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Survivor, The Goldbergs, Empire & Black-ish

THE ANSWER TO WEDNESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Blood & Oil takes place in the state of North Dakota. I'm guessing so many got it right because who would know a city in North Dakota? Without Googling...What is the CAPITAL of North Dakota? 
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Kelly Rogers, Jo Engel, Alex Nagler & Dave DeSocio
Bonus Trivia #1 - Tyler Perry was the guest announcer on Best Night Ever. 
Bonus Trivia # 2 - Matt Damon and Tom Hanks were both in Saving Private Ryan

Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 3.6/13.2
NCIS-CBS 2.1/16.0
The Muppets-ABC 2.0/5.8
Best Time Ever-NBC 2.0/6.2
Limitless-CBS 1.9/9.5

Just a note about Grandfathered and The Grinder. They both did 1.5's and they both had about 5 million viewers. I honestly thought they'd do better.

Wednesday's Cable Top 5
Big Bang Theory-.9/2.1
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7
Ink Master-Spike .8/1.6
If Loving You is Wrong-OWN .7/2.3
Tosh.O-Comedy Central .6/1.0

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 142,000 Tweets
Scream Queens-FOX 126,000 Tweets
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D-ABC 67,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 50,000 Tweets
The Grinder-FOX 11,000 Tweets

It was only week 2 but the game was ON. Wow, these 2nd timer's are intense. It must be exhausting to be playing the game so hard, so early in the game. Very interesting that players who are getting a second chance aren't changing their game at all. Abi wanted to play different but she's still dramatic, still annoying, still in-your-face and guess what? Everyone hates her, just like her last game. Interesting how Shirin stood on her soap box last time she played and cried at how alone she felt and then she became the person that made someone feel exactly like she did last time. Jeff called her out on it too. Damn, Probst is GOOD. Joe was the Survivor MacGyver last game and he knew that's what did him in, it just might do him in again, but in the mean time...hammocks for everyone! These teams seem to have a ton of food and even whiter teeth than the team from last season. Do they get Crest White Strips in their "Welcome to Survivor" gift baskets? When Abi put her buff around her nose and mouth when she was talking real close to Terry, I thought maybe it was his nasty island breath (NIB) but not with those pearly whites! Yes, I did think it was sweet how Andrew Savage cried when he told the story of how he met his wife, but it wasn't THAT good of a story. He met her, she left and came back. Now she's his world. Blah, blah, blah. It must be boring when even Kass wells up at that story. Abi has some major issues. Aside from being super annoying, her perception of things is so off base. I'd think she was high by her super paranoia and bad judgement, but I don't think there was weed in the gift basket, so it's just her lovely personality. How in the world can she think she's bringing joy to anyone? Oh and BTW Abi the phrase is "put yourself IN my shoes" not ON my shoes. I did love when she came out of the shadows and called out PG and Shirin. The girl's nuts. So happy it was Shirin and not Spencer  who went home. Spencer's a great player, I think his speech worked, let's hope he can turn things around, I'd love to see him go far. Note to Jeff: How about Survivor BEST PLAYERS EVER. Different from All-Stars. BEST PLAYERS EVER.  

I don't even know how to do this show justice with my review. There's so much to discuss so I'm going freestyle. Hakeem is jacked! Mainly because all he does is work out. In between workouts, he takes business meetings in hot tubs with Becky G. who is apparently fine with sleeping her way to the top. Cookie, didn't waste a minute worrying about her exit interview or her severence package, she started a new company, thought of a new name and made a bunch of calls before the first commercial break. Lyon Dynasty...hmmm that sounds familiar. Whenever you describe Empire to someone, don't you describe it as a black Dynasty? I do. Ludacris in the house...the big house that is. New super mean prison guard Luda didn't want Lucious to make music or get his meds. I thought Lucious was cured of his fake ALS disease. Guess he still needs the drugs or he turns into a grovelly voiced mumbler who can still make hit songs whether he's in the slammer or not. The dude from The Wire hooked Lucious up with his medicine, a recording studio, inmates who apparently know how to cut a single in less than 5 minutes. A pretty good one at that. Jamal tried to get Hakeem to come back to Empire with the old Bentley drive by and a look. Hakeem took the ride but not the deal. No Cookie, no Andre, no album. He'll go it alone and start his own girl group with the stupidest name ever, Rainbow Sensation. Cookie was a little tame this week, especially since she was in a gorilla suit last week. Thirsty, the new lawyer got Lucious out of the slammer so all that work to smuggle in equipment wasn't really THAT necessary. Rhonda begged Jamal to bring Andre back to Empire at the same time that Andre was begging Lucious for forgiveness. Lucious said NFW but maybe once he finds out that his grandson's gonna need a trust fund, he'll let Dre back in. Couple of fashion shout outs: Of course I loved Cookies fringey 70's thing with her bangs and her sleestack glasses. I gotta ask though...what was with Tiana's nude body suit with the undies underneath? Where does one purchase an item like that? Oh and of course this review would not be complete without a shoutout to Prosecutor Ford's fantastic courthouse cleavage. 

I loved how Adam Goldberg's puberty is so bad the writers felt the need to deal with it with an entire episode. I'm trying to remember another show when the kids puberty was this bad. Anyone? THE PUBENING isn't only striking's striking all of us! His cuteness was GONE just like that. One Summer and he lost his looks, his complexion, and even a little bit of his acting ability. This is exactly what happened with Luke on Modern Family except that Luke was never cute and he wasn't the center of the show. LOVED the Milli Vanilli outfits. Were they the actual creators of Lip Sync Battle. Now we know where Jimmy Fallon gets all of his great ideas...THE 80's! Horrible moment in our house while watching last nights episode. 14 year old son asking "What's Roger Rabbit?" SHOOT ME! Anyone catch Murray's shirt matching Erica's wallpaper? I was never a huge Christian Slater fan, but Erica and Jeff both did a decent impression. The Pubening aside, we love this show. 

The writing on Black-ish is just incredible. This show really needs some attention. Last week's episode about the "N" word was SO good and it got zero press, zero buzz. It really should have. This week, the writers took on the issue of guns and again, BRILLIANT. Some burglaries in the neighborhood and Dre wanted a gun. Of course Bo took the anti gun stance. The kids were divided. Lionel Richie Jr. was more concerned about cyber terrorism than burglaries, but the others all felt their Dad didn't love them enough if he wasn't packing heat. The guys at work were also divided. All arguments were great and of course we were left with no answers. The Johnson's didn't get a gun but that wasn't even the point. As I'm typing this, it sounds like the episode was a serious one, it wasn't it. That's what was so brilliant. Still funny, with smart, witty, funny, thought provoking words. My favorite line was when Dre was talking about the show "Girls" on HBO. "There is NOTHING FUNNY about the show Girls, Bo" I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! Pop's took the self defense route and went all Karate Kid on Zoe. Had her doing his own version of Miyagi's training to get his entire place cleaned up. The student became the master when she got Jack to "train" and hang up her clothes. I'm telling you, this show really needs attention. Not just mine, and yours, it needs more press! ABC...where are your PR people on this? Forget Shonda and her roadshow, get them on the Black-ish bandwagon. 


-Not too much in late night last night, but this one's pretty good.

-Grease Live casting alert: Carly Rae Jepsen as Frenchy. Like it. 

Thursday's Trivia Question: Name that state Day 4- Where did the HBO show THE WIRE take place? 

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