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Big Brother, Masters of Sex, Wet Hot American Summer and Strike Back

Congratulations to Karen Feldman, July's Trivia Contest Winner! I reset the scoreboard and wiped all the slates clean for August. Keep in mind that I'm on vacation at the end of the month so there's less time to accumulate points towards the monthly prize. Read carefully, there are usually bonus questions thrown in! Plus, I'll give you points for participating in the Emmy Survey. Participation will make you a winner in August! 

THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Brian Dunkelman was Ryan Seacrest's partner during the first season of American Idol. Remember him? A lot of you guys did which made me proud. You guys are the best! 

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Neil Moffatt, Alex Nagler, Lillian Doremus & Kathy Connelly
Bonus Trivia Question: Ludacris aka "Luda" was born Chris Bridges. Surprised so many of you guys knew that one. 


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.0/6.3
The Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.5/7.1
Under the Dome-CBS 1.0/4.6
Dateline-NBC 1.0/3.3
The Astronaut Wives Club-ABC .8/4.0

Thursday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.1
Teen Mom-MTV .8/1.4
WWE Smackdown-Syfy .6/2.4
Mountain Men-History .6/2.8

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Big Brother-CBS 118,000 Tweets 
WWE-Syfy 49,000 Tweets
Lip Sync Battle-Spike 9,000 Tweets 
Jimmy Kimmel Live-ABC 3,000 Tweets
30 for 30 ESPN 1,000 Tweets 

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.0/4.9
20/20-ABC .8/3.7
America's Got Talent-NBC .8/3.6
What Would You Do-ABC .8/3.5
Shark Tank-ABC .7/4.0

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Descendants-Disney Channel 41,000 Tweets
Degrassi-TeenNick 37,000 Tweets
Bring it!-Lifetime 21,000 Tweets
Tonight Show-NBC 7,000 Tweets
Bunk'd-Disney Channel 5,000 Tweets 


Big Brother

  • The screaming from the cold water annoyed me, it had to annoy annoy all the houseguests. 
  • Jason's head shot needed some retouching, no? Retouching or my Rodan Fields friends.
  • Pretty pathetic that Austin has to win an HOH to get the woman he loves to kiss him. 
  • I would think the female houseguests had an advantage over the male houseguests in the HOH challenge because of their fake boob shields
  • Dr John the Dental Detective deemed the HOH competition "epic" I guess in his world of molars, it was. 
  • Loved James playing mind games during the HOH
  • Of Shelli would make a deal for herself and Clay. That's not a shocker. Why was that such a surprise to Vanessa? 
  • It's official, I'm rooting for James to win the entire show. 
  • WOW, the addition of Julia's photo to the houseguest wall seemed to get quite the reaction. Pretty sure her photo looked JUST like her sisters, but I guess when you're bored to death of looking at the same sh*t everyday a new photo that looks like the one that was already there is all you need to pass the time. 
  • I LOVE that Julia doesn't trust Austin. He's so screwed.  
  • We knew Clay wasn't the brightest bulb but the  mumbling clips were an added bonus
  • I only see Steve from Blues Clues when I see BB Steve
  • Becki's advice to Clelli was stupid but since Becki's face was hit by a train, I'm giving her a pass 
  • Clay's rule #1: Walking is NOT permitted
  • Note to Shelli: HOH is always a good thing no matter how many times you can win it. 
  • Another great Vanessa move, going to James and getting him onboard the Clelli bus. 
  • I'm fine with Clelli being on the block but I think Austin and Liz would have been another good choice
  • Wow, Shelli threw Vanessa under the bus the SECOND she and Clay were nominated
  • James is the man
  • Total "Blood on my hands" count for Sunday 8/2/15: 4
Masters of Sex
Okay, so Allison Janney and Tate Donovan are back, so I was getting hopeful  with that ONE sex scene but damn I was super bored with Masters of Sex for the 2nd week in a row. Has the shark jumped? I think it might have. I bet Josh Charles was psyched for some fun sex scenes with Lizzie Caplan when his agent called with the news he got the gig. Now he's probably like "I left The Good Wife for this?" I need Virginia and Dan Logan to do SOMETHING, anything or Libby and Paul the next door neighbor whose wife is a vegetable could fool around. Joy the wife wouldn't mind and if she did, who would know?  We know Betty's doing something fun after hours, lets follow her around or something. I'll tell you what we don't need anymore of...TESSA.  I wish she had gone to Vietnam instead of Henry. OMG she needs to go. We have Bill with SO much time on his hands that he's telling the bookstore guy how to sell his books. Of course I'll finish the season, that's what I do, but giant yawn fest last night. Maybe they should change the title to Masters of NO Sex!

