Thursday, June 4, 2015

Secrets & Wives, The Briefcase & Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is BACK!

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The gang from Entourage all grew up together in Queens. Man, you guys love your Entourage trivia! I'll keep it going since the movie opens Friday!
FIRST FIVES: Bill McLaughlin, Mike O'Dea, Bob Kaplan, Andrea Walters & Brian Gould


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.4/10.7
I Can Do That-NBC 1.5/5.4
Hell's Kitchen-FOX 1.1/3.2
NCIS-CBS .9/8.6
Fresh Off the Boat-ABC .8/3.2

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
Deadliest Catch-Discovery 1.2/3.0
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 1.1/2.3
Big Bagn Theory-TBS .9/2.6
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.0
Chrisley Knows Best-USA .8/2.2

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 426,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent -NBC 30,000 Tweets
Chrisley Knows Best-USA 24,000 Tweets
I Can Do That-NBC 15,000 Tweets
Stitchers-ABC Family 12,000 Tweets 


Secrets & Wives
I checked out Bravo's new show Secrets & Wives and wondered why they didn't just call it Real Housewives of Long Island? Or they could have called it Faux Housewives of Long Island since there isn't anything real on any of these women at all. All of them are SO over done in every way. The hair, the nails, the faces, the butts, the boobs, and the eye makeup. It continues to amaze me. Only one of the women interests me. Her name sounded familiar and then when she mentioned that she had had an affair with a "celebrity" and it was a huge scandal and on Page Six, I had to Google it. She's the woman who cheated on her hedge fund husband with Donny Deutsch. I remembered that. (It's amazing what I actually DO remember) She apparently did pretty well in her divorce settlement, considering she was the cheatER. She doesn't work and was able to throw a pretty awesome pre-prom party for her daughters entire high school and their families. Unfortunately though, the ex is kicking her out and she's got to leave the home they built together and begin the next part of her life. The rest of the women are super tough to look at and super annoying. I haven't given it a Season Pass just yet, but after the plastic surgeon's fashion show where he showcased his own work to other women and men who have had their back fat lipo'ed, I might be back. It's got a train wreck quality to it that may have me coming back to stare a bit more. 

The Briefcase
Of course I came back for more Briefcase. How could anyone who saw the first one not come back? Lots of controversy over this show. Some people thought that last weeks couples/families weren't needy enough. Some people thought that there would be NO WAY that the couples/families wouldn't give away all the money knowing they were being filmed. Well, this week was very different than last week. YES, everyone still has homes and cars and jobs BUT, lets look at our 2 families:
Family #1 Fisherman living apart from his wife and 3 kids. They're in bankruptcy, living in a trailer and home schooling their autistic kid. 
Family #2 LITTLE PEOPLE!!!! (You know I love little people) Added bonus, the little wife, Susan had HUGE boobs. They too lived in a trailer, they too have debt but they're trying to adopt a little child from another country since Susan can't have kids. (Ironic since her boobs could probably feed a small village but I digress)
Just like last week, LOTS of tears and stress over the decision. This time though, both families wanted to keep some of the money. If you recall, last week everyone wanted to give away the money. In the end, the little people gave the fisherman 20K and kept 80K (so they walked with 120K total) The fisherman gave the little people 40K and kept 60K (so they walked with 80K total. I did think that the fisherman's wife looked a bit disappointed that the little people didn't give more but still…emotional, stressful and VERY interesting. Plus…I did I mention...I love little people.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
-It's baaaack, The first episode is SO good. Jerry and Elaine together again! The chemistry between the real Jerry and the real Julia is there. Can't deny it. They're just great together and generally seem to enjoy each other. Loved the Aston Martin and Jerry's reason for choosing it. Loved the Hillary Swank cameo, the fact that Jerry tried on Julia's glasses, that Julia sent the coffee back, that Julia finished Jerry's sentences, and that Jerry knew and used the word salve correctly, but the best part of the show was getting the the inside scoop on Net-a-Porter from Jessica Seinfeld.  Enjoy guys...Enjoy.

-Add Showtime to the list of stand-alone streaming options guys. You knew Les wouldn't let HBO kick his ass in the OTT arena. I'm sure it went something like this:
"Lesssss, come on, let's go, car's here to take us to parent teacher conferences"
"One minute, babes, just signing the final paperwork on the new Showtime OTT deal and then we can go"
"ooooo, really? What are you going to call it?
"I went with SHOWTIME, what do you think?
"I think I'm glad you didn't spend much time on a name "
"Ha, Ha, Ha Jules, what's our kids teachers name again?"
"No clue, see, I don't spend much time on names either"
The new service will be available via iTunes in July. Anyone in?

Thursday's Trivia Question: We all know Ari Gold, Vince's agent. What is his wife's name and bonus if you can give me his kids names. 

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