Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Grinder, Married at First Sight & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

February 24, 2016

Trivia Answer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid never won a Best Picture Oscar
First Fives: Bobby Aguilera, Mike O'Dea, Neil Moffatt, Brett Blattman & Dave DeSocio
Honorable Mention: Monica Caraffa


Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Disney 60-ABC 1.8/6.8
The Simpsons-FOX 1.4/3.1
America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC 1.3/6.3
All Star Tribute to James Burrows-NB 1.3/5.4
Famiy Guy-FOX 1.3/2.7

Sunday's Cable Top 5
Walking Dead-AMC 6.6/13.4
Talking Dead-AMC 2.7/5.6
Real Housewives of Atlanta-Bravo 1.4/3.1
Family Guy-Adult Swim 1.0/2.0
Keeping Up with the Kardashians-E! .9/1.9

Sunday's Social Media Top 5
The Walking Dead-AMC 394,000 Tweets
WWE Fastlane-PPV 279,000 Tweets
Disney 60-ABC 54,000 Tweets
Keeping Up With the Kardashians-E! 43,000 Tweets
All Star Tribute to James Burrows-NBC 26,000 Tweets

Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Bachelor-ABC 2.5/8.6
X Files-FOX 2.4/7.6
Scorpion-CBS 1.7/9.8
Supergirl-CBS 1.5/7.2
Lucifer-FOX 1.5/4.8

Monday's Cable Top 5
WWE-USA 1.4/4.2
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.3/2.4
Stevie J & Joseline-VH1 1.1/2.1
Street Outlaws-Discovery 1.0/2.4
Better Call Saul-AMC 1.0/1.9

Monday's Social Media Top 5
WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 286,000 Tweets
The Bachelor-ABC 206,000 Tweets
X Files-FOX 85,000 Tweets
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 48,000 Tweets
Supergirl-CBS 17,000 Tweets 
The Grinder
I love the opening scenes of Dean as Mitch on The Grinder. In last night's episode, he was a hispanic bus boy who was placed there by President Palmer from 24. Hilarious. Loving the addition of Maya Rudolph to the cast. No idea how long she'll be around but for now, I just look at her and laugh. Shout out to Rob's bro, Chad, for directing. Shout out to Rob for getting his bro the gig. Total Lowe count at this point...3 Rob, his son and his bro. Keepin it alllll in the family. I don't love Stewart losing it and becoming more Dean-like but at least the writers have found a way to turn the corner. Still, some things made no sense. Stewart and Todd snuck into their current opponents apartment to steal a flash drive which of course is ridiculous, but the phone ringing and Stewart actually answering it made no sense at all, even for this show. 

Married at First Sight
The episode was called "DECISION DAY" and was an hour and 15 minutes long. Hate that it was filled with recaps with every one of our couples at some point saying "I really don't know what I want to do." "I need to do some soul searching" and then all we got was 1 decision in the last 5 minutes. Just a tease guys! Only David & Ashley's decision was made on Decision Day! That one was easy! OF COURSE David said he wanted to stay married OF COURSE Ashley said she wanted to get a divorce. That was a no brainer. She blamed most of it on the whole thing with him asking another girl out and how she felt betrayed. He should have felt relieved, but, I do think Ashley was right about one thing. David is obsessed with being married not being in love. Hope he watched the show and realized that Ashley's a miserable Debbie Downer! I watched the "Unfiltered" segment after the show and Ashley admitted to being very aware of the cameras. Ashley was a BIT more likeable after the show was over, but I still say good riddens. David will definitely find love now more than ever. Everyone loves a reality star. Can't believe we have to wait another week for our other two couples decisions. Maybe they should have called it Decision DAYS.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Is anyone as obsessed with Lisa Vanderpump as I am? 
Hot pink stiletto's to Soul Cycle? Mini ponies? A wine bar in the backyard, drinking tea on china teacups while floating on a pink flamingo raft in her pool. ANOTHER new dog! What about Jiggy??? I think instead of a new puppy, she should take care of her old one, Ken! His eyebrows are a mess. I can't imagine living her life. She's always surrounded with such beauty. It's just unbelievable. Can we discuss the Soul Cycle fundraiser for a second. There had to be a hair and make-up team in the locker room, right? The girls were all hot and sweaty and yet minutes after they entered the locker room, they came out with clean hair, perfect faces and different outfits. How long were they in there? While the girls were sweating and lunching and fighting with Yolanda, Lisa Rinna and her even larger-than-ever lips was talking dildos and strap-ons with Jenny Mcarthy. 


-I always wonder what goes on in pitch meetings. I really do. Yes I was very excited to here that Demi Moore aka Jules from St. Elmos Fire, is coming back to TV (name the show she started her career with for a bonus) but then I read this: Moore will play the lead role of Jane, a TV writer and single mother who must put everything on the line when her 5 year old child goes missing in the middle of the night. Okay soooo sure this could probably go on for 13 episodes, I get that, but net/net...the kids either dead or found and THEN WHAT??? Are we only going for one season these days? 

-Guess who this guy is? 
He's not my plumber or that guy from Goodfellas. He's the new Johnny for the live Dirty Dancing event. Is he cute enough? I don't know. This is a tough one. I'm worried but I was worried about Danny for Grease Live and that turned out okay. This guys' name is Colt Prattes. All he's ever done is a P!nk video. Good luck dude you have huge capezios to fill!

-Good News! Superstore on NBC has been renewed for a 2nd Season. I haven't discussed this one at all because I only starting watching it over my vacation. I know this will shock you, but this one's pretty good. It reminds me a little bit of The Office. Check it out when you have a chance. 

-The View has been renewed for a 20th Season, of course we really don't know at this point if all of the women rotating around that table will also be renewed  but the SHOW will be back. I'd say Joy Behar saved the day but I don't even watch that mess.  

-Baskets on FX has been renewed for a 2nd season. Anyone watching this? I am terrified of clowns so not shot of me ever tuning in. 

-In the we-just-can't-think-of-anything-else news...VH1 is reviving America's Next Top Model withOUT host Tyra Banks. Keep in mind, the CW cancelled the show after 20 Seasons, so probably a great move to bring it back without the woman that made the show famous. 

My clip of the day: James Corden's Live Tinder game. Too funny. Unfortunately Khloe Kardashian is in this but even with her, it's still a funny bit.

-If you're a Big Ang fan, you may want to set you DVR's this morning. VH1 will be paying its respects and air the entire season of Big Ang starting today at 9pm after the new Mob Wives episode. Believe it or not, I don't watch this one, but I know a bunch of you guys do. Sorry for your loss. 

Wednesday's Oscar Trivia Question: Which one of these movies has never  won a Best Picture Oscar: The Sound of Music, The Godfather, Rocky or Star Wars?

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