Wet Hot American Summer
Of course I watched all 8 episodes of Wet Hot American Summer over the weekend. Don't worry, I did other things too, but since it wasn't my beach weekend and all my friends with pools didn't invite me over, I could only take the heat for so long. When it go too hot, Netflix was right there for me.  I made it my mission to conquer this one. It was actually easy, all 8 eps were under 25 minutes and I don't sleep much so I was done early Sunday AM.  For those of you that were fans of the original movie, I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the prequel episodes. I'd actually say that they are better and funnier than the original. Hilarious to see all of the cast back and STILL looking exactly the same 15 years later, especially Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper. They look younger than they did in the original. Interestingly enough, I don't mind Janeane Garofalo in this and I pretty much despise her in everything else. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who either hasn't watched yet or who hasn't finished the series,  but if you're in need for a fun Summer binge, this one's a good one!

Strike Back
Feels like I've been waiting for Stonebridge and Scott forever. Gotta give my friend and faithful reader, He Who Shall Be Named, credit for getting me into this show. I binged all 4 previous seasons awhile ago and now...finally, the final season is here. For anyone that has never seen or heard of Strike Back, here's the deal. Damien Scott and Michael Stonebridge work for "Section 20" a  secret section of British Military Intelligence. Stonebridge is a Brit and Scott's an American and they are BAD ASS! They can pretty much go anywhere, do anything, kill everyone and save the day. Stonebridge and Scott are HOT. I'm partial to Damien Scott but there are definitely moments where I wouldn't mind me some Stonebridge.  They can beat the sh*t out of anyone, shoot any weapon with perfect aim, pilot boats, drive  vehicles better than any F1 driver and in the midst of it all they have a sense of humor and plenty of nude scenes. For the final season the team's going up against North Korean wackos. I'll enjoy every single second of it. The good news is that both Phillip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton have gigs on other shows this Fall and they'll still be able to hang out together at parties since both of their shows are on NBC. Phillip's on The Player and Sulli's on Blindspot. If you're into hot badass killers who look good naked, Strike Back's for you!  


-Set your DVR's guys, this is Jon Stewart's last week of The Daily Show. As you know, I don't really do "news" but I have always been a huge fan of Jon Stewart. I stalked him at the Emmy Awards 10 years ago and we both eat breakfast at the same place on LBI every Summer. I absolutely recognize the genius that he is and I know this Presidential election year just won't be the same without him. I don't love his 3 final guests: Louis CK, Amy Schumer and Denis Leary. I'm hoping all of his former staffers come back to honor and thank him.

-If you are a friend of the WWTM Facebook page, then you saw this clip on Friday, but it's SO awesome that I have to share it again. As I said when I posted it, if you are a Friday Night Lights fan, you'll love it, if you aren't then get off the computer, turn off the phone, bag the work thing and go home and become one. Friday Night Lights is required viewing for everyone but especially WWTM readers.

-AMC renewed Humans, Making of the Mob & Fear the Walking Dead
-Starz renewed Black Sails
Add your own witty banter here.

-I wanted to put my own spin on The Emmy's this year. I'm planning on resurrecting my Emmy Pool, but I wanted to do something different too. Of course Entertainment Weekly had the same idea. Great minds, what can I say? Here's the deal: Submit the names of any Primetime Drama that in your opinion deserved an Emmy Nomination but didn't get one. I'm going to take all your submissions and have you guys vote on a winner . Of course I'll need some participation here. If I don't get enough entries, I'll bag the idea completely. Here are this years Emmy nominated dramas for reference. 
Better Call Saul
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
Orange is the New Black 

-I really hope you don't need anyone other than me in your life to talk TV, but even I love this site. Anyone familiar with SixSecondReviews? I wasn't until yesterday, now I'm hooked. TV, Movies, Music & Game reviews for those ADD or just the shortest attention spans. Check it out:

Monday's Trivia Question: Soooo here's how this week is going to work. I'm going to give you the character names of two shows whose titles go together. Here's the example:
Show #1: Annalise Keating, Nate Lahey, Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh &  Asher Millstone
Show #2: Jessica Fletcher
Answer: How to Get Away With Murder She Wrote...GET IT?
Okay Good...
Here's Monday's Question
Show #1: Steve Douglas, Chip Douglas, Robbie Douglas, Ernie Douglas & Uncle Charley
Show#2: Jax Teller, Gemma Teller, Tig, Chibs, Juice, Wayne & Tara

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