Friday, October 16, 2015

The Mets & Scandal

Congratulations to the New York Mets and all of their fans. Big win last night. 

THE ANSWER TO THURSDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: J.J. Abrams was responsible for putting Sydney Bristow and SD-6 on the map in Alias
FIRST FIVES: Alex Nagler, Daniel Block, Jo Engel, Brett Blattman & Bobby Aguilera


Wednesdays Broadcast Top 5
Empire-FOX 4.6/12.1
Modern Family-ABC 2.6/7.8
Survivor-CBS 2.1/9.0
The Goldbergs-ABC 2.0/6.3
The Middle-ABC 1.9/7.0
Wednesday's Cable Top 5
American Horror Story: Hotel 2.2/4.0
MLB Baseball Playoffs-FS1 1.8/5.9
South Park-Comedy Central .9/1.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.7
Big Bang Theory-TBS .6/1.6

Wednesday's Twitter Top 5 Primetime Ratings 
Empire-FOX 379,000 Tweets
American Horror Story: Hotel-FX 255,000 Tweets
The Westbrooks-BET 41,000 Tweets
Law & Order: SVU 34,000 Tweets
E:60-ESPN 1,000 Tweets

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 10/5/15-10/9/15
Fallon .8/3.5
Colbert .6/2.8
Kimmel .5/2.2
Seth Meyers .4/1.6
James Corden .3/1.3
Trevor Noah-.3/.8
Carson Daly .2/.9
Conan .2/.5

Early Morning Ratings for the Week of 10/5/15-10/9/15
GMA 1.4/1.6
Today Show 1.4/1.6
CBS This Morning .8/.9
We didn't find out if Papa Pope's behind Lazarus 1 or if B-613 is getting back together but we did find out some pretty big news…JAKE'S real name isn't Jake annnnd he WAS MARRIED!!! To another B613'er whose name ISN'T Elyse. Definitely didn't see that coming. This B613 sure had a big staff we didn't know about. Agents and former agents just keep popping up whenever we least expect it. Did we know that Olivia went to boarding school at the Sorbonne Montreux in Switzerland? Don't think so. Shonda decided to take on the media in this one. A fake tabloidy news show was doing what our real tabloidy (and non tabloidy) news shows do…make up their own narrative when they don't have the real one. The Olivia Pope story, or what they thought her story was, and how they covered the story was actually one of the the stories last night.  Cyrus is truly out of his mind. He thought he had Mellie but then he called out her dead son and compared him to his "son" Fitz and that was it for her. Buh Bye…AGAIN, Cyrus. Did you notice that somehow, Cy had the good hair in 2010 during the fake news clips or that Abby ALWAYS holds a leather folder or that Marcus, the new gladiator looks a lot like Harrison the old gladiator that got fired for beating his girlfriend? Someone finally remembered that the Prez and the First Lady have a little boy...Teddy, of course still no sign of his sister Karen. Kudos to Fitz for growing a pair and taking Olivia out for something other than red wine. Love it when he remembers to act like a leader. 2 songs last night. Points for both. 


I was surprised that Grandfathered was given 6 more episodes but not at all surprised about Grinder. Please watch Grinder, and then tell all your real and Facebook friends to watch it too. It can't get cancelled. I know 6 eps is a good sign but it's not a full season order so please…let's get the sampling up on this one.

From James Corden's show last night. Two of the most beautiful people on earth at the exact same time. James and I couldn't even concentrate: Check out both clips.

Friday's Trivia Question: I'm feeling Rob Lowey today. I'm going to name the character, you name the movie or TV show:

1.Sam Seaborn
2. Dean Sanderson
3. Chris Trager
4. Eddie Nero
5. Robert McCallister
6. Dr. Billy Grant
7. Sodapop Curtis
8. Billy Hicks
9. Danny Martin
10. Number 2

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