Thursday, August 6, 2015

Out Again last night, but at least I watched Big Brother

Show #1: Kyle, Kim, Lisa, Lisa, Brandi & Yolanda
Show#2: Brandon, Dylan, Steve, Brenda, Kelly, Donna & David
Answer: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 90210
Bonus Trivia Question: What big event kicks off one year from tonight?- The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio! 

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Mitch Klein, Stephanie Baxter, Bobby Aguilera & Candace Gorin


Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.1/9.9
CMA Music Fest-ABC 1.2/5.1 (Down 37% vs. last year!)
Hollywood Game Night-NBC 1.2/4.3
Zoo-CBS 1.0/5.9
NCIS-CBS .9/7.0

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim 1.0/2.2
Haves and the Have Nots-OWN .9/3.1
Deadliest Catch-Discovery .9/2.3
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family .8/2.0
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.3

Tuesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 222,000 Tweets
CMA Music Fest-AMC 61,000 Tweets
America's Got Talent-NBC 29,000 Tweets
Conan-TBS 13,000 Tweets
Daily Show-Comedy Central 7,000 Tweets

Big Brother
Forget the bullets and forget all the ridiculous Shelli tears and how she is going to be torn apart from Clay for two months. There were two big revelations last night. Both were huge shockers.
1) Did anyone catch when James said he had been IN jail for 3 years? I'll admit it was after midnight when I watched but I only had one Peach Sangria and I'm pretty certain he said this.I had a second this morning to look into it and thankfully he wasn't IN jail but he worked as a corrections officer. Whewwwwww. I love James, but I wouldn't think ex-con's are allowed on reality shows unless the reality show is an ex-con reality show. Thank You, GOOGLE!
2) Since when is Meg into Clay and what was with all that looooong hugging and super close talking and their shared tears? I don't watch the live feeds so I don't know what's going on there, but the producers put up the #BBScandal and now all I want is for Shelli to go home and for Clay and Meg to hook up in the house while Shelli watches. OMG would that be great or what? 
These houseguests better stop caring more about their showmances and going to the jury house than winning the game. The only thing Austin cared about was going to jury with Liz. Little does he know she's JUST NOT THAT INTO HIM! He's going to be devastated when he watches the show back. They should make a show of these idiots watching themselves on this show. Yes, I WOULD watch it, CBS. 
4) What happened to Vanessa the sad clown faced poker player? She cried way too many tears over Clay and Shelli. They screwed her over and she needs to move on and move on quickly. 
Big night tonight, Half of Clelli goes home and hopefully it's she "elli" half. 


Welllll, I guess Beyonce, Rhianna and Nicki Minaj were all toooo busy so we have an unknown NJ actress as our Dorothy in NBC's "The Wiz Live." Sure I'm a BIT disappointed, I wanted a BIG star to throw on a pair of Ruby Louboutin slippers, but the girl they chose IS from New Jersey so she has that going for her. I'd love to see her knock it out of the park, become a big star and give Bey a run for her money. Congrats to Shanice Williams and good luck in easing on down the road LIVE in front of a gazillion people in December. (Well, maybe not a GAZillion)

-Got some great submissions for my MISSING EMMY DRAMA NOMINATIONS, now we'll focus on MISSING EMMY COMEDY NOMINATIONS. Here's the scoop for anyone who hasn't been reading: 

I wanted to put my own spin on The Emmy's this year. I'm planning on resurrecting my Emmy Pool, but I wanted to do something different too. Of course Entertainment Weekly had the same idea. Great minds, what can I say? Here's the deal: Submit the names of any Primetime Comedy that in your opinion deserved an Emmy Nomination but didn't get one. I'm going to take all your submissions and have you guys vote on a winner . Of course I'll need some participation here. If I don't get enough entries, I'll bag the idea completely. Here are this years Emmy nominated comedies for reference.

Thursday's Trivia Question: 
You guys seem to be really into this theme, I'm going to try to keep it going until I leave for vacation. For anyone NOT paying attention or who has been on vacation the past couple of days, here's how this week works. I'm giving you the character names of two shows whose titles go together. Here's the example:
Show #1: Annalise Keating, Nate Lahey, Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh &  Asher Millstone
Show #2: Jessica Fletcher
Answer: How to Get Away With Murder She Wrote...GET IT?
Okay Good...
Here's Thursday's: 
Show #1 Piper, Red, Taystee, Crazy Eyes, & Dayanara
Show #2 Red, Elizabeth, Donald, Harold & Dembe

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