Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Apres Ski, Below Deck, The Grinder, The Chrisley's and Donny Deutsch

THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Steven Bauer plays Avi on Ray Donovan. He was Manny in Scarface AND he was once married to Melanie Griffith.
FIRST FIVES: Mike O'Dea, Dave DeSocio, Brett Blattman, Bobby Aguilera & Neil Moffatt

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Sunday Night Football-NBC 6.5/17.6
Football Night in America-NBC 3.6/11.1
60 Minutes-CBS 3.2/16.8
Once Upon a Time-ABC 1.6/4.8
Family Guy-FOX 1.4/2.8

Sunday's Cable Top 5
Walking Dead-AMC 6.5/12.8
Into the Badlands-AMC 3.1/6.3
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 1.4/3.0
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 1.3/2.4
Family Guy-Adult Swim .9/1.7

Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Rating

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 3.0/11.2
Blindspot-NBC 2.1/7.7
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 1.8/12.3
Supergirl-CBS 1.8/7.7
Scorpion-CBS 1.7/9.1

Monday's Cable Top 5 
Monday Night Football-ESPN 4.2/12.1
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.3/2.7
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 1.1/3.2
Street Outlaws-Discovery 1.0/2.4
Black Ink Crew Chicago-VH1 .9/1.7

Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings 
WWE Monday Right Raw-USA 143,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 83,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood - VH1 82,000 Tweets
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 55,000 Tweets
Supergirl-CBS 17,000 Tweets

Apres Ski
Finally caught up! Got my Apres Ski fix in last night. Very strange dynamic starting to unfold in this one. There are 2 African American women in the cast, Elyse and Kendra and they seem to be making things that aren't about race, about race. I can't really explain it, but they are doing it. Both women seem to have attitudes and chips on their shoulders but it's their personalities, it has nothing to do with their race. Elyse was having a tough day and was such a jerk to her boss and their new clients that in my world she would have been fired on the spot. Kendra's just got her own issues. She was assigned to serve as a butler for a wealthy couple at a spa and she herself brought up the black thing which was ridiculous. This week other than closing down a spa for a private night for 2 and some helicopter skiing, I didn't think the staff had to perform major miracles. Hoping this didn't just go downhill (pun sort of intended.)

The Grinder
The opening scene of The Grinder was a courtroom scene from Dean's old show, "The Grinder" where his character, Mitch, was in London wearing a mask and wig. The episode was called Buckingham Malice. Hilarious. I swear, I laugh out loud throughout this entire show. The writing is awesome. This week, Dean wanted to actually try to live like a regular person and not rely on his fame for anything. As a celebrity, he gets free socks at the mall, doesn't wait on lines, gets out of traffic tickets and more but when he tried hard not to use his fame, he realized (and so did Stu) that fame does in fact have it's benefits. I kept thinking that Rob Lowe has probably NEVER waited on a line, NEVER had a traffic ticket, NEVER actually lead a regular person's life, the guy's been famous forever. A few random notes on this one though. One of the cops in the show was Carl Edwards the NASCAR driver/Subway spokesman, I really, really need Deb and Stu to renovate their bedroom. It's hideous and driving me crazy and is it me or is the courtroom super tiny? I realize it's Boise, Idaho but still, the courtroom is minuscule. Maybe once they get word on a second season, they'll blow it out a bit?

Below Deck
The final charter guests were pretty boring but that didn't really matter it was all about our crew really. Ben cut is finger and it was Eddie to the rescue, but that was really the only good thing Eddie did. He totally denied that he and Rocky slept together and then came clean after a few drinks. He was a total d*ck actually. I'm no fan of Rocky at all and I'm hoping we don't have to ever see her again, but Eddie treated her like crap. After all these seasons, Eddie's been my favorite and I'm pretty sure Captain Lee's favorite. Both of us were very disappointed with Eddie and now he's got some explaining to do on next weeks reunion show. Connie was offered a full time job on the Captain's Mediterranean mission whatever that is, Kate and Ben said their goodbyes, Emile went back to Cali with Rocky and Amy and Dave just headed out. Next week's reunion should be good one if Andy really lets Eddie have it and I think he will. 

Chrisley Knows Best
So glad the London trip was only 2 episodes. The Chrisley family really needs to stay in Atlanta and whoever is producing this show, really needs to stop trying to come up with stupid ideas like wearing old English costumes for a photo shoot.  No way would Nanny read poetry by a fire. If they're running out of ideas, just stay home and let Todd be Todd. The entire stay in the English countryside seemed ridiculous to me and Chase and Savannah were acting like fools trying to find wifi. I don't know…I think I may have to bag the Chrisley's. There's not much reality left in their reality show. 

HILARIOUS episode last night. Donny decided to date someone his own age and of course since he wrote the episode, that someone was Christie Brinkley. The guy seems to make sure he's surrounded by beautiful women who wear the most beautiful underwear I've ever seen in my life. Donny ASSUMED that going out with an older women meant that there would be some significant grooming differences down below compared to the youngsters he normally dates, but it was HIS grooming that freaked Christie out. His assistant called him a "pubic hypocrite" hilarious.I gotta give Donny Deutsch credit. He's the butt of his own shows jokes, he's just as naked as the women and he's got some friends willing to do fun cameos like Hoda and Kathie Lee. I'm still obsessed with the over abundance of bracelets he wears and his apartment which is insane. I need to know if that's a set or a real apartment and wear it is if it's even real. 


-Some great guests booked for all of December on SNL. 12/5 Ryan Gossling, 12/12-Chris Hemsworth and 12/19 Amy, Tina and Bruce Springsteen. It would be awesome if Lorne could get Bruce in a skit or two, right? 

-CW Seed just added another old show to their lineup…remember Pushing Daisies? No? It wasn't my thing, but a lot of people thought it was pretty decent, so again, if you have a second with nothing else to check out, seems like the CW Seed is another place to look for interesting stuff to watch. 

-Last night Jimmy Kimmel revealed People's Sexiest Man Alive 2015. I personally am not a fan of this dude, but bonus points if you know who got the honor this year. 

Wednesday's Trivia Question: Ray Donovan week the actor who plays Ezra on Ray Donovan. This actor also appeared on what Must See TV Sitcom? Who's Dad was he?

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