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Big Brother & Masters of Sex

Show #1 Archie, Edith, Gloria & Mike 
Show #2 Peter, Lois, Chris & Meg
Answer: All in the Family Guy
FIRST FIVES: Brian Gould, Alex Nagler, Andrea Walters, Rachel Snyder & Monica Caraffa


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.0/6.1
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.5/7.2
Mom-CBS 1.2/5.6
Dateline-NBC 1.1/4.9
Food Fighters-NBC .9/3.7

Thursday's Cable Top 5
Republican Debate-FOX News 5.3/23.9
The O'Reilly Factor-FOX News .9/6.5
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/1.9
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.1
Teen Mom-MTV .8/1.4

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Republican Debate-FOX News 3,293,000 Tweets
Daily Show Finale-Comedy Central 232,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 106,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-Syfy 46,000 Tweets
Project Runway-Lifetime 13,000 Tweets

Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show was seen by 3.5 million viewers. It was the 2nd most watched show ever. (Barack Obama BEFORE he was president was the most watched episode ever)

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.1/5.1
What Would You Do?-ABC 1.0/4.0
Shark Tank-ABC .9/4.3
20/20-ABC .9/3.9
America's Got Talent-NBC .8/3.9

Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
The Kelly File-FOX News 52,000 Tweets
Bring it!-LIfetime 16,000 Tweets
CNN Tonight-CNN 5,000 Tweets
Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne-MTV2 5,000 Tweets
Road to Canton-NFL Network 1,000 Tweets 

Big Brother
  • We begin with the house guests still sliding on Crisco in little slippery shoes
  • There had to be a TON of bruising 
  • Oyyyy Austin, he's hoping Liz is falling…for him. Just WAIT til you watch this show back Austin, you're going to have such d**sh chills and feel like THE biggest moron ever 
  • Dr. John the Dentist Detective is actually a good player, it's the yelling and odd ticks that throw us all off. He did go to dental school. 
  • Not sure why Clay needed to play the games he was playing but Vanessa, the poker player, really can't seem to control the water flow out of those eyeballs. How does she bluff at the poker table?
  • Becky got the HOH, 5K and will NEVER be a have not. That's pretty awesome. 
  • Is Steve delusional? He's barely on the show. He's probably in the diary room watching his old Blues Clues episodes or something. 
  • Such dramatic broken heart music for Big Brother. 
  • Shelli's SO annoying with her non-stop tears. 50 days with Clay and his eyebrows and the woman's willing to give it all up? LOSER! 
  • The twins voices but the sh*t out of me
  • Ewwww…Dr John the Dentist Detective has a surprisingly hairy back
  • Becky's Boobs
  • Becky's was a little too excited about her brussel sprouts and kale but keep in mind Becky was hit by a train! 
  • Wait, so Vanessa sprayed her hair with disinfectant 
  • I like Becky's plan. I like it a LOT but she didn't want ANYONE TO KNOW and then she went and told SHELLI and Dr. John the Dentist Detective the entire plan. 
  • Steve's space out thing is totally bizarre to me and now it's bizarre to the world 
  • Becky's conversation with Vanessa was almost ALMOST as bizarre as Steve in the storage room 
  • Shelli and Steve are up on the block. Steve's going to go MENTAL even though he isn't the target at all. 
Masters of Sex 
Well, I wish I could say that I wasn't bored last night watching Masters of Sex, but I was. There was finally a sex scene, but it was a "homework" assignment between Allison Janney and Tate Donovan and it was nothing super juicy. To make matters worse, Virginia's parents showed up thanks to Tessa the most annoying teenager on earth. Is she not a complete misery?  Bill's son was bullied so how did Bill handle it? He bullied the kid right back and made him pee his pants. The best moments of the entire show these days are the ones with Beau Bridges and Allison Janney. I gotta give Allison Janney some major kudos, she's an amazing actress, she really is. When I think of all the different roles she's played, and even right now, she's nominated for an Emmy for Mom on CBS and quite frankly, she should be nominated for her work in this show. She's just incredible. It's a good think she's in this show or I'd be deleting my Season Pass. 

-Last week was start of the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Along with the awards they gave out, there were a bunch of panels and discussions all focused on my favorite topic…TV! The execs talked a lot about the overwhelming amount of content out there. This year alone there will be 400 original scripted series produced up from 371 last year.  Binge viewing seemed to be a hot button as well. Hulu made a bold move and will be releasing their originals one episode at a time. Weekly, like the traditional TV model. Amazon will take it on a case by case basis. Of course Netflix, at this point is still doing their thing, all eps released at the same time. I sort of like the idea of a weekly episode release because it gives me personally, more time to discover programs and less pressure to consume them all which means, I can keep the little bit of a life I actually have.

