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Survivor, Goldbergs, Black-ish & Suits

February 4, 2016

Trivia Answer: Star Wars was never a Best Picture winner.

First Fives: Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Neil Moffatt, Adam Cohen & Jim Carter

Honorable Mention:
Bonus Answer: Demi Moore started her career as Jackie Templeton on General Hospital


Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
NCIS-CBS 2.4/17.3
NCIS New Orleans-CBS 1.8/12.5
Chicago Fire-NBC 1.6/7.7
Chicago Med-NBC 1.5/6.6
The Flash-CW 1.4/3.8
Tuesday's Cable Top 5
People vs. OJ-FX 1.3/2.9
Fixer Upper-HGTV 1.0/3.4
Big Bang Theory-TBS .9/2.3
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.7
Have and the Haves Nots-OWN .8/3.0

Tuesday's Social Media Top 5
Democratic Presidential Town Hall-CNN 300,000 Tweets
Teen Wolf-MTV 127,000 Tweets
Pretty Little Liars-Freeform 68,000 Tweets
People vs. OJ-FX 39,000 Tweets
Celebration of Hollywood-BET 26,000 Tweets

Survivor wonder if people were complaining that Survivor had gotten too easy and that's why this season seems a bit tougher. Not all the tribes had fire, people have nasty sunburns, we had the bug in the ear incident last week and idols hidden in hard to reach places. Okay how funny was it when Alicia said embryo instead of ember? She really doesn't have much going on in that cute little head of hers, does she? How did Tai explain his bloody feet and the cuts on his chest from climbing the tree? Did I miss that? Can you imagine 1 minute with Debbie? Screw the chickens. Skin her and roast her over a fire. You know the Obama guy is right about Debbie having 40 cats. #meow. What was with Debbie's grassy pom-pom's? Give her credit for her craftiness, but the woman is out of her mind. BROMANCE alert! Bromance alert! Caleb and Tai. #stolenkiss. Love it! Tai and Caleb are both super cute in their own special way. Okay now lets talk about that tribal council. Jenny…Jenny…Jenny what in the world were you thinking? Don't you watch the show? Haven't you seen how it works? You're supposed to ZIP IT when you know things are going well for yourself. Instead you're on a plane home and watching the show JUST LIKE ME! 

The Goldbergs
The GoldbergsI have to say, product integrations are definitely getting better and more creative. Last nights Goldbergs incorporated the new Eddie the Eagle movie (opening this Friday at a theatre near you) into Barry's quest for Ball Ball Olympic gold. Anyone know who the real Ruben Amaro Jr. is? Bonus points if you do. While Barry was figuring out how to make Ball Ball an Olympic event, business wasn't going well at the store. Of course Bev came through because she just knew futon's would solve everything. Wouldn't Murray hear this news at a furniture convention or something? You'd think that if it was Pop's business, he'd be helping out a little more, no? Was it me or were Bev's eyebrow's way too dark last night? Remember Fotomat's? When you think about it now, it's ridiculous, right? Dropping off film to a guy alone in a booth in a parking lot. Back then, it was how we got our film developed. If we had those now, it would just be super creepy. Loved the Home Olympic events like stair luge and stationary pedalling. We did stuff like that too. Remember when kids used their imagination? I'm getting old, aren't I?

A pretty thought provoking episode of Black-ish. No real comedy but then again, not sure if that would have been appropriate. Black-ish has always addressed current issues that affect everyone but you never forget that this is an African American family. Last night the entire family was sitting around the television waiting to hear the verdict on a police brutality case. Dre and his parents felt that it was important for the kids to understand the world they live in and what it means to be black in America today. The older kids had opinions and the younger kids were upset and confused. I found the episode poignant and well done. My husband didn't feel it was appropriate at all and felt there was a much bigger political agenda there. Anyone have an opinion here? No real laughs other than Lionel Richie Jr.'s Odd Future donut shirt, but there really shouldn't have been. Thoughts? 

OMFG so freaking annoying. More back and forth back and forth ridiculousness. Take the deal, don't take a deal. Give up your friends, don't give up your friends. Find a loophole, get a mistrial, oh and while you're fighting for your life, take on a case and get a defendant you've never met before to take a great deal where he actually DOES testify against his friends. You would think that these guys would know to scream truths out in the open by now. Obiously Anita Gibbs is having everyone followed. Maybe have your meetings and arguments in conference room or private office somewhere would be a good idea? I really felt Mike was going to get aquitted but these writers have to draw things out even further by having Mike take a deal apparently.  I don't even care anymore lets just close this storyline out and move the f on already. Louis is a wreck, Donna's gotta give multiple pep talks, and Harvey really needs to get back to his therapist. Through all of of the stress, everyone has continued to maintain their ability to look amazing both at work and at home. I have no idea what time it was when Harvey showed up at Donna's place, but she was perfectly dressed and had her makeup on. Amazing under the circumstances. Oh…I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Sheila Zas = Sheila's Ass…lol, yes, I'm 12. 

-On Tuesday, I gave you Tivo's most time-shifted networks.Today, how about Tivo's LEAST time shifted networks…here we go:
1. The Weather Channel 15% (even 15%  seems high. Who's DVRing anything on this network?)
2. ESPN 20%
3. Sprout 19%
4. ESPN2 19.6%
5. TBS 20.2%

-90210 News…Dylan McKay aka Luke Perry has been cast as Archie's DAD in the RIVERDALE pilot for the CW. I don't usually report on anything until it makes it to the schedule but my loyalty to the original Beverly Hills 90210 series is super powerful. Good luck Luke! Hoping you get a full season order and are at the CW Upfront so I can snap a pick with you this year.

Thursday's Oscar Trivia Question: 2 of these movies are Best Picture award winners. Name them.  Moonstruck, Shakespeare in Love, Born on the Fourth of July, Godfather 2 or A Few Good Men? 

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