Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June TV Doldrums....Chrisley Knows Best & Married at First Sight

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Eric's on again/off again girlfriend on Entourage was SLOAN!
FIRST FIVES: Bobby Aguilera, Brett Blattman, Megan Quirk, Brian Gould & Vince Mondano


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.0/6.1
A.D.: The Bible Continues-NBC .9/4.8
America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC .9/4.5
Family Guy-FOX .9/2.1
60 Minutes-CBS .8/7.9

Sunday's Cable Top 5
Game of Thrones-HBO 3.4/7.0
Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! 1.1/2.3
Silicon Valley-HBO 1.0/2.0
Naked & Afraid-Discovery 1.0/2.4
Sunday Movie-ABC Family 1.0/2.1

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings
Game of Thrones-HBO 170,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 48,000 Tweets
The Critics Choice Television Awards-A&E 45,000 Tweets
Marilyn: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe-Lifetime 12,000 Tweets
Golan the Insatiable-FOX 1,000 Tweets

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 2.0/6.8
The Bachelorette-ABC 1.9/6.4
The Whispers-ABC 1.5/5.7
So You Think You Can Dance-FOX 1.2/3.9
The Island-NBC 1.2/3.7

Monday's Cable Top 5
WWE-USA 1.3/4.0
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.3/2.5
Street Outlaws-Discovery 1.0/2.2
T.I. and Tiny-VH1 .9/1.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 178,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta-VH1 137,000 Tweets
The Bachelorette-ABC 81,000 Tweets
RuPaul's Drag Race-Loco 67,000 Tweets
So You Think You Can Dance-FOX 35,000 Tweets

Married at First Sight
Next week is THE week. The finale episode where we find out if any of our couples decide to stay together or get divorced. It's really gone back and forth over the past few weeks but I think I'm ready to make my predictions.
The advisor asked each couple to buy each other a gift and do something together.
Jacklyn bought Ryan banana socks and a bar sign so that Ryan could open his beer bottles with ease. He bought her perfume and they did a sexy photo shoot which was super awkward. Jacklyn's learned a lot about herself and seemed to be the most open to working on making adjustments. Prediction: They stay married. Davina bought Sean some rosary beads and he bought her a bible which makes you think they're meant for each other, but they aren't. After the religious gifting, they bowled. I'm pretty sure that Sean is gay (not that there's anything wrong with it.) Did you see his big burly friends? This guy's in major denial of his sexuality. The professionals should have seen the warning signs. He's not a great bowler, he's gay and he wants to get promoted and stay closer to home. Prediction: DIVORCE. Jessica bought Ryan a money clip with "Best Day Ever" and their wedding date engraved on it. He bought her favorite perfume. Two very thoughtful gifts. They went to lovely dinner, they held hands, they've both learned the most, and made some changes and both seem in it for the long hall. Prediction: They stay married. You know I'll be filled with "I told ya so's" next week! 

Chrisley Knows Best
Two episodes of Chrisley Knows Best to kick off Season 3. Did you notice that the Chrisley's get very dressed up to do just about everything? Staying home making pizza...DECKED. Going to the nail salon...DECKED. (Did you see their nail salon? That was the most gorgeous nail salon I've ever seen?) Costco...DECKED. Jenga...DECKED. Baseball practice...DECKED. Todd's always been the star of the show, but Chase and Savannah have stepped up their game and are secretly overthrowing him. Savannah is stunning. Her older sister Lindsay seems to be around a lot more now and is in need of some ProActive big time. She's got some major pimplage to deal with if she's going to be on camera so often. She also needs to grow a pair. Not cool to let your sister use your ID and then 5 seconds before she's about to go out take it back. Of course Todd knew there was shenanigans going on. Good for me, I love typing the word shenanigans. Todd and the family has a big interview with some magazine I never heard of. He tried to control the entire thing but plans went out the window big time. In the second episode, Todd attempted to coach Grayson's baseball team but since he knows nothing about baseball it was a bit of a disaster. Of course if you know who to call and who to pay you can solve any problem, so Todd's now, coach of the year. Who wouldn't be if all practices ended with ice cream and pizza? Julie was catering crazy Lea's "Parlor Party" (must be a southern thing-we don't have parlors up north that I'm aware of) and Chase ate all her food. Their trip to Costco was hilarious and of course the party was a success. Mark my words Lea gets her own show! 


-No big TV news other than Caitlyn. Sure ABC's already moving some shows around on Sunday night, but all the nets will make adjustments before Fall. This time of years stinks. 3 weeks til BIG BROTHER! Can't wait. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Let's continue with the Entourage trivia since it was a pretty decent success. We know that E, Vince, Turtle and Drama were all childhood friends...where were they all from?

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