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THE OSCAR NOMINEES ARE IN oh and...Goldbergs, Black-ish, Modern Family & Empire

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Kirk and Michael Douglas are the only father and son to have won the Cecil B. DeMille Award at The Golden Globes
FIRST FIVES: Elke Raskob, Mike O'Dea, Bob Kaplan, Katie McCartney & Dave DeSocio


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 2.8/19.6
NCIS: New Orleans-CBS 2.2/16.1
Shark Tank-ABC 1.8/7.3
MasterChef Junior-FOX 1.7/4.9
Person of Interest-CBS 1.6/10.0

Tuesday's Cable Top 5

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 192,000 Tweets
Parks and Recreation-NBC 97,000 Tweets
Agent Carter-ABC 39,000 Tweets
Nancy Grace-HLN 31,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo 11,000 Tweets

Just a quick note about Girls Sunday night Season premiere. Granted there was a LOT to watch BUT...Girls only delivered a .4 RA18-49 with 600K viewers. Shameless over on Showtime beat it by more than double with a .8 and 1.7 million viewers. I think Hollywood is hyping the show WAY more than it deserves to be hyped. 

Best Picture:  American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, Selma, The Theory of Everything & Whiplash
Best Actor:Eddie Redmayne/The Theory of Everything, Benedict Cumberbatch/Imitation Game, Michael Keaton/Birdman, Steve Carrell/Foxcatcher &  Bradley Cooper/American Sniper
Best Supporting Actor: JK Simmons/Whiplash, Robert Duval/The Judge,Ethan Hawk/Boyhood, Edward Norton/Birdman & Mark Ruffalo/Foxcatcher
Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon/Wild, Marion Cotillard/2 Days 1 Night, Felicity Jones/The Theory of Everything, Julianne Moore/Still Alice & Rosamund Pike/Gone Girl
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Stone/Birdman, Patricia Arquette/Boyhood,  Laura Dern/Wild,  Kiera Knightly/The Imitation Game & Meryl Streep/Into the Woods

The Goldbergs
Hate to criticize one of my favorite shows but this week's episode of The Goldbergs just wasn't a favorite. Sure I enjoyed the Yellow Pages, The Dark Crystal and General Hospital back in the day (Luke, Laura, Robert, Anna, The Cassadine's!) but I must have been busy doing something else because Transformers just weren't anything I concerned myself with. So the entire thing with Adam, Pops and the Transformers meant nothing at all to me. I'm not sure about this but when did the word for ponytail holders become scrunchies? Was that in the 80's? I thought it was a late 90's thing but I could be wrong. I did love the entire Lainee/Barry thing though. We had a Lainee and a Lani in my high school but neither one of them EVER went for secret shame guy, they didn't need to. Great song in this episode. Name it and the band for extra bonus. Oh, one more Goldberg bonus question...did you recognize the girl that played Ev, Bev's younger twin? Name the show she just came from for even MORE bonus points! 

Modern Family
Okay, I'm going to officially put it out there. I think Modern Family has jumped the shark. I don't think I need to watch it live anymore and honestly, I'm not sure I need to watch it at all anymore. I'm really not loving it. Of course it could be the clown thing. I hate clowns, I'm afraid of clowns and literally looked away for all of the scenes with Fizbo and Lizbo so that could have been part of the problem. Jay and Phil are the only characters in the show that I pay attention to at this point. All the kids are bugging me, now the wacky neighbors are bugging me, Gloria and Joe are bugging me and I honestly cannot deal with one more second of Luke.  It could also be, that I gave Empire a second chance and REALLY enjoyed it, so now I have a better option on Wednesday's at 9pm. I don't know...what are you guys feeling? 

