalhy was actually naked in that scene. Doubt it since her hubby and his cast mates were all on set that day but it could have been a great end of the series stunt. It has to be funny as hell in the Mullalhy/Offerman home. I don't know about you, but I'm really going to miss P&R.

Cougar Town
Another show nearing its end. I thought we'd have to wait for the finale for Laurie and Travis's baby to show up, but thankfully he was born last night. He was thiiiiiis close to being called Macho Cobb but now he's Baby Bobby, after his grandfather (and quite possibly Bababooey?) What is it about a baby being born that can bring a crazy show and its viewers to a standstill? Yep, that's what happens. Weddings and babies. I think they did set up the end though, Bobby (the grown-up, not the baby) will probably leave the crew, his land boat and penny can, and head to an actual apartment and job as a golf pro in Georgia. I'll miss this show and this crew too. They've moved around from day to day, time period to time period, broadcast to cable but I've followed them everywhere. They're a fun bunch and I am obsessed with Courtney Cox's body and her botox. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Can you really get THAT wealthy in the restaurant biz? Lisa and Ken live so luxuriously that almost every week when I watch RHOBH I Google them to figure out how they are made their fortune. Ken did play Soccer professionally, but they seemed to have made all their money from clubs, bars and restaurants all over the world. They certainly live large, don't they?  Also living large, all of the housewives kids. Last year Yolanda set up Gigi in an awesome NYC place and this year it was Bella's turn. Why should the two sisters share a pad? That makes no sense at all. Yo got Bella her own pad too. She decorated it and even made her a love wall just like the one at home in Malibu and just like the one she did for Gigi. What a nice Mommy. Kyle was in Arizona saying goodbye to her 2nd college student, Alexia and setting up her apartment too. God forbid any of these kids live in a dorm and eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Lots of tears though. I cried when I heard Alexia was getting 2000 bucks a month spending money!  2000 a month!!! You know, just in case she needs to get something to eat and get her nails done. Eileen was saying goodbye to her stepson who was leaving for his senior year at SMU in a convertible Audi. See what I mean! Over at the Vanderpumps, Max quit college, was driving his girlfriends Beemer, and working at Mommy's restaurant. Man these kids have it easy! Brandi invited her friends over to watch Eddie and Leann's reality show, then she met with her lawyer because Eddie says he over paid her and wants 114K back from her. Knowing Brandi, not a chance he sees a penny, especially when he's only paying her 1000 a month which according to Brandi will only cover 1 week of groceries. I guess she buys her produce at Louis Vuitton?  Lisa Rinna did some nutty lip and voice exercises before she acted in some Penn Jillette production. Gotta say, I was hypnotized by her mad lip skills. I'm loving Lisa on the show. She's a great addition.

-Lots of great renewal news: Crackle renewed one of my current favorites, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you aren't watching it, I don't know what more I can do, I can lead a reader to a show but I can't force you to click on the link. Just do it! Right now is a great time to catch up as the 4th Season just ended. So listen to me and WATCH IT. Okay, okay, here's the link:

-In addition to CiCGC, The Fosters was renewed for a 3rd Season (YEAH) and Master Chef Junior renewed for a 4th.  

-First Mary Murphy and now Derek Hough. Only difference is that Derek Hough is only leaving Dancing With the Stars for quick break and Mary's leaving for good. Derek's going to head over to Radio City Music Hall to star in the Spring Spectacular but then he'll be back next Fall for DWTS 21st Season. 

-Okay, if anything could get me to watch The Bachelor it's Jimmy Kimmel. He's going to host the show on Monday night. He's a HUGE fan and always performs re-enactments with Guillermo or little kids on his show. Here's an example.

-Good news Red Band fans. The last 3 episodes of Red Band Society will actually air. I did watch this show and I will watch the final 3 eps. This show could have been so good but it made no sense at all. Don't even get me started. Lets just finish it off with dignity. The show will be back on Saturday nights starting 1/31at 9pm

-I'm really NOT a Woody Allen fan at all, but I know there are a lot of Woody fans out there. Woody's signed on to write, direct, produce, basically do anything he wants for Amazon. At this point he has no clue, no ideas, nada, but he's on board. The guy is turning 80 this year. I find him really creepy and weird, although I did like Match Point, so I don't hate everything he does. Whatever he comes up with, I'm sure all of his disciples will be there to check it out. and tell me what a genius he is. I just don't get it.

-I don't cover real news in this blog, but after everything Ann Curry's gone through with NBC and The Today Show, I'm glad she's finally able to get the F outta there and start a new chapter for herself. Wonder if she stopped by Matt's office to tell him to go F himself before she packed up her stuff and split?  

-Buzzfeed, is one of my favorite websites. Technically it doesn't have anything to do with TV but I do use it sometimes for fun TV facts. I thought some of these Buzzfeed facts were interesting and since this is MY blog, I figured why not share anyway?  

  • People spent a total of 68,655 years on Buzzfeed in 2014 
  • Traffic doubled from 100 million monthly uniques to 200 million monthly uniques in 2014
  • Buzzfeed posts received over 16 BILLION page views, 200 million shares, 12 million reactions and 500,000 comments 
  • Most popular quiz of the year: What state do you actually belong in? 
  • 5766 years were spent watching Buzzfeed videos 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: This year, George Clooney won the Cecill B. DeMille Award at The Goldend Globes. Only one father and son have both one the Cecill B. DeMille Award. Name them.

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