Monday, October 19, 2015

Jets Win, Mets Win, Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, RHONJ & Manzo's...SO MUCH ON SUNDAY!


1.Sam Seaborn -THE WEST WING
2. Dean Sanderson- GRINDER
3. Chris Trager-PARKS & REC
5. Robert McCallister-BROTHERS & SISTERS
6. Dr. Billy Grant - DR. VEGAS
7. Sodapop Curtis - THE OUTSIDERS
8. Billy Hicks - ST. ELMOS FIRE
9. Danny Martin - ABOUT LAST NIGHT
10. Number 2- AUSTIN POWERS

FIRST FIVES: Ed Ziskind, Alex Nagler, Kathy Connelly, Karen Feldman & Monica Caraffa


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
Thursday Night Football-CBS 4.9/14.7
Scandal-ABC 2.4/8.0
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.3/6.7
How to Get Away With Murder-ABC 2.0/6.8
Blacklist-NBC 1.4/6.9

Thursday's Cable Top 5
MLB Division Series-TBS 2.1/7.3
Thursday Night Football-NFL Network 1.2/2.6
Project Runawy-Lifetime .8/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim   .7/1.6
College Football-ESPN .7/2.2

Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings
Scandal-ABC 170,000 Tweets
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 96,000 Tweets
How to Get Away With Murder-ABC 82,000 Tweets
The Vampire Diaries-CW 50,000 Tweets
The Originals-CW 21,000 Tweets


Real Housewives of NJ-Teresa Checks In-PART 2
Joe Giudice is just a bizarre guy. I feel sad for him, I feel bad for him, but at the same time, I sort of want to punch him in the face for his blatant ignorance. I kept hearing about the possibility of his deportation, but when he explained in last nights episode of RHONJ that he's been in this country for 44 years and that his parents and his brothers are all citizens but it just "didn't occur to him" to become one, I clenched my fist and got ready, but I love my TV too much to actually swing. Joe's delusional to think Teresa would ever leave her family, her fans or her money train, to move to Italy with him if he does in fact get deported. Not a chance she goes, especially after 3 years of him not in the picture. I've always been a fan of Melissa and Joe Gorga's, but Melissa seems to be manipulating the audience into thinking she's this amazing Aunt and Godmother to Teresa's kids. Gia doesn't buy into it, why should I? Gia seems to be a pretty incredible kid. She'll get her own show soon, I'm sure. Not sure where the spa was that Melissa took all 5 girls or what the final bill was for that day out, but what spa serves lattes to kids? Pretty clear that Miliania's already addicted to caffeine. She's ordering it and making it at home, too. Teresa and Joe's lawyer's obviously in it for more than the money. Have you ever seen an attorney with so much screen time or so much botox? It was nice for him to hook Joe up with another guy that did time in the pokey who could share tips for prison survival. I think, but I'm not positive, that Joe basically admitted that he could have gone down the mafia path but he chose not to. My guess is that he tried and they just didn't want him. He may be Italian, but he's a moron.

Madam Secretary
Just when I thought that maybe the sleeve thing had died down we were presented with a new kind of sleeve altogether. I'd call them attached hand towel sleeves. I've never seen anything like them before, and I'm wondering if Tea Leoni's stylist is trying to get sleeves trending on Twitter and around the world with his or her bizarre sleeve choices. WTF was with those crazy sleeves? 
I'm not sure I actually understand what's going on anymore on this show. In my opinion, Elizabeth's been doing a pretty good job as Secretary of State and this week, she actually got on a plane and earned some frequent flyer miles. When she got to Russia to pay her respects to the dead President and make nice with his wife, she was set up to take the blame for supporting the wrong side. I think. I feel like that guy Craig Sterling's to blame for everything, I just don't understand why the President and Russell brought him onto the team in the first place and why they'd throw Elizabeth to the outer circle of things so fast. POTUS and Russell should keep in mind, that Elizabeth didn't even want the Secretary of State gig in the first place. They begged her to "serve at the pleasure of the President" and to stop playing with her horses. Now she's on the outs? Not cool POTUS. Maybe I'm just not getting it. I'm still unclear who the guy with the dog is. So maybe it's me. Henry's having some tough days at the office too. Testing aka torturing, the student he forced into spying for the US was hard to watch. For him and for me. We already know this isn't going to end well for both the student and the teacher. All these things to deal with AND Jason's going to play on the football team? No wonder the McCord's can't just chill and watch The Good Wife, they've got way more pressing things to deal with.  The Good Wife
The writers of this show are amazing. It's hard to surprise the audience week after week and yet they do it time and time again. I didn't see Howard asking for Alicia's help against her old firm coming, nor did I see him dating Alicia's mother-in-law.  I didn't see Alicia's defendant as an undercover FBI agent coming and I didn't see the judge being his target. I DEFINITELY didn't see Eli Gold tipping off that same judge to get a favor out of the guy. Man that was a brilliant move. Eli's GOOD, well, the writers make him that way, but he's just awesome. Even little things like letting Ruth get her way and having Alicia and her Mom on a live cooking show knowing that they both haven't cooked a meal in their lives and that they can't stand each other was a great Eli move. Still not sure the writers have explained to us why Grace isn't in school and working for Alicia, but they've obviously got more pressing storylines to deal with and they're doing all of it so well, I'll let that one go. 

Manzo'ed with Children
The Manzo's and the Scalia's were still in Positano and Sorrento this week. Staying in a sick house, eating incredible meals, private drivers, lots of drinks, incredible views. I'd like to know what the bill was and who paid it. Caroline and Mrs. Scalia are the most annoying Mom's ever. I've never seen two people so obsessed with having a grandchild in my life. Their kids haven't even gotten married yet and they're buying receiving blankets. Don't they know the rule about buying stuff before the baby's even a baby?  Are there still Mom's out there like that? I haven't met one of those in a long time. I'm glad Lauren finally said something to them, I don't know how she kept her mouth shut as long as she did.  Caroline's sort of on my last nerve. For someone who thinks she's the best Mom ever, her kids seem to have a few major issues. Albie's 28, living at home and still finding himself and dating strippers. Christopher seems to have no desire to even find someone because he's so afraid and Lauren's a spoiled b*tch. Yes, I should give this show up. It just aggravates me. I'm really in it to see this wedding already. I'm sure it's going to be over the top. The bridal shower was insane, I can only imagine the wedding. Then, I swear...I'm done. 


-Rookie Blue cancelled after 6 season by ABC
-Defiance cancelled by Syfy
-Rosewood given full season order by FOX 

Monday's Trivia Question: On How I Met Your Mother, where did Marshall and Ted meet each other?

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