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Big Brother, Ballers and Goodbye to Nurse Jackie.

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: University of California Sunnyvale was where Buffy the Vampire Slayer and friends went to school. Last weeks them was fictional universities.

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Vanessa Benfield, Bobby Aguilera, Monica Caraffa & Karen Feldman 

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.0/6.4
Dateline-NBC 1.3/6.8
Under the Dome-CBS 1.3/6.1
Wayward Pines-FOX 1.2/3.3
Boom-FOX .9/2.5

Thursday's Cable Top 5
NBA Draft-ESPN 1.5/3.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7
Big Bang Theory-TBS .7/2.1
WWE Smackdown-Syfy .6/2.4
FX Movie-FX .5/1.2

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Hannibal-NBC 92,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 74,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 32,000  Tweets
Under the Dome-CBS 22,000 Tweets
Beyond Scare Straight-A&E 14,000 Tweets

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
FIFA Women's World Cup-FOX 2.0/5.6
20/20-ABC 1.2/4.8
Dateline-NBC 1.1/4.9
What Would You Do?-ABC 1.1/4.2
Shark Tank-ABC .9/4.1

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Teen Beach 2-Disney 64,000 Tweets
Bellator MMA Live-Spike 13,000 Tweets
The Kelly File-Fox News 5,000 Tweets
Anderson Cooper 360-CNN 3,000 Tweets
Real Time With Bill Maher-HBO 3,000 Tweets

Big Brother 
  • How many times did Vanessa remind us that she's a professional gambler?  2, but I have a feeling this is going to be a countable offense all Summer long. 
  • Did you catch Jackie's gooey hair drippage? NASTY? I'm surprised those super deluxe eyelash extensions didn't catch some of that goo and hold her lids shut
  • Jace & Austin and their bro-code were super annoying. I did enjoy the Bill & Ted thing, THE FIRST TIME, but it got old fast. Of course I appreciated their commitment to inform each other if they had a zit, booger, or something in their teeth and I pledge to do the same for all of you too. If it were me…I'd want you to tell me! 
  • Were people screaming about the HOH room before they ever set foot into it? 
  • New name for Jason: Jee Wee Herman
  • I didn't notice. Is there still a fish tank downstairs or the only fish stuck inside the table in the HOH room? 
  • Was there ever a bathtub in the HOH room before?  I don't think so and that could be T…R…O…U…B…L…E. Plus I find baths repulsive. BTW I saw those block towels at Home Goods last week
  • I love that everyone thinks John the psycho dentist's story is BS. That's because John's psychoness overpowers all dentistness. He is a FREAK!  
  • Loved the make out lines, especially Steve's "Are those space pants? Cause your butt's out of this world"
  • 2nd BB Takeover was pretty insane. The 2 girls that didn't compete were safe and had to each choose someone to save. 
  • Are Meg's glasses from the 70's? I can't place who they remind me of. It's driving me nuts.  
  • Who says "I'm mentally well?" Shelli did, which makes me think she's actually NOT. 
  • Shelli & Clay, I can't think of a cutesy name. Shelay?Clelli?
  • Davonne's strategy of NOT saving her alliance was sort of stupid on her part. Very short sighted. 
  • Everyone says Steve gives off an Ian vibe, but I think he gives off a Steve from Blues Clues vibe and he even has a royal blue hoodie, did you see it? 
  • ScoJoLIZ not only looks like an ugly Scarlett Johansen, but she sounds like her as well. 
  • Davone saved ScoJoLIZ
  • Vanessa saved Austin
  • Shelli and Audrey NEED to bag their alliance and get rid of Davonne. 
  • SHELLTOWN…I sort of liked it but it will be SADTOWN if Jace gets backdoored. 
  • When Jason's one and one, he's not bad but when he's in Jee Wee Herman mode I just can't deal with him. 
  • Davonne has to quiet her hands, they NEVER sit still and must be screaming for a handcation. 
  • James's hunting visor cracks me up 
  • Are Becky, the Colorado chicks boobs real? They have to be fake but regardless, they're hypnotic. 
  • Jaces hair at the nomination ceremony was SUPER annoying 
  • Battle of the Block #1 quite the incredible set, looked like the top of a building with clouds and everything 
  • So much for Jackie's amazing dancers balance, she fell 50 times off those beams. 
  • Do you think Becky looks a little like Jennifer Garner? 
Nurse Jackie Series Finale
Sooooo how did it end? It was the hospital's last day. There was some good, some bad and some "we decide" moments.
O'Hara was back for Fiona's confirmation and London's been very good to her and her son. She looked truly remarkable and VERY tan considering there's no sun in London. Jackie got the gig at Bellview and Zoey cut herself loose from Jackie and was heading to Doctors without Borders. On the bad side of things, the hospital was closing, Eddie, forever the fool, took the fall for Jackie and was heading to jail, his lawyer looked overly botoxed, Monk threw in the towel and Jackie snorted some homeless guys heroine. So, I guess, we decide if Jackie lived or died. I'm torn. I don't think Jackie would EVER get straight which means that for the good of everyone around her, maybe NOT waking up from the heroine overdose was the lesser of two evils. If she wakes up and continues with her pill popping ways over at Bellview, too many people are at risk. So I'm going with Jackie dying and I'm okay with that. It was a good run, but I'll miss everyone, especially Zoey.

Sooooo when's the last time HBO didn't have anything for me to watch on a Sunday night? I don't remember the last time. As you know, I didn't like True Detective, or The Brink, so all I was left with was Ballers. The first episode was fine, but nothing I'd call "must see TV" but again, there was nothing else on and I was waiting for my son to get home so, there I was at 10pm watching The Rock in wayyyyy too tight trousers and not feeling a thing.  The shows, nothing special, nothing I NEED to see and now that I've come to terms with that, I can probably just cut it loose and use the time I'll get back on The Wire, which I've FINALLY started. (I'm on Season 1, episode 4) The ONLY good things about Ballers is The Rock and Rob Cordry. The story's boring. The football players are boring too. Sure they all have some pretty cool cars and tons of bling, but there isn't one character that I care about. There isn't one guy smart enough to protect himself from all the hangers on and all the money grubbers and realize that fame, a football career and the money are all fleeting.

-BET Award Winners:
Best New Artist: Sam Smith
Best Female Hip-Hop Artist-Nicki Minaj
Best Male Hip-Hop Artist-Kendrick Lamar 
Best Female R&B/Pop Artist-Beyonce
Best Male R&B/Pop Artist-Chris Brown
Best Group-Rae Sremmurd
Best Collaboration-John Legend & Common for "Glory"
Best Actress-Taraji P. Henson
Best Actor-Terrence Howard
Young Stars Award-Jaden Smith
Best Movie-Selma
Sportswoman of the Year-Serena Williams
Sportsman of the Year-Stephen Curry

Monday's Trivia Question: This week, we will be celebrating Friday's amazing Supreme Court decision. Jodie Dallas and Dennis were the first gay couple I can remember. What show were they on? 

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