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Scandal, Nashville and Hindsight

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Of COURSE it was Michael Jackson who won the most Grammy's in one night and it was in 1983
FIRST FIVES:Mike O'Dea, Kara Brennan, Larry Price, Bob Kaplan & Bobby Aguilera


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
Empire-FOX 4.6/11.4
Modern Family-ABC 3.4/9.8
American Idol-FOX 3.1/11.2
Fresh Off the Boat-ABC 2.5/7.9
Fresh Off the Boat-ABC 2.3/7.4

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.2/3.1
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.1/2.4
Duck Dynasty-A&E .7/2.0
The Game-BET .7/1.2
Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .7/1.5

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Empire-FOX 332,000 Tweets
Arrow-CW 57,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 48,000 Tweets
American Idol-FOX 33,000 Tweets
Fresh Off the Boat-ABC 31,000 Tweets 

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 1/26/15-1/30/15
Fallon-.8/2.7 (repeat)
Kimmel-.6/2.9 (CHECK OUT THE NUMBERS...he's gaining on Fallon!!!)
The Daily Show-.5/1.2
The Nightly Show-.4.8
Seth Meyers-.3/1.2
Late Late Show-.2/1.1
Carson Daly-.2/.7

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 1/26/15-1/30/15
GMA 1.7/2.0
Today Show 1.7/2.0
CBS This Morning 1.0/1.1

Becca's assignment...cover the REM Concert! Unfortunately when you work for a tiny start-up magazine, you have to get there yourself, find tickets and figure out a way to cover the experience WITHOUT press credentials. Becca accidentally let it slip that REM would break up in the future and that Lolly would most likely never marry Michael Stipe because he plays for the other team. (I never understood my friends love for him, he looks like an alien to me.) Becca's still taunting me with that motorcycle jacket, but none of the cool kids in my school put their hands in the pockets like she did. Lolly, Paige and Becca hit the road to go see REM in North Carolina and stopped at Lolly's Dad's place for a tense visit. Lolly and her Dad don't have the greatest relationship and Becca tried to help with that. I think it might have worked. Alan Ruck played Lolly's Dad. (Name the movie he played Cameron in for some bonus points.) Becca and the girls couldn't score tickets so she covered the concert from the outside of the arena. On the way home she called Andy to have him meet her at her apparently unlocked, lake house. Of course he went to meet her, but he got in a car accident on the way. Tempting the fates! Not a good idea. Are we seeing a theme here? This is where I get a bit crazy with time travel. I'm assuming that Andy doesn't die because of the ripple affect and because we need him for the rest of Becca's story to play out, right? Lots of great music in this one too. Some Stone Temple Pilots, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "Shiny Happy People," "You Ought to Know" and a fun one I sort of forgot about. "Roll to Me" by Del Amitri, remember that one? 

Man that Luke Wheeler is an even bigger d*ck than we thought. Running over the wedding cake with his truck, shooting champagne bottles with his gun and then sending over a big fat folder of wedding bills to Rayna to pay for. Luke's not the only one upset. Maddie and Daphne are too. Maddie's a teenage girl though, she's supposed to be upset all. Luke's kids hate him so much they went running off to Rayna's place. Not sure why they'd go there and not their Mom's but let's move on. There's no way I believe that Jeff's turning in to a good guy, but he did get Layla and Will out of their reality show, and hopefully he did destroy the incriminating tape but I doubt it. Layla didn't die, so Jeff can make her a big star. Totally love Juliette and Avery together and fighting over ugly furniture. Juliette was right though, everything of Avery's was hideous. Deacon got into it with Luke for calling Rayna a b*tch. He really needs to chill until he gets that liver. Rayna doesn't know about the liver yet. She showed up at Deacon's door and FINALLY told him she loved him. She always has and she always will but Deacon doesn't want her to know he needs a liver. Of COURSE she's going to find out. My prediction, Scarlett tells Rayna, she calls some friends over at Seattle Grace and takes Deacon over there for a crossover episode transplant! The liver should arrive just in time for the season finale and celebratory crossover concert in May. Problem solved! I love Deacon.  Nobody cares about Gunnar and Mika right? Hoping we never see the grandparents or that kid again. Ugh, hated that storyline. Not loving Sadie and her abusive ex and that storyline either. Do we have enough invested in Sadie to care if she kills that a-hole? She couldn't pull the trigger but I'm thinking she will at some point. Will we care is the question. 

I totallllllly didn't see the Vice President and the war in West Angola behind Olivia's disappearance. Honestly, how in the world could that possibly happen. The VP got everyyyyyyone in on it, got camera's and bugs and the entire Secret Service to turn on the President? COME ON. That's a bit ridiculous even for Scandal. Thank goodness Florence from The Jeffersons and the Command Graduates. Jake, Huck and Quinn used Olivia and Liz's clues and the magic sticky window and found Olivia's location pretty quick. Of course when they got there to save the day, she was gone. Olivia's not a patient person, she had a plan and convinced Ian she was worth way more to him on the open market. Especially if she had her hair done, took a shower and got some groovy clothes. So they quickly bagged the entire hostage team, got a private jet and hit the road. Fitz got his team too. Cyrus, Mellie and he even went to Tom in prison, who's a complete mental case now. Not sure why they didn't get Abby in on the action. She's usually quite helpful. 


-More LA Tonight Show fun. It's been such a good week of shows so far, you could make a case for moving the show back to LA. The Fresh Prince showed up for a great duet with Jimmy. Check it out:

-BET renewed Being Mary Jane for a 3rd Season, NBC renewed Blacklist and Chicago PD for their 3rd Seasons too. Chicago Fire's getting a 4th Season. I can't believe Grimm's getting a 5th Season and Law & Order is getting a 17th! Did Mariska Hargitay step in sh*t or what? 17 SEASONS!!! 

-Todd Chrisley's and his crazy clan are going to London for their 3rd Season and we'll all get to see their first trip out of the US this Summer. 

-Grammy night AND the Premiere of Better Call Saul. I'm going to watch the Grammy's live, then switch over to Saul and then switch back. Not sure when I'll get to Girls, Episodes or Downton. The Grammy's are screwing things up. What will you be watching? 

Friday's Trivia Question: Which GROUP holds the record for the most Grammy wins?

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