Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I spent my night with firemen, Gary Busey, Slade Heathcott & Stevie Wonder

Attached to today's Email was the 2015 WWTM Emmy Ballot! I'm sure, like me, you've been counting down the days, minutes, hours and seconds to this years Emmy Awards. Well...it's THIS COMING SUNDAY!  Send it in by 12N on Friday 9/18 to be eligible for a great prize and of course BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!

THE ANSWER TO MONDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: James and Florence Evans had 3 children, James Jr. aka J.J. Thelma and Michael!!! Penny was actually Wilona, the next door neighbor's daughter and YES she was played by Janet Jackson but no points for a wrong answer! SORRY!
FIRST FIVE: Mike O'Dea, Bill McLaughlin, Dave DeSocio, Brett Blattman & Nicole Zittman

Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Dateline-NBC 1.1/5.5
20/20-ABC .9/3.7
Shark Tank-ABC .7/2.7
Blue Bloods-CBS.5/2.0
Think it Up-NBC .5/2.0

Friday's Cable Top 5
Family Guy-Adult Swim .7/1.6
The Cleveland Show-Adult Swim .6/1.4
Modern Family-USA .5/1.0
Bring It-Lifetime .5/1.3
Bering Sea Gold-Discovery .5/1.8

Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Jimmy Fallon-NBC 19,000 Tweets
Z Nation-SYFY 13,000 Tweets
Colbert-CBS 9,000 Tweets
Girl Meets World-Disney 9,000 Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel-2,000 Tweets

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
NFL Football-NBC 9.8/26.6
Football Night in America-NBC 6.9/18.8
60 Minutes-CBS 2.5/10.4
Big Brother-CBS 2.4/7.4
Miss America-ABC 1.5/6.9
Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings (Non Sports)
Miss America-ABC 326,000 Tweets
Fear the Walking Dead-AMC 66,000 Tweets
Big Brother-CBS 34,000 Tweets
I Am Cait-E! 13,000 Tweets
House of DVF-E! 6,000 Tweets


There wasn't really much on for me last night. Huge channel surfing/DVR clean out night. I got suckered into a 9/11 special that I DVRed the other day on the Discovery Channel. Did anyone watch 9/11: 102 Minutes that Changed the World? OY VEY. Why did I watch it? I tried to take breaks and tune in to Nick Carter and Gary Busey on Dancing with the Stars and then I constantly checked in on my Yankees and even a tiny bit of the Falcons on Monday Night Football but when all was said and done, I ended up watching the entire 2 hour 9/11 thing in disbelief. I remember that day like it was yesterday. See, I'm going there and I just don't want to. Thankfully, just as I was at my wits end, I flipped over to my Yankees to see ARod hit that awesome double and then Slade Heathcott's homerun. (Perfect baseball name, right?) Felt much better after that. Felt WAY better after some car karaoke. You have to check out James Corden and Stevie Wonder. James actually got emotional and teared up. Now that's never happened before. Over on Dancing with the Stars, I thought it would be Nick Carter my favorite Backstreet Boym getting me to tune in but no way Jose...it's ALL about the train wreck that is GARY BUSEY!
Here are the clips. Enjoy! 

-This is hUGEEEEE Guess who's taking The Donald's place on Celebrity Apprentice? Guesssssssssss. Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger!!!! Is that not brilliant? Can you totally hear his saying "You're Fired" I can. Of course he's got EVERY commercial break covered with "We'll be back!" If anyone can get the ratings up from Trump on that show, it's gotta be Arnold. Trump's helping out all the late night hosts and news channel's let Arnold help out NBC. Can't wait.

-Another one I can't wait for, Bravo's 3 part Theresa Giudice special. Sure it focuses on Joe and the kids and how they've been dealing with life with their Mommy in the slammer, but Andy promised some prison phone calls. I'd accept that collect call! 10/11. That's the date, but don't worry, I'll remind you as we get closer. 

-Tonight we have some big decisions to make and I need you all to help me. At 10pm what are you watching live? Bastard Executioner or Best Time Ever? I want to watch what you're watching. Let me know! TOUGH CHOICE!

-Anyone watch The Carmichael Show? Somebody must have, NBC renewed it. That's the good news. Bad news for Craig Robinson, NBC cancelled his show. 

Of course VH1 renewed Dating Naked for a 3rd Season. It's got naked dating for god sakes. It's gotta get renewed. 

Tuesday's Trivia Question:  This week I'm giving you all the kids in a TV family but one will be missing. You'll have to name the missing kid. We started yesterday with a family from the 70's. Today…it's the 80's  
There were 4 kids in the Keaton Family.
Alex, Jennifer, Andy and…
Name the missing kid!

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