After all the TV talk, it was time for some awards. I didn't love most of the critics choices but here's their list:
Individual Achievement in Drama-Jon Hamm for Mad Men ( NO WAY do I agree with that one not with Kyle Chandler, Kevin Spacey and the Outlander guy out there.
Individual Achievement in Comedy-Amy Schumer again I totally disagree but WHATEVER I just have a "thing" about Amy.
Outstanding Achievement in News and Info- Last Week Tonight with John Oliver-Finally one I was totally happy about.
Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming -The Chair, ever hear of it? I sort of remembered it, but had to Google to confirm my suspicions.
Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming -The Fosters, I'm good with this one, even though they recast Jesus.
Outstanding New Program -  Better Call Saul, NO WAY should this one have won. NO WAY. Outlander should have gotten this one.
Outstanding Achievement in Drama - The Americans. I'm sort of okay with this one, SORT OF.
Outstanding Achievement in Comedy- Inside Amy Schumer, you know how I feel. I don't need to rant on again.
Program of the Year - Empire. Completely agree.

I do my best to keep up with as much of the content out there that I can. I read a ton of stuff, keep lists and rarely sleep just so I don't have to suffer one second of FOMO and insure you don't either. Lately, even in with the Summer programming doldrums, it's hard to navigate through ALLLL the content. Not only do we have a bunch of broadcast & cable networks to keep up with, but we've got Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle and YouTube to contend with on a regular basis now, too. One of my mission's with this blog is to eliminate options as quickly as I can for us all. Over the weekend, I checked out Sneaky Pete on Amazon, Difficult People on Hulu and Staten Island Summer on Netflix.

Sneaky Pete was good, not great, just good. It stars Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston. Giovanni plays an ex-con/con artist who gets out of prison and has to hide from Bryan Cranston because he owes him a ton of money. He ends up going to his cellmates grandparents house and taking on his identity. The cellmate hadn't seen his family in 20 years so theoretically they might believer this guy's their grandson. I'm pretty sure the grandma's already has her doubts. The family is in the bail bond biz and of course Gio thinks like a criminal and has a lot of con artist skills to help find the bad guys when they skip town. The show has potential. I'm sticking with it but FYI, this one isn't binge-able. Amazon's releasing only one episode at a time.

Difficult People was super annoying. I had high hopes for it. I love Billy Eichner, but he and Julie Klausner are SO unlikeable, rude and iritating that I'd be hard pressed to go back for a second helping. There are some funny lines, but nothing funny enough to get me to go back for more.

Staten Island Summer is a movie written by Colin Jost from SNL. It's got a ton of SNL'ers,  Alicia Florick's son Zach, and Ashley Green from Twilight. It's pretty much exactly what the title says. It's Summer at the  Staten Island pool club. There's nothing totally unique about this one, but it's pretty funny, kinda cute and has a fun little love story in it. Overall, totally enjoyable.

-If you're a fan of Louis CK's he's done something kinda cool, he's put  the most recent 3 shows from his stint at MSG up on his website. You do have to pay for it, but you can set your own price. If you're into it, here's the link:

-FX renewed The Strain
 Netflix renewed Sense 8

-Got some great submissions for my MISSING EMMY COMEDY NOMINATIONS. This week we'll focus on the Best Actor and Actress in a Comedies and Dramas.  For anyone who hasn't been reading, or who's just back from vacation, here's the scoop: 

I wanted to put my own spin on The Emmy's this year. I'm planning on resurrecting my Emmy Pool, but I wanted to do something different too. Of course Entertainment Weekly had the same idea. Great minds, what can I say? Here's the deal: Submit the names of an actor that in your opinion deserved an Emmy Nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy but didn't get one. I'm going to take all your submissions and have you guys vote on a winner . Of course I'll need some participation here. If I don't get enough entries, I'll bag the idea completely. Here are this years Emmy nominated Actors for reference:

Anthony Anderson - Black-ish
Louis CK-Louis
Don Cheadle-House of Lies
Will Forte-Last Man on Earth
Matt LeBlanc-Episodes
William H. Macy-Shameless
Jeffrey Tambor-Transparent 

Monday's Trivia Question: 
You guys seem to be really into this month's theme.  For anyone NOT paying attention or who had been on vacation last week, here's how this works. I'm giving you the character names of two shows whose titles go together. Here's the example:
Show #1: Annalise Keating, Nate Lahey, Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh &  Asher Millstone
Show #2: Jessica Fletcher
Answer: How to Get Away With Murder She Wrote...GET IT?
Okay Good...
Here's today's: 
Show #1: Virginia, Bill & Libby
Show #2 Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte 
Answer ?

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