Monday, January 25, 2016

Downton Abbey, Chelsea Handler & More Snowstorm viewing

Monday January 25th 2016

Trivia Answer: Hardcastle of Hardcastle & McCormick was a judge. 
First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Neil Moffatt, Jim Wall, Monica Caraffa & Dani Jackel
Honorable Mention: Brett Blattman


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
American Idol-FOX 2.4/9.3
Big Bang Theory-CBS 2.2/11.0
Life in Pieces-CBS 2.0/8.7
Mom-CBS 1.7/8.4
The Blacklist-NBC

Thursday's Cable Top 5
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.0
NBA-TNT .8/2.0
Big Bang Theory-TBS .8/2.1
WWE Smackdown-Adult Swim .8/2.7
Lip Sync Battle-Spike .7/1.4

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
The 100-CW 123,000 Tweets
DCs Legends of Tomorrow-CW 42,000 Tweets
WWE Smackdown-USA 42,000 Tweets
American Idol-FOX 38,000 Tweets
Shades of Blue-NBC 21,000 Tweets


Downton Abbey
Downton was very busy last night. Lots of visitors, lots of commotion and lots of drama. Tom's back and trying to figure out what he should do now. Mary's become the agent and he's no longer on staff, so he needs to figure some stuff out. I thought he'd end up marrying Lady Mary, but it's looking like maybe she'll end up with Finn from The Good Wife aka Henry Talbot, the race car driver. I actually like that idea a lot. Everyone was stressing about what to call Mrs. Hughes. Mrs. Carson? Ghastly! Thankfully the Carson's must have spent their honeymoon discussing just that because they came back and told everyone to keep calling Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Hughes. Whewwww glad that's settled. The Carson's didn't have that honeymoon glow but I guess they were too busy figuring out what people should call them then to get busy in bed. Mr. Carson went to say goodbye to his tiny little room since Lord Grantham gave him and Mrs. Carson/Hughes a little cottage he just so happened to have available. I think if it were up to Mr. Carson, he and Mrs. Hughes would just move into that tiny room and stay forever. This hospital thing is still going on and getting more annoying every week. The Dowager Countess seems to be on her own at this point. She was so upset at dinner, she could no longer cut her  own food. Change is tough, but she better roll with it soon. Baxter's gotta testify against her former co-worker which was making her pretty uncomfortable. You could barely tell with her though, she's emotionless. Did you see when Cora was going on and on to her about the visitors coming and the hospital crap. Baxter just looked at her like she could give a sh*t. Anna almost miscarried but Lady Mary came up with a medical excuse for herself and everyone bought it. Good thing she doesn't live in my house. I'd have never let them leave late at night for London without 10,000 questions. he Grantham's just said okay and sent her and Anna on their way. WTF? Mary and Anna got to York just in time to make the last train to London and just in time to save the day. Anna got a tiny stitch and was back at Downton folding clothes and ready to tell Mr. Bates that he was going to be a Daddy. 2 episodes in a row where she turned her frown upside down. Yeah Anna! How funny was it when Lady Mary went to dinner with Finn/Henry Talbot and apologized for looking so "shabby" when she looked absolutely gorgeous. Remember how much we used to hate Lady Mary? Now, she's our fave. Something's definitely wrong with Lord Grantham. He better not die, but I have a bad feeling about it. Daisy was freaking out about Mr. Mason not getting the farm and was about to quit over the whole thing but just as she was going to open her big fat mouth, she heard the news that he was getting the farm and avoided having to make the break...for now. Gwen showed up for dinner as a guest this time. She tried to hide the fact that she worked for the Grantham's for 2 years, but of course miserable Barrow had to blow her cover. Nobody appreciated it. Even Barrow hates himself, but he does nothing to change his nasty ways. Just LEAVE already, Barrow! We all can't wait for you to get the F out of Downton. 

Okay so here's what I watched during this snowy weekend:

1 episode of Mad Dogs on Amazon-Didn't love it not going to watch any additional eps

3 episodes of Chelsea Handler's show-LOVE the format but am on the fence about her. There are some minutes I find her funny and enjoyable and some minutes I want to smash her in the face. I do absolutely LOVE her Gotta Go App.  Use it if you're ever on a date, or with some friends or at a party and you want OUT, the Gotta Go App saves you with a text or call excuse from a real contact that you set up. Honestly, it's genius! 

Movies: Room-Intense but really good
Straight out of Compton-awesome 
Amy-sad but really good

AFC Championship-couldn't be any happier with the outcome.
NFC Championship-Yeah for Cam Newton
My Superbowl Winner Prediction: As much as I would love for Peyton to win this one, I think Carolina takes it. 

I still need to watch last nights episode of Billions. I'll take that one on tonight.  


-I know I'm not THE reason why people know about James Cordon's Car Karaoke but I really think I had to be one of the first people to get him out there. I was paging through my Entertainment Weekly on Friday and saw their article about him and felt they were REALLY late to the party! Used to be EW told me what to be into before anyone else did, they're months behind on this one.  Guess I'm doing a pretty decent job with this thing after all. As of Sunday morning James Cordon's Car Karaoke videos have the following number of views: 

Justin Bieber 54 MM Part 1 & 24 MM Part 2
Adele 50MM
One Direction 31MM
Iggy Azalea 21MM
Mariah Carey 16MM
Jennifer Hudson 14MM
Stevie Wonder 13MM
Rod Stewart 12MM
Jason Derulo 8MM
Carrie Underwood 7MM

Monday's Trivia Question: What was TURTLE's real name on Entourage. Not the actors real name, the characters real name?

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