Last nights Black-ish was hilarious anddddd someone on set must be listening to me because Rainbow's hair was pulled back or in a ski hat for just about the entire episode. Her eye didn't bug me as much when it wasn't combined with the hair. She also dialed it down a notch. I'd say that this was her best episode yet. Also, Lionel Richie Jr. rocks. I'm officially obsessed with him and only hope that Traci Ross, calls in a favor and gets her Mom's "Endless Love" partner to make a cameo. That would be awesome! (Someone make note of this in case it happens-I want full credit!) Okay, so Dre and the family were going on their annual Martin Luther King Day Ski Trip and all Dre wanted was for his family to truly understand the meaning of Dr. King's impact on the world. He was pretty much the ONLY one who cared about Dr. King.  Rainbow and the kids bagged skiing altogether and took a spa day. Dre just didn't think Lionel Richie Jr. had any concept of what it was like to feel prejudice. Every time an opportunity presented itself, it just didn't happen. The cops were nice, the rednecks at Whitey's Truck Stop were nice, the hotel clerk was nice but then it happened and it was brilliant. Lionel Richie Junior and his friend were snowboarding, not skiing. Snowboarders had to sit in the BACK OF THE BUS! HILARIOUS! Lionel Richie Jr. did NOT like that one bit and gave the "I have a dream" speech but his ended with "Free to Thrash, Free to Thrash, thank God Almighty I'm Free to Thrash" well done! I loved so many things about this episode especially Rainbow and the kids' rendition of "All About that Bass" I think ABC may want to consider putting Black-ish at 9pm, don't you?

Last weeks ratings were so huge and most of you guys really liked Empire, so I had to give it another chance and I'm glad I did. I loved the 2nd episode and I think one of my readers, Gerald Piscopo, may be right about his theory. (Email me separately if you want me to fill you in) Cookie is just a kick-ass chick. Nothing phases this woman and she's going to get what she believes is rightfully hers. Although we did see her vulnerable for a second at the end there, didn't we? Did you catch the Agent Carter thing? Funny ABC! Wait til she finds out who killed her cousin Bunky. Wait til everyone finds out because at some point, they will. There's so much to discuss I don't even know where to begin. I'm just going to put the two things on my mind out there on the table. They're both not politically correct but it's what's in my brain. First...what was up with Andre's wife putting a baby bib on to give a BJ? I know this is probably a totally different blog but I was dying, especially because I was watching with my 13 year old son and prayed he didn't ask about that. (He didn't). Second. Yes, I guess I'm happy that someone hired Gabourey Sidibe. I'd consider it a bit of a Mitzvah, actually.  I don't mean to be offensive to anyone but she's reallllly tough to look at. I feel like she's going to die at any moment. Plus the clothes she's wearing don't help at all. Those arms are very distracting. She's very distracting and yes I feel guilty typing all of this but I had to get it out. Of course, she's the one that knows Lucious's secret. Why her?  I'm going to hell, I know I am, and I'm sorry. Okay enough Gabourey bashing. SO happy that Hakeem and Jamal went out on stage together at the Levitcus opening. Take that Dad! I'm in guys. Glad I came back. Hope the ratings did too!


-Okay Smash fans, this one's actually pretty freaking cool. Megan Hilty, Katherine McPhee, Debra Messing and Angelica Huston will all perform BOMBSHELL the Marilyn Monroe musical that the show centered around on June 8th. No idea where yet, just someplace in NYC. Tickets will go on sale soon and I'll let you know when I have the info. That is a REALLY cool idea. I wonder if anyone's going to broadcast the performancel? Hmmmmm

-Comedy Central's Broad City has been renewed for a 10 episode 3rd Season. Who's watching this one? I checked it out and didn't love it. Should I give it another chance?

-Couples Therapy on VH1 was also renewed. Pretty sure this one could go on forever with all the crazy people and couples out there needing help.

-Some bad news too, unfortunately. USA cancelled Benched after just one season. 

-Do you LOVE SNL? I do, and so does my 13 year old son. We watch a lot of the old ones on Hulu but this marathon sounds insane. Too bad I have to work for a living. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, VH1 Classic will be running a 19 day, 433 hour marathon, of ever single SNL episode EVA!!! It begins on January 28th and ends on February 15th. During this time I will be paying tribute with SNL Trivia, so help me out guys, I'll give you a shout out for every question you send in. I need 19 of um! 

-Last thing that I saw with Mike Myers name on it was an awesome documentary about Shep Gordon,  manager to the stars. HBO just locked Mike up to a 2 year exclusive TV deal. Just like the Woody Allen Amazon thing, no idea what Mike's going to do exactly yet, but he's locked in to HBO for a while.  

-In late night last night, Jimmy had Gwyneth and didn't use her to her potential. (She rocked on Howard Stern yesterday) He went the safe route with her with this routine. Kimmel on the other hand, kicked ass with Liam Neeson and the new movie they both start in...Taken 4. Check it out and let me know if you agree. Kimmel won last night.

Thursday's Trivia Question:  Who is the YOUNGEST actor to win a Best Actor Golden Globe for a film role?  All I can tell you is just thinking about his role can bring you to tears. 

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