Wednesday, September 9, 2015

High School Homework is SOOOOO HARD! Only had time for Below Deck and Stephen Colbert

FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Alex Nagler, Dave DeSocio, Bobby Aguilera & Andrea Walters


Monday's Broadcast Top 5
American Ninja Warrior-NBC 1.6/6.1
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 1.4/4.8
Big Bang Theory-CBS 1.3/6.4
Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise-ABC 1.1/3.9
Running Wild with Bear Grylls-NBC 1.0/2.9

Monday's Cable Top 5 

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 161,000 Tweets
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 160,000 Tweets
Bachelor in Paradise-ABC 46,000 Tweets
Black Ink Crew-VH1 33,000 Tweets
Stewarts & Hamiltons-E! 1,000 Tweets


Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Another guy in a suit and tie, with a blue and brown set and a band. Biggggg difference though, his name's NOT Jimmy! Shocker (to me that is), Stephen Colbert's show was great! He can sing, he can dance (better than Ellen actually) he embraced his competition and had Jimmy Fallon on to talk guests, he had 2 of my favorite guys of all time…George Clooney ANDDDD Les Moonves.  Loved the Les bit. If Stephen was going off the rails, Les switched us over to The Mentalist. Hilarious! The Sabra Hummus integration…well done. Not sure if the Trump/Oreo thing was an integration or not but GENIUS!  Clooney was great, but he could just sit there and say nothing and I'd watch. Surprisingly, it was the Jeb Bush interview where Colbert kicked ass. Great premiere, I think the late night wars just got more intense and now I have ANOTHER one to watch every morning. Late night's killing me!  

Below Deck
The yachting world is just super interesting to me. No offense to housekeepers and waitresses around the world, but in essence, Kate, Amy and Rocky are housekeepers and maids. They just happen to do their job on a gagillion dollar yacht in the Caribbean . Let's talk about Rocky first. This girl's bat sh*t crazy. I'm not the only one who thinks so, the super cute french dude Emile called it out last night too and he's 100% right on the money. First the girl's crying to her Daddy that her boss is being mean to her, then she's flirting with every male crew member, then she was so exhausted from all of her crying and flirting that she needed a break. So with Captain Lee's permission,  she took a quick dip in the ocean. Don, the engineer/deckhand just HAD to jump in after her. One problem, he didn't ask Captain Lee if it was okay. Funny thing though, when the Captain called Don in to all him out on his behavior, Don was so insulted, he quit. Just like that. I guess he got his TV time and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be so he literally quit mid charter. Rocky and Don…check. Now let's move on to Kate. I believe it was Kate who defined the new term I love pretty well for me: RFB…Resting B*tch Face. She's got it, she knows it and she just doesn't give a damn. I'm obsessed with finding people in my daily life who have it and yes…I've found a few already. Kate is one of the best snobs I've ever encountered. Remember, this girl cleans bathrooms and makes beds and yet she is APPALLED that Leon the chef worked on a cruise ship. A CRUISE SHIP! OMG that explains a lot doesn't it? According to RFB Uber snob Kate, a cruise ship is like Walmart and a Yacht is Neiman Marcus. Now that's a quote for the ages. Thank you Kate!


-I used to know all the big wigs at both Media General and Meredith back in my local buying days so when I read that Meredith was buying Media General and will now own 88 television stations across 54 markets reaching 30 percent of all TV Households in the US for 2.4 billion dollars it felt like big news for me and all my local buds. So…it made the cut today. Obviously…it's a slow news day.

-I'm guessing it's a promotion for Bob Harper on The Biggest Loser. When I used to watch it, he was always the nice trainer. Nice compared to Jillian that is. Now, he's the host of the show. Hoping he got a nice fat raise with the gig. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: What was the name of the Performing Arts College in New York City the kids from Glee went to? 

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