Friday, August 7, 2015

Big Brother, Lip Sync Battle, Jon Stewart and a ton of clips

Show #1 Piper, Red, Taystee, Crazy Eyes, & Dayanara
Show #2 Red, Elizabeth, Donald, Harold & Dembe
Answer? Orange is the New Blacklist 
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Dan Realson, Rachel Snyder, Andrea Walters & Mitch Klein


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
Big Brother-CBS 2.1/6.5
America's Got Talent-NBC 1.4/6.8
MasterChef-FOX 1.4/4.8
Last Comic Standing-NBC 1.4/4.7
Mr. Robinson-NBC 1.2/4.6
Wednesday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.0/2.2
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.5
Duck Dynasty-A&E .8/2.0
The Game-BET .7/1/6
Wahlburgers-A&E .7/1.5

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Big Brother-CBS 58,000 Tweets
The Game-BET 35,000 Tweets
Catfish-MTV 28,000 Tweets
Daily Show with Jon Stewart-Comedy Central 16,000 Tweets
America's Next Top Model-CW 16,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 7/27/15-7/31/15
Fallon .9/3.5
Kimmel .5/2.3
Seth Meyers .4/1.5
Jon Stewart .4/1.1
Nightline .3/1.4
James Corden .3/1.2
Carson Daly .2/.8
 Conan .2/.7
Nightly Show .2/.6

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 7/27/15-7/31/15
GMA 1.4/1.6
Today Show 1.3/1.5
CBS This Morning .7/.8

Big Brother
  • Julie went with the geeky look.I loved everything EXCEPT the dress. I loved the hair pulled back & the groovy specs but the yellow dress was blah. Didn't complement her at all. SOOOOO close. 
  • Classic poignant love making Clelli music but then the camera's pull back and VANESSA's in the room? OY VEY
  • The Shelli tears all episode were REFREAKINGDICULOUS
  • Did you catch the flyyyyy in the house? He dying for some of Clay's cereal
  • Shelli's like I'm not going to campaign against Clay butttttttttt I'm wayyyyyy smarter than him and you should really keep me…uhhhh Shelli, that's called campaigning
  • I guess being together for 50 days in the BB house is considered a long history together. Not sure what the algorithm is to convert BB house hours to standard real life hours. 
  • Clelli's kissing sounds with the microphone so close to their pucker lips was NASTy
  • Liz was a total c*ck blocker
  • Can't believe the house went with Clay and not Shelli. 
  • SO loved seeing Derrick and Cody and knowing they are still bf's 
  • SO loved seeing Cody take is shirt off
  • See, even Cody is impressed about Becki's face getting hit by train
  • Why doesn't Julie ever bring up the voting choreography every week? Why don't the producers show us the discussion or the rehearsal? I have to think it's planned out big time
  • Oh yeah…Steve's still playing the game. All I see is Blues Clues
  • what was up with Johnny Mac in the diary room?
  • Glad Julie asked Clay about Meg
  • Hate the Slip and slide HOH competition
Lip Sync Battle
I don't watch Broad City, so I had no idea who the Lip Sync Battlers were last night, but a good battle is a good battle and these two broads kicked ass. You gotta watch the clips, they're both hilarious, but for me, it was all about Chrissy & LL. Chrissy even had a Polaroid camera for Hey Ya. 

The Last Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Yes, I've been watching the final week of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Jumped on the "final episode" watchers bandwagon and enjoyed every minute. I laughed and last night when Stephen Colbert thanked Jon, I actually cried.  I'm not a news person in general but through the years when my Facebook friends posted a great Daily Show clip I'd always get out my dictionary app and check it out. Now that the Jon Stewart  Daily Show era is over, I officially regret not watching religiously. I'm sure I would have been a bit smarter if I gave it a Season Pass and tuned in every night, but I also knew my limitations. I hope to see Jon at the Neptune Market in Harvey Cedars in a few weeks, first Nooney Burger's on me.

The Republican Debate
Trump…that's really who stole the show, he's the only reason I even tuned in. Our country is nuts, the man could possibly ACTUALLY get elected. I'm not into politics at all, I know nothing about any of the candidates except for the ratings of every single episode of Celebrity Apprentice, but the guy did get me to tune in. That's all I got. 


-Loved the Pup Quiz on Fallon last night. I love puppies more than ALMOST anything. Ya gotta check out this Pup Quiz cutest game show of alllll time!

-Two more big stars added to The Wiz Live cast…Amber Riley from Glee and Uzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black, they're both playing good witches. 

-Crazy thing, my son and I were planning to binge Prison Break during our LBI vacation, pretty cool that FOX announced yesterday that Prison Break would be back with a 10 episode season. Not sure when exactly, maybe next Summer or maybe next Fall, but when it does, the Carruba's will actually be on board for that one. It's weird right? It's like I just know what to watch at all times. Crazy secret talent. 

-Got some great submissions for my MISSING EMMY COMEDY NOMINATIONS, yesterday. We'll keep the category open for the rest of the weekend and move on next week to Dramatic Actors and Actresses so think about it all over the weekend over cocktails and appys. For anyone who hasn't been reading, here's the scoop: 

I wanted to put my own spin on The Emmy's this year. I'm planning on resurrecting my Emmy Pool, but I wanted to do something different too. Of course Entertainment Weekly had the same idea. Great minds, what can I say? Here's the deal: Submit the names of any Primetime Comedy that in your opinion deserved an Emmy Nomination but didn't get one. I'm going to take all your submissions and have you guys vote on a winner . Of course I'll need some participation here. If I don't get enough entries, I'll bag the idea completely. Here are this years Emmy nominated comedies for reference.

Friday's Trivia Question
You guys seem to be really into this month's theme.  For anyone NOT paying attention or who has been on vacation this week, here's how this works. I'm giving you the character names of two shows whose titles go together. Here's the example:
Show #1: Annalise Keating, Nate Lahey, Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh &  Asher Millstone
Show #2: Jessica Fletcher
Answer: How to Get Away With Murder She Wrote...GET IT?
Okay Good...
Here's Friday's: 
Show #1 Archie, Edith, Gloria & Mike 
Show #2 Peter, Lois, Chris & Meg

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