Thursday, March 5, 2015

Survivor, Empire, Suits, and The Goldbergs...I've STILL got it!

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Maddie and Daphne, Julie and Gracie Bell are all of Connie Britton's TV daughters. 
FIRST FIVES: Elke Raskob, Karen Feldman, Francesca Sullivan, Priscilla Paez & Chuck Chiocco


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 4.1/15.5
Chicago Fire-NBC 2.1/9.0
Fresh off the Boat-ABC 1.7/6.0
Marvels Agents of SHIELD-ABC 1.6/4.4
Hell's Kitchen-FOX 1.4/4.0

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.0/2.0
NCAA Basketball-ESPN 1.0/2.7
Being Mary Jane-BET 1.0/2.0
Haves and Have Nots-OWN .9/2.9
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.2

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 143,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 86,000 Tweets
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD-ABC 49,000 Tweets
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Bravo 36,000 Tweets
Repeat After Me-ABC 10,000 Tweets


Jeff Probst NEVER annoys me, never, but the fact that each tribe is known as White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar is already on my nerves and it's only week 2.  I'm ready to abolish the word collar from my vocabulary. I miss those crazy tribe names big time. I won't miss Vince. The guy was an alien, what an ODD DUDE! The feathers, the close talking, the need for constant validation was all super weird.  I knew he wouldn't last long at all. Nina's next to go. I feel bad for her but it was her choice to be on the show. Grow a pair and start playing the game, Nina or your out!  Dan lost his undies on day 4, so he created a bizarre diaper thing and seemed to be obsessed with being known as the "fat guy." One problem…he's not THAT fat. 5 naked occurrences this week. None of it good.  Reminded me of the days of Richard Hatch, the king of bad naked moments. Interestingly enough, it wasn't just the No Collar clan going au natural. We had white collar and blue collar nudity as well. At this point, I don't have any favorites, but I already know it's a good season. 

Empire didn't have much animal print this week, but it sure had everything else. Drunk Cookie is probably even better than sober Cookie. Loved the "that's my name, take a bite" line. She's the best. Writers must love writing for her. Bitter, scorned, Anika headed right over to Billy Beretti and declared war on Lucious and Empire. Judd Nelson is so unrecognizable, it freaks me out a little. Now it's a race to sign talent. Creedmore is leading but not for long, not with that awesome rendition of "You're so Beautiful."  I actually loved Jamal and Delphine's "I am the Conqueror" duet big time. Dre's off his meds and losing it big time. First his brothers had to calm him down in the elevator with a little "Lean on Me" but that only worked for a little while and then the EMT's had to come in and shoot him up with  tranquilizers to calm him down. Now he's on a 24 hour hold and it looks like Jennifer Hudson's coming in for a guest spot and some "therapy" next week. 

Flashback bp…before product to the night Harvey met Donna. Wish I had that much confidence in myself when I was just starting out. Also flashbacks to Harvey's first run in with Eric Roberts. He is just THE creepiest looking guy. If I were Julia Roberts, I wouldn't want him in my life purely on the creepy factor. Big news...Norma, Louis's never before seen secretary DIED! It really sent him over the edge. Not sure why Louis was arranging her funeral and buying her urn and not her family but we'll let that go a minute. Did you get the feeling that Louis and Donna were going to kiss? I did. Then I thought finally Harvey and Donna would but no smooching at all except for Mike and Rachel. Just like in all romantic TV scenes, tons of lit candles magically appear out of the giant candle storage bin and Mike proposed with his Grandma's ring. Awwwww looks like we'll get a wedding before this show ends for good. The cliffhanger wasn't the proposal, or Harvey catching Forsman on tape, it was Donna leaving Harvey to work for Louis. The only thing that really sucks about that is that it's going to CRUSH Louis when Donna dumps him AGAIN for Harvey.

Shocker, I never had or even wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll, but I sure remember the Cabbage Patch insanity. I've seen a ton of TV shows where someone has to care for a fake baby to show how tough parenting is. We never had that assignment at FLHS. I don't know anyone other than TV kids that did. Did any of you guys? Adam and Dana did and of course Bev had to weasel her way into the assignment and into their relationship. After screwing up the "Happy wife, happy life" advice Adam got from Pops and Murray, he finally got it together and stood up to Bev which scored major points with Dana. While all that was going on, Barry was so into Lainee, that he gave up the JTP and Erica took his place. One problem, the JTP fell in L...O...V...E with Erica, or at least thought they did. Big Tastee to the rescue! Barry  jumped in and got things back on track. Scoring major points with Lainee, Erica and his boys. A few 80's references other than the Cabbage Patch Dolls. Magnum PI T-Shirt, Different Strokes, Madonna gloves, Reebok High Tops and of course the Say Anything boom box re-enactment.
3 Bonus Goldberg Trivia Questions:
1) Name the song & the band
2) What did Adam name his baby before Bev changed it to Myrna?
3) What movie were Erica and the JTP watching on TV? 


-I'm not a Broadchurch person, but for anyone who is, starting today BBC has made Season 2 episodes available across all digital platforms so Broadchurchers…go crazy!

-I'm thinking the editors will have to work a bit of overtime to get Tosh.0 ready for the Fall of 2015 and all the FOX O&Os that will be running the show in syndication, but it could be a smart move on FOX's part and I rarely throw them a compliment. 

Thursday's Trivia Question: What was Magnum's first name in Magnum PI? 

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