Monday, March 28, 2016

Congrats to Syracuse, Alicia Florick and Elizabeth McCord

Monday March 28 2016

Trivia Answer: Peter Krause played Casey McCall on Sports Night. If you've never seen it, you really should binge it. It was only on 1 season. No idea how it didn't get picked up and last for awhile, it really was amazing. If you love anything Aaron Sorkin does, you'll love this show. 
First Five: Mike O'Dea, Bobby Aguilera, Bill McLaughlin, Monica Caraffa & Dana Moscato

Honorable Mention: Karen Feldman 


Thursday's Broadcast Top 5
NCAA-CBS 2.3/6.7
Grey's Anatomy-ABC 2.1/7.9
American Idol-FOX 1.7/8.0
Scandal-ABC 1.6/6.1
NCAA-CBS 1.5/5.5

Thursday's Cable Top 5
NCAA-TBS 1.4/4.0
NCAA-TBS .9/2.8
American Dad-Adult Swim .7/1.7
60 Days In-A&E .7/1.7
Vikings-History .7/2.3

Thursday's Social Media Top 5
Criminal Minds-CBS 60,000 Tweets
Supernatural-CW 53,000 Tweets
Arrow-CW 36,000 Tweets
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders-CBS 30,000 Tweets
Catfish-MTV 21,000 Tweets 

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 3/14/16-3/18/16
Seth Meyers-.4/1.5
James Corden-.3/1.3
Trevor Noah-.3/.8
Carson Daly-.2/.8
Larry Wilmore-.2/.5

Congratulations to all of my Syracuse friends (and there seem to be quite a few of them) HUGE win last night, crazy game, crazy story. Good Luck in the Final Four. My brackets were busted when Oregon lost so I'm rooting for Syracuse now. Go Orange! 

Madam Secretary
You think you're having a bad day when you have to deal with a Pakistani nuclear bomb "accidentally" crashing over the Indian Border. You think that's bad enough, right? Your day gets worse when you find out it wasn't a nuclear bomb, but a hydrogen bomb. If your Elizabeth McCord, our favorite fake Secretary of State, you also have to deal with picking out an outfit for an interview with Jane Pauley and your boss telling you to deal with a doomsday clock problem. Tough day all around. With alllllll of that on her plate, the ONE thing Liz seemed most upset and consumed with, rightly so I might add, was that her washing machine was broken. If you're a Mom, you know this is a VERY big problem! She has school uniforms that need to be washed and gym clothes that need to be washed and anyone with a teenage son knows that just one days worth of HIS clothes can't sit around too long or the foul smell will waft out of his bedroom and throughout the house. A broken washing machine received the same amount of attention as the Prime Minister of Pakistan did. (Side note, nice to see Saul Berenson's ex-wife getting a nice new job!) Loved this entire side story. OF COURSE, our favorite fake Secretary of State worked everything out with the bombs and was able to do a load of laundry at the end of the day too. All in a days work. A few additional side notes: 1) Seems to me that anyone with resting sleepy face needs to use Daisy's remedy...a visit to the local lash house. Those new eyelashes really made her look wide awake. 2) Question: Why would you wear a black bra with a white camisole under a white silk blouse? 3) What is Jane Pauley doing these days? 4) My obsession with The West Wing has really become a problem. When Russell referred to CJ's on J Street I started looking online to see if that was some sort of shout out to CJ on The West Wing. Pretty sure it was just a coincidence but I obviously have a problem. Damn you, Josh Malina! 5) The coffee room in The White House or wherever Liz's office is located looks like a section of a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. 

The Good Wife
Well, last nights episode of The Good Wife was the first time I felt the end of the show coming. Alicia's really come a long way from that first season, hasn't she? Not afraid to ask for what she wants, not caring what anyone thinks, not interested in anything but what's best for herself. Bravo, Alicia. Glad to see Jason didn't leave town for good after his little run in with Peter in the apartment. Glad to see Harold Lyman move to another floor and glad to see Alicia will be name partner once again. Happy for Cary to realize he too had to do what was best for himself even if that meant he quit the firm. I'm sure with his buyout from Diane he'll be just fine. Now he can get over to the Gilmore Girls set and marry Rory! The question now is will Alicia do Peter one last favor? Will she hold off filing for divorce until after his trial? I say she does. What do you say? 


Over the weekend, Les decided to make his life pretty easy and gave the greenlight to renew a boatload of CBS's veteran shows. 11 to be exact. With all of these shows coming back, maybe he too should think about bagging an expensive upfront preso. Let's just go right to the party this year, Les!
2 Broke Girls
The Amazing Race
Big Bang Theory (had already been renewed)
Blue Bloods
Hawaii Five-0
Madam Secretary
NCIS New Orleans

-Glad HBO finally gave up on Togetherness and cancelled it after its 2nd season. I know the Duplass brothers are the hot thing in Hollywood these days, but honestly, I don't really get it and hated this show. I was surprised it even got a 2nd season.

-With Togetherness gone and Girls almost gone and Vinyl sucking what's HBO to do? Well, they had apparently JUST cut a deal with Garry Shandling before he died to bring the classic Larry Sanders show back to the network. The show was on Crackle for a while but now it's back where it started and we'll all be able to re-watch it soon. Weird timing.

-Judge shake-up over on The Voice.  Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys are in, of course Adam and Blake are sticking around. Pharrell's out but I'm sure not permanently. I'm assuming that as long as Blake and Gwen are dating, Gwen's sticking around too. So is Shakira ever coming back or Xtina? More to come, I'm sure. 

Monday's Super Easy Trivia Question: This week we will do a progressive trivia week. Harder and harder each day. So, here is the SUPER easy Monday question: Who were the original 4 judges on The Voice?

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