Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Upfronts Day 1

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Martin Sheen & Lily Tomlin both starred in Aaron Sorkin's West Wing and Sam Waterson and Jane Fonda both starred in Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom.
FIRST FIVE: Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Phyllis DiCesare, Karen Feldman & Monica Caraffa


Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Shark Tank-ABC 1.5/6.5
Beyond the Tank-ABC 1.4/5.5
20/20-ABC 1.2/5.0
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.1/8.3
Dateline-NBC 1.1/5.7

Friday's Cable Top 5
NBA Playoffs-ESPN 2.2/5.6
NBA Playoffs-ESPN 2.1/4.9
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS .5/1.7
Bob's Burgers-Adult Swim .6/1.4

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Impact Wrestling-Destination America 14,000 Tweets
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 11,000 Tweets
Shark Tank-ABC 8,000 Tweets
Letterman-CBS 3,000 Tweets
Anderson Cooper 360-CNN 1,000 Tweets

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Once Upon a Time-ABC 1.7/5.4
America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC 1.4/5.9
Revenge Series Finale-ABC 1.3/4.8
The Good Wife-CBS 1.2/9.2
60 Minutes-CBS 1.2/9.3
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Once Upon a Time-ABC 113,000 Tweets
Game of Thrones-HBO 71,000 Tweets
Revenge-ABC 53,000 Tweets
Mad Men-AMC 39,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 18,000 Tweets


It's upfront week and quite frankly, other than the Jane the Virgin finale (she had a baby boy named Mateo but Sin Rostro stole it !!!), there was nothing on last night. I still need to catch up on The Royals from Sunday night, but it's way more important for me to try and remember all of the details from the NBC & FOX Upfronts yesterday. I didn't take any notes, so I'm going on memory. 

I enjoyed Bob Greenblatt and wondered what the conversation must have been like between him and Jennifer Salke when he told her he'd present alone this year. She's a terrible presenter, so maybe she was relieved and not that upset or maybe she freaked out, called her therapist and headed over for a spontaneous session. I don't really like to judge the shows on their clips alone, so I'll reserve my comments until after I see all of the pilots. Even then who knows, look at the Grace & Frankie situation. Loved seeing the Strike Back guys in the audience. No Kristy sandwich but a girl can dream, can't she? The Neil Patrick Harris variety show looks fun and the prank he pulled on a media buyer was pretty good. Linda Yaccarino wore a really nice white dress (I think she wore white last year too) Dolly Parton was amazing, and so was her pianist…Bob Greenblatt! I would have thought Jimmy Fallon would have done a bit more.Michael Phelps, Jimmy Johnson, Al Michaels & Chris Collingsworth were all in the house.  I'm looking forward to the Olympics, The Wiz Live with Stephanie Mills as Auntie Em and figuring out what to do with all this data everyone wants me to have. 

I think everyone was surprised (and relieved) that next year will be the last for American Idol. Toby Byrne did his thing but then it was Dana and Gary doing most of the presenting. I'd never seen the two of them present before. They did a good job. Dana could have gone a little more Linda Yaccarino-ee but she toned it down and went for the serious business look. Tuesday night looks to be a decent night on FOX. How bad could it be? John Stamos in Grandfathered, Rob Lowe in The Grinder and Scream Queens. I couldn't get near Rob Lowe, but Stamos was pretty cool and looks just as good up close as he does on TV.  The gang from Empire and Jennifer Hudson  performed a few songs and Andy Samberg was sort of funny. Here are the FOX trailers and more pics of me with Lucious and Hakeem Lyon from Empire:

MONDAY 8-9PM  Gotham, 9-10 Minority Report
TUESDAY 8-830p Grandfathered, 830-9p The Ginder, 9-10p Scream Queens (awesome new night of TV)
WEDNESDAY 8-9PM Rosewood, 9-10p Empire   
THURSDAY 8-9p Bones, 9-10p Sleepy Hollow
FRIDAY 8-9 PM  Master Chef Jr, 9-10p Worlds Funniest
SATURDAY 7-10:30 PM  FOX College Football
SUNDAY 7-730p NFL On FOX, 730-8p Bob's Burgers, 8-830p Simpsons, 830-9p Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 9-930p Family Guy, 930-10p Last Man on Earth

Tuesday's Trivia Question: Easy FOX Upfront Question...Who is Hakeem and Jamal's Mom on Empire? Character's name please